Getting pregnant after miscarriage: tips and what you should pay attention to

Tips on how to get pregnant again after a miscarriage

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage is not easy for most women, especially emotionally. Especially 1 month after the miscarriage, when everything is still fresh in your mind (for example also in cases with curettage) and the fear of another miscarriage is great, there are often thoughts whether you should – and want to – get pregnant again at all. And is there anything you need to pay attention to after a miscarriage and what are the chances of being able to get pregnant again right away?

In this guide, we explain what to keep in mind when you want to have a child and give tips on how to possibly prevent another miscarriage.

1. Getting pregnant after a miscarriage is possible again in most cases

Fear is often unfounded

The risk of a new miscarriage is not higher after a miscarriage! Try to relax as much as possible.

Getting pregnant again after a miscarriage is especially difficult if you have immediately possible again, if there are no physical problems and the doctor gives his consent. Also, experience has shown that even after several miscarriages, it is not more difficult to get pregnant again than without one. If the body is set to go through its normal cycle, a woman can get pregnant again immediately in the next cycle.

2. It is often good for the soul if some women wait before deciding to become pregnant again after a miscarriage

Despite the desire to have children, it can sometimes be easier to wait 3 months or even up to 6 months until you dare to get pregnant again. If the cycle is out of sync (i.e. the woman has no period), the body naturally determines when a new pregnancy is possible. But also as a couple you should give yourself time, if you want to get pregnant again after miscarriage. An intact relationship can withstand such things and can even lead to mutual strength and support for each other – especially important if there is not only the fear of another miscarriage, but also feelings of guilt.

After 3 miscarriages or even after 4 miscarriages (unfortunately not uncommon) many couples are emotionally at their wits end. Then, more than ever, you should take the time as a couple to become happy again and perhaps seek help from specialists. Not only about psychological help This is not just a question of the pregnancy plan, but above all of medical advice.

Depending on the condition Sick leave often already suffice for a short recovery phase. From the medical side should then of course be checked whether physical causes was a reason for the miscarriage – this also makes sense after an early miscarriage!

Reasons for miscarriage can be

Physical causes Unhealthy lifestyle
Progesterone deficiency The use of alcohol or nicotine and drugs
Vitamin D deficiency Not eating healthy foods with important nutrients and vitamins
Blood clotting disorders Stress (both professional and private)

It is also important to remember that in some cases a miscarriage caused by the body can be quite good – even if it may not sound or even feel that way. But lie for example Prevent genetic defects in the child, the body prevents the child from growing anyway and may not even be viable as a result.

Advantages and disadvantages of miscarriage in early pregnancy

  • Many women do not even notice the miscarriage, so that it does not have any psychological effects.
  • Prevent a child from being born despite massive genetic defects, even though the child is not capable of survival.
  • Leads to many women never wanting to get pregnant again because they are afraid of losing it again.

3. Important questions and answers

3.1. Are there any physical signs I should look out for if I want to get pregnant again quickly?

A curettage is bad for many women. The partner should then be there for them with understanding – even if there is no sexual intercourse in the first few weeks.

If you have had a curettage, most doctors recommend waiting at least 14 days before having sexual intercourse. Otherwise it can quickly become dangerous for the woman due to germs and bacteria. Basically, you should take your time, because your body can also clearly signal this (and other reasons for waiting longer):

  • Pain in the genital area
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bleeding

The waiting time after miscarriage and curettage should always be discussed with the attending physician, because sometimes, during the curettage, small, internal (although usually harmless) injuries may occur, they have to heal first.

3.2. Getting pregnant after miscarriage: How long to wait with pregnancy test?

If you are planning a pregnancy very quickly after a miscarriage, there may be a high probability of a false pregnancy test. Of course, according to various statistics, it is possible to get pregnant immediately in the next cycle, but sometimes the body is still in the previous mode, so that a pregnancy test can also show a false positive! If you want to be sure, you should ask your doctor to confirm that you are pregnant again after a miscarriage.

Tip: If you then have a high-risk pregnancy, a doctor can also issue a ban on employment. Getting checked early is always an advantage!

3.3. Are there any tips that can help me get pregnant again quickly after a miscarriage??

If it does not work with the pregnancy, a conversation with the doctor can often already reveal the cause.

Getting pregnant does not work? you don’t get your period and you don’t take the pill either? Then a doctor should first rule out physical causes. Especially after two miscarriages, you should get to the bottom of whether they were real miscarriages or not Ectopic pregnancies because the fallopian tubes are stuck and do not allow the egg to move forward.

Otherwise a Healthy lifestyle always the best remedy, to get pregnant again quickly. This includes not only the diet, but also a healthy body weight and the renunciation of harmful substances (alcohol, nicotine ect.).

3.4. What to watch out for in the relationship after miscarriage or death of the child during pregnancy?

Taking time after a miscarriage is especially important.

What you should pay attention to as a couple is, above all, not to blame each other. A miscarriage is bad enough, so you should give each other strength and build each other up. Sometimes it can also help to talk to like-minded people (for example, in online forums). Also one should do not stress. You do not necessarily have to get pregnant again after 2 months.

Take your time and perhaps take some time out together to process. Only if a couple supports each other, nothing stands in the way of a new and successful pregnancy!

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