Giving away money?

Read yesterday that someone wants to give away money to newbies! I think this is great, but I don’t know how it works Can anyone give me information about it?. Would my money also like
Bring it to the people because I remember well the feeling of wanting something badly and not being able to afford it (like in real life)

Be yourself, the others are already there!! ( Oscar Wilde )

E.g. the newcomer sells 10 bolts for 2,700
Gold the "old" buy them and in turn put 10 bolts in his farm store for 1 gold
&&& Takes a long time but it works
With diamonds rings etc it goes of course faster ;)!

By pushing 10 deeds back and forth for buys at the highest price the other buys it back for a thaler

The :ring: is available from level 40 and most people don’t have money worries anymore

Eggs & Bacon.
the "steals no one either and are available early
otherwise LEW is a good choice of course.

But Petra, I have insofar gold worries because I lack the
1.5 million for the tractor is missing.

I therefore gladly accept gold donations

Lysande,I just bought it on Sunday and in order not to be as broke as a beginner I sell a lot of jewelry and things that bring good money

I am working on it, at the moment I am missing approx. 1 million
but maybe i have it once in the dekopaket

So someone sold her 10 bacon for 1€, and then she sold that for 504€ to that someone, and he sold it to her again for 1€ and she also bought it again. And this went on all the time.

It would be nice if you could give me money too!

It would be nice could you also give me money!

Sorry if I write it like this now, but I find it very strange. You register today in this forum and beg in two posts for money instead of that you introduce yourself once properly

How good that I don’t have any money to give away anyway as I have to save up myself, but even if I did, these two begging posts wouldn’t encourage me to help out

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