Getting back together after the breakup

Getting back together after a breakup

The separation from a beloved partner is a shock, that is clear. Many fear that this is the end of the road. But that is not true at all.

The cycle of an on-off relationship

Many couples who have been able to get back together after a breakup show that it is possible.

If you are really sure about your decision, you should in no case proceed rashly and too emotionally.

We have helpful tips and advice for you that will help you win back your ex(s).

You will learn in this article:

  • How to get back together after the breakup
  • Why your partner is starting to miss you.
  • The 4 fatal mistakes you should avoid at all costs.
  • More attractive and interesting to your ex(s).
  • Can make him or her miss you.
  • Do not make any more fatal mistakes.

No email address needed to see the result

The contact ban – the first important step

Contact blocking is considered to be an extremely helpful tool. It implies that you do not keep any contact with your former partner.

Mails, messages and WhatsApp are then strict forbidden.

There are several good reasons for a contact ban:

  • You get time for yourself.
  • With time you strengthen your self-confidence.
  • You make yourself interesting again.
  • Your ex(es) starts to miss you .

Time for your feelings

Time for your feelings

Beware of emotional actions

After the breakup you experience a real emotional chaos. You vacillate between love, despair and disappointment.

This is a very normal reaction, which can even be explained biochemically.

In this phase you are very vulnerable and especially not able to make rational decisions.

Therefore, in the first days after the end of your relationship, you need to use the time only for yourself.

Now it would be too early to change your plan Nafter the breakup get together again To start.

Strengthen your self-confidence

After the first few days, it’s time to get back out there among people. You have to dare to step out of your isolation, otherwise you run the risk of sinking into self-pity.

Going out with friends, new sports and freedoms that you previously denied yourself are good things to do.

➔ Focus on your strengths.

That’s why your partner starts to miss you

While you process your old relationship and build up new self-confidence, your ex will not remain unaffected by the contact ban. He or she will begin to miss you. This is simply because contact with you is now no longer a matter of course for him or her.

Exactly this is the emotion you want to trigger in him or her. In the following, you will learn how to initiate the project "Getting back together after a breakup" in a smart way.

The time after the contact ban

Ideally, you will receive the first messages from your ex-partner within a few days. Now, however, it is still too early to answer them.

The block should be in place for at least a week; an even longer period is recommended.

The time from which you respond again, you determine yourself.

Don’t overwhelm him or her with messages, always keep it short and stay friendly.

At some point, you will be able to arrange a first meeting after separation.

Stick to your plan

Win back ex

Do not become impatient

Especially if you have decided on a no-contact policy, it will sometimes be difficult for you to actually follow through with your plan.

However, this is essential for your success! You may not get a response for days on end.

Sometimes it even takes a month for the ex to get in touch. Hang in there and remember your goal.

Avoid fatal mistakes

You now know strategies that have often proven successful. But be careful! There are fatal mistakes that can make it much more difficult to get back together after a breakup. In the worst case, they even lead to a definitive breach.

You should avoid these mistakes at all costs. Here’s what those mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

1 No discussions that lead to quarrels

In your old relationship there must have been occasional disputes.

Just before the separation, the discussions have probably accumulated. Your old relationship has broken down in the meantime.

Even if you still see a need to talk, you should let bygones be bygones and not start new discussions because of old disagreements.

2 No analysis of the old relationship

A similar problem exists when you start analyzing the old relationship.

Almost automatically you get the feeling that you just don’t fit together.

Use your meetings and phone calls for something else instead.

If you arrange to meet after the separation, you should also choose a neutral place for it.

If you want to win your ex(s) back, you must keep a clear head and do not act arrogantly.

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3 No risk due to jealousy

It is often recommended to win back the ex-partner through jealousy. However, this undertaking is very problematic.

It can happen that he or she becomes jealous and realizes that he bwz. she wants to get back together with you.


Do not try jealousy

Much more often, however, the story takes a different course. If he or she sees you with a new partner, this leads to a further inner turning away.

With your new relationship you symbolize that you are no longer interested in your relationship. Now it can come to the final break.

4 Avoid reproaches

There are many things he or she likes to hear at a meeting. You may calmly reveal to him or her that you have missed him or her.

Even worse are accusations. Do not under any circumstances tell him or her that he or she is responsible for the situation.

This will quickly lead you to a new dispute. In addition, you create negative feelings in your counterpart.

Instead, your goal must be to evoke positive emotions related to you.

Now it’s your turn. If you want change, you have to start acting.

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