Getting to know women in a different way

"How can I meet a woman who suits me??"Men often don’t know where to meet potential partners, how to approach women, and what makes a successful date. Theoretically, both men and women should approach potential partners and make the first step. Especially in today’s age, where women and men should become equal in all aspects of life, it seems only logical that dating behavior should adapt as well. Many men even want women to actively approach you and make the first move.

The fact that the reality is usually different and that men are still the brave ones who make the first contact can possibly only be changed slowly. Nevertheless, there are places where men can meet women more easily than the classics "in the club", "at work" or "through acquaintances".

Getting to know women: breaking new ground

Does this sound familiar to you? Lots of great tips on love, relationships and passion, but when it comes to the basic topic of "he’s looking for you", things usually go wrong. Because where and how do you get to know women at all?? When looking for the best ways to strike up a conversation with the female sex, usually only these three evergreens come up: Disco, work, or a friend’s matchmaking attempt. If you want to break new ground and meet nice women while having fun and good conversation, the following ideas are definitely for you.

Get to know like-minded people

It sounds a bit trite at first, but the search for people with the same interests is one of the basics of a successful partner search. Personal trainer Moritz Bauer put it in a nutshell in his blog as follows: "For example, when I arrive in a new city where I don’t know anyone yet, I specifically seek out the circles that match my interests. These are the people I have the most in common with. It makes it easier to build a conversation and increases the chance of bonding with these people". You can adopt this advice one-to-one if you want to get to know likeable women.

Think about what interests your future partner should have and what you like to talk about or what you like to do. Then, seek out the places where these people usually meet. If you like to dance, a dance workshop or classical dance school is a good place to meet new contacts. If they are sporty, try a sports club. You can also get to know nice women in this way through voluntary work, clubs and interest groups.

A cheerful mood makes it easier to find a partner

Another wide field for new acquaintances are parties and events. No wonder, because in the beer tent or on the festival meadow prevails a loose contact. In this happy-go-lucky mood you can get to know good-humored, open-minded women with a little small talk. Usually the celebrating guests don’t mind if you just join them at the table and join the merry circle. In summer, by the way, the beer gardens or beach bars in the city are also suitable for the first contact. Many women like a cool drink and a vacation feeling. You can get to know them easily with an extensive flirtation.

Always remain yourself!

A common misconception is that attractive men who act casual and cool are more likely to meet women. No need to panic. As science can tell you: When women meet men, they are unconsciously extremely critical. "While men are dazzled by beauty and attractiveness, women are much more likely to look at values like trustworthiness or status". This has been proven by European studies from singles research. So deceptive maneuvers and exaggerations will not really get you anywhere here. Since you can’t fool the female sex, it’s best to just give yourself as you are. Whether you want to meet women over the Internet or directly in real life. True to the motto #LoveYourImperfections!

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