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3 days it comes, 3 days it stays 3, days it goes: The typical cold. But how to speed up the healing process? It’s simple: ignore the usual click-baits from journalists who simply retell cliches.

In advance! My cold lasts at most 3 days, if not less. But it has taken me 10 years of research and self-experimentation. My motto: sick today, healthy tomorrow. It works … but you have to get a lot of rumors out of the way:

Wrong knowledge taught?

Almost all the guidebooks I read turned out to be completely useless and, in my opinion, also wrong. Things are recommended there that even do the exact opposite of "getting well". Unfortunately, it is because many online magazines are written by assembly line worker journalists, d. h. Writers who have to write about certain topics when asked to do so as part of their job, but have no expertise in them – or do quick research on the Internet. The result: the web is overflowing with pointless articles that retell the same thing over and over again, from..

  • the nonsense with chicken soup
  • the useless nose bath
  • of the supposedly healthy lemon
  • the healthy-sounding tea and
  • the alleged cold bath, best with eucalyptus, lavender and whatever else.

Here are the real tips that really help:

Not showering, not bathing!

When you have a cold, do not shower and certainly do not bathe: This causes a physical effort. The everywhere recommended cold bath provides basically exactly the opposite. Blood pressure is raised, the heart beats faster, the digestive tract is stimulated, d. h. the body starts working and energies in the body are activated. Heat means energy. This delays the processes in the body that have started the fight against viruses and bacteria. So instead of giving the body rest, this does the exact opposite. If you take a shower or bath, you might as well go for a jog. After the bath one is often exhausted. No miracle.

Of course there is nothing wrong with a quick shower, you don’t want to be a sick skunk either.

Inhibit inflammation

Natural remedies are nice. But science is more effective. My tip: take 400mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day, this will solve the cold within 2 days, because ibuprofen helps to clear the sinuses.

And best of all, it often successfully prevents inflammation in the throat area. Because, ibuprofen has an anti-inflammatory effect. This can prevent pharyngitis or tonsillitis, which may require the use of antibiotics. And you don’t want to do that, because antibiotics have many side effects and also kill many healthy bacteria in the body. Especially at the beginning of a cold, ibuprofen works for me at least like a miracle cure.

Nasal spray is allowed

Almost everywhere it is recommended not to use nasal spray. It is true that nasal spray has no therapeutic effect. That is, it does not directly eliminate the disease or cause itself, but one can argue it basically promotes comfort by clearing the nose.

I still advocate nasal spray, because: you should rest, especially at night. If the nose is free, one sleeps also more deeply and better. The more rested the body, the faster you get well. In my opinion there is nothing against nasal spray before sleep – it is best to have a nasal spray ready right next to the bed. So if you have a blocked nose in the middle of the night, you should be able to use nasal spray to continue sleeping comfortably.

Tidy up handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs lying around are often a big problem. After a while they evaporate and the viruses spread throughout the room. If they are also near the heater, you have the best virus fog machine. The whole room is overflowing with viruses, how to get well quickly? Besides, you also drag others into it. Therefore: Dispose of handkerchiefs immediately.

Problem toothbrush

One of the hitherto unnoticed virus spreaders is one’s own toothbrush. Brush your teeth in the evening and deposit viruses or bacteria there. As soon as the body is healthy and has fought off the attackers, the teeth are brushed again and the attackers are brought back in.

My tip: Rinse the toothbrush with boiling water after every brushing. With some toothbrushes, this can bend the plastic. Therefore do not let the boiling water flow over it, but several times in short intervals. Alternatively, you can also take a new toothbrush every time you brush your teeth during the entire period of illness. It does not have to be the dr.BEST toothbrush for 5 euros, it is enough during this phase also the cheap house brands at the drugstore in 6 or 10-pack for under 6 euros. So I always have some on hand as a substitute, so I don’t have to go shopping when I’m feeling sickly.

Avoid mental exertion

Of course, it is also part of rest that you do not exert yourself mentally. If you think you finally have the opportunity to read an exciting novel, watch a demanding movie, play computer games, or even write a poem, you are not giving your body the rest it needs. The brain consumes the most energy in the body. If you strain it, you are doing some kind of sport.

Rather watching a movie on repeat, reading magazines with little pretension (z. B. a comic). Basically, one should do as few demanding things as possible as employment. My rule of thumb: the more you are bored, the faster you will get better. Maybe it’s finally time to put your feet up and think about the good times you’ve had in the past.

Plenty of sleep

Sleeping several times a day helps. The body recovers best during sleep, because this puts all other activities into retirement: energy reserves are released, which can now fight the attackers in the body.

No fruits!

It is often said that one should eat a lot of fruit, because the vitamins support the immune system. In my opinion this is nonsense and even harmful. Fruits contain fructose, and in high amounts – especially bananas, pineapples, kiwis and other very sweet fruits.

Fructose passes from the intestinal cells immediately into the blood and is therefore a very strong stimulant for energy. It puts the body to work and thereby exactly the opposite is achieved, which one understands actually under rest: The body is in turmoil, the energy reserves are activated. The immune system is not helped by this. Hands off these energy substances – always remember: rest is the order of the day.

Fruits are a long-term investment in the immune system of the body. If you eat east for years and have a healthy diet, you strengthen your immune system and prevent illnesses. But fruit can not within hours like a miracle drug put the entire metabolism in a kind of positive metamorphosis. Such processes sometimes take decades – so keep eating fruit for a lifetime! But at the moment of the illness fruit is nothing more than a calorie bomb.

Remember, the body needs energy reserves for something else right now, now is not the right time to break down fructose. Also no honey, no jam, no fruit yogurt and no fruit juices take to itself! Fats should also be avoided. Light food is the order of the day, so that digestion stresses the body as little as possible.

There is nothing wrong with vitamin tablets, because they do not contain fructose. Orthomol and other vitamin bombs can help. Because if vitamins are lacking in the body, vitamin tablets correct the vitamin deficiency and the body is more balanced in the fight against the attackers. Vitamins take effect immediately, usually within a few hours, but they are also broken down very quickly.

For me, "Orthomol immune" tubes work best, which I always keep in reserve. They are quite expensive, but worth it. You can get them at the pharmacy. But you can also order them from Amazon. I have had an ad created below directly by Amazon itself – just click on the image:


Stay away from tea and coffee

There is nothing wrong with chamomile and peppermint tea and other caffeine-free teas. But no black or green tea. These contain caffeine respectively. Teein.

Teein is by the way exactly the same as caffeine. However, caffeine in tea has a different effect than in coffee. For example, the body breaks down the caffeine in tea much slower and longer. I remember this from my personal research for my own interest to further understand the effect of black tea and its antioxidant properties … but that’s another story.

Caffeine ensures that the energy reserves in the body are used up. Instead of allowing the body to rest, exactly the opposite is achieved again. One pushes the body unnecessarily up. Here the heart rate increases, the nervous system is stimulated and high blood pressure is the result. Caffeine also has many beneficial properties for the body, but not when you are sick and need rest.

Black tea without caffeine is not to be found in many supermarkets. Mebmer brand tastes the best, I buy it directly from Amazon – below is the image with the link:

Green tea without caffeine is not available in any supermarket that I know of. I have tried many varieties, this one I can recommend:

Coffee is even worse, because it contains even higher concentrations of caffeine – even filter coffee has the highest concentration of caffeine.

Coke and similar drinks also contain caffeine.

Therefore caffeine-free and sugar-free beverages to itself take.

Beware in supermarkets: Caffeine is not listed as an ingredient on tea products in Germany. In the U.S., for example, the caffeine content must be labeled on every product, whether tea or something else. By the way, this is due to the deficient EU regulations on food labeling, which do not stipulate that caffeine must be declared in tea. The German Federation for Risk Assessment has long since pointed this out, but the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) did not react to it. Here is a very good critical report from the German Federation on this – see especially page 2 under "Is there a labeling requirement for caffeine on foods?"

Sugar ban

With sugar the same applies as with fructose. Who takes sugar to itself, which promotes energy. However, when you have a cold, you need to rest. That means: No sweets – and also no Nutella as well as no honey for breakfast, no chocolate, no cake, no rusks etc. So fingers away from all these energy substances.

Also in decaffeinated tea: rather use sweetener or not at all. Alternatively I recommend Stevia. This sugar is natural and has ten times less calories due to its sweetness. Even better is Monk Fruit or. Monk fruit (or also known as Luo Han Guo). It is purely vegetable, tastes almost the same as sugar and has zero calories. I use it very often for baking.

Anyway, I believe that sugar is a drug and it is psychologically addictive. Unfortunately there are to it almost no articles or documentations, which always surprised me until today. Only among fitness and nutrition professionals it is identified as such. I hope that one day society will become more aware regarding cane sugar as an extremely harmful substance to the body.

Vegetables instead of chicken soup

Often chicken soup is presented as the anti-cold miracle.

Until today there were only two scientific studies. In 2000, the study at the CHEST research institute (Center for HIV Educational Studies& training) in New York in this regard for headlines. The study had only a presumption The German Risk Assessment Association has suggested that it might have something to do with white blood cells and chicken soup – but the scientists have not been able to provide the proof.

Influenced by the headlines 2 years later scientists in the American Journal of Therapeutics Theorized that the compound carnosine in chicken soup could have an anti-inflammatory effect. This study, however, also only put forward a thesis without providing any proof.

Both articles should inspire scientists to do further research, which is still missing, however.

Since then, journalists have been reporting in articles about alleged studies from the USA with all kinds of fanciful explanations. These false reports are due to the fact that most journalists are not scientists and do not trace the primary source of the news. Often, they merely research the first hits of search engines and create their own article from information, often enriched with their own personal experience; thus, purely subjective reporting based on a superficial search. Unfortunately these articles are not marked as own opinion and give the impression of serious reporting – often due to a high eloquence and well trained writing style of these journalists.

Whether vegetable or lentil soup, that does not matter in my opinion. Chicken soup is also high in fat, so it is a strong energy supplier. It is important to eat food with little fat. Because fat must be broken down and for this the body needs energy. Basically: eat well-digested food, but above all: eat less than usual – z. B. for breakfast an egg (preferably only the egg white), a slice of brown bread, if necessary. Rather eat a lot of vegetables, however, whether tomatoes or vegetable soup – vegetables are easy to digest.

Chicken soup, on the other hand, is at best a placebo in my opinion.

By the way, I am a YouTuber from the USA and regularly report critically on life in America. Feel free to follow me on my channel:

Support the immune system

Pelargonium roots, vitamin supplements (z. B. Orthomol) should be taken, and not too scarce. The more the body is supported with immune-boosting agents, the better. Since especially vitamin preparations are quickly rejected by the body again, you can refuel after a few hours again.

By the way, the best known brand for pelargonium roots is Umckaloabo (below is a link to Amazon):

Gargle for sore throat

What over-the-counter gargles are supposed to do is still a mystery to me. Many doctors recommend and even prescribe it. Many gargle solutions do not kill bacteria, but often have a numbing effect. By the way, you cannot fight viruses with medicine anyway; a short explanation of viruses versus bacteria can be found below. Also here the popular press unfortunately often spreads a lot of nonsense, where even doctors think they have to educate their patients about the difference between bacteria and viruses.

Gargling makes the pain go away for a short time and gives the impression that it has helped. Who believes that bacteria disappear or die off this way, imagines it too easy.

For adults only:

A good method is high-proof alcohol. For example, liquor, preferably with 70% or higher alcohol content. I recommend gargling 3 x 3ml a day. After alcohol no other liquids for mind. Drink for 20 minutes so that the alcohol remains on the throat for some time. If it were not classified as a stimulant, it would actually have to be available on prescription like other drugs, because alcohol is actually pure poison.


As an alternative to antibiotics for bacterial infections, I can recommend the natural enemy of the bacteria: Household sugar. Chewing lozenges all day kills bacteria in the throat area. Yes, this contradicts my recommendation not to take sugar when you are sick. Besides, sugar leads to weight gain. But everyone may decide for himself. The bacteria often cannot survive this sugar attack. Sugar therapy helps especially if you’re about to catch a cold and it’s the common bacteria strep – that’s the typical sore throat that most have, by the way.

If there are white spots in the throat area, it is already too late – the streptococcus bacteria have already built up a settlement. No more sugar will help. Then usually only antibiotics help – the bacteria atom bomb.

Drink plenty of water?

I have never found a connection between "drinking a lot of water" and a cold. I don’t believe that you will get better faster just because you drink more water. You should drink water when you are thirsty. But to combat an acute cold rather useless. With a gastrointestinal cold, it is certainly different. You have to drink a lot of water, because dehydration is imminent.

However, it is also worth investigating in more detail how beneficial it is to keep the mucous membranes moist with plenty of water. I have not yet done enough research on this.

Other medicinal tips

The following medication tips are just my opinion, as is the entire article as well. The intake should be discussed with a doctor.

Prevention with flu vaccination

In addition to 100 methods to prevent a cold from developing in the first place, I personally rely on the annual flu vaccination. Unfortunately, many people don’t see it that way, because there is a lot of negative propaganda around the flu shot, especially in Germany: it is unnatural and chemical – these are headlines that sell well, which is why the popular press is always spreading them. As target group the large magazines often identified the female target group, since here statistically the Naturheilmethoden are most consumed. Accordingly, we are constantly looking for topics that appeal to the interest of this target group, stimulate and motivate to read the article. How much of what we read every day is merely based on strategic research and not on the fact that the journalist has something positive in mind for society … that’s another economic, social science or even philosophical discussion.

The fact is, the flu shot helps to shorten the course of the cold enormously when it occurs. Also, the rumor that the annual influenza virus is constantly mutating and that the flu shot is useless is not correct: even if the virus mutates after the flu shot, the flu shot rarely loses its effect completely. If you really want to cure a cold within 3 days, you vaccinate yourself against the flu every year. I have never been and will never be a friend of the flu vaccination opponents. I firmly believe that we have not been able to eradicate the flu to this day because vaccination opponents carry and spread it every year. It is irresponsible to society not to vaccinate, because we will infect others. But this is also a completely different discussion.

Often we hear from people who are only superficially concerned with the subject, that the flu vaccination has nothing to do with an influenza infection. This is an attempt to point out the difference between the "flu-like infection" and the "real flu", but without providing further explanations and not interpreting the causal relationship correctly.

The flu-like infection: a cold

First of all, a brief explanation: an influenza infection is a cold caused by viruses. Of these viruses that cause a simple cold, there are hundreds of types, also known as the "rhinovirus serotypes". In technical language, a simple cold is therefore also called a rhinovirus infection. This is when your nose runs and you are out of action for a few days, as described in this article here.

The real flu: Influenza

Flu, on the other hand, is an illness caused by influenza virus types A, B, C, and D, the best known and most common being the influenza A type, known as H1N1, H3N2. By the way, the simple cold as described above is called "flu-like infection" because the course of events is similar to a real flu, respectively. in case of an influenza infection.

The flu vaccination does not directly protect against a cold caused by other viruses, but it has an important function. Once the immune system is weakened by a cold, other types of viruses can now manifest themselves, including just the real flu (influenza) as well as other viruses such as rhinofluenza viruses, coronaviruses, enteroviruses, adenoviruses and RSV viruses. By the way, the flu vaccination also protects against viruses caused by the same or closely related virus species.

Therefore, a flu vaccination is also very useful and advantageous in the fight against a common cold or an influenza infection. against the flu infection.


Thanks to the comment of Jorg below, I took it as an opportunity to explain the effect of omeprazole for a cold. Omeprazole is especially suitable for people who develop a coughing irritation, often clear their throat and thus damage it even further. I have personally experienced that frequent throat clearing is caused by stomach acid. This worsens the condition during the course of the cold, which is why further infections in the throat area occur – often bacterial together with viruses (this combination of bacteria and viruses is called a superinfection). If you are prone to coughing and clearing your throat, I recommend Omeprazole.

DHEA& Testosterone

Another wonder drug in the fight against the common cold is DHEA: available by prescription in Germany, but free in the USA. DHEA is a steroidal hormone produced naturally by the body, and it is an adjunct to testosterone – but not testosterone itself and thus not an anabolic steroid, as it is often mistakenly understood to be. This means that DHEA helps to correct the DHEA testosterone levels upwards, which, by the way, continue to decrease with age. There are many theories about the effects of DHEA, such as staying young and increased sexual drive.

A daily dose of 50 mg of DHEA leads to an increase in circulating DHEA and DS concentrations and cortisol ratios. There is a proven increase in the rise of serum IGF-I levels, and reactions to body fat mass and muscle strength in favor of men is also scientifically proven. It seems like a stimulant at first glance. So far, at least in the USA, it is one of the few hormones which is freely available with the smallest side effects.

Basically DHEA leads to a positive biotransformation in the body. It’s a bit like the "cortical stimulator" in Star Trek, which accelerates the healing process through positive impulses to the brain. DHEA, on the other hand, is not science fiction and is a real "human body stimulator" – the positive biotransformation strengthens the immune system and builds new strength. Unlike a stimulant, this does not activate energy reserves, which is why I do not believe that it is a short-term stimulant, such as caffeine, nicotine, taurine, fructose or similar. I can say from my own experience that DHEA has lifted the cure of my cold by half a day more. My last cold with DHEA lasted only 2 days.

But DHEA does not work for everyone, especially not for all men. If you have high active testosterone levels (by the way, active testosterone is the testosterone that is currently in use), DHEA may not make much of a difference.

For women, a much smaller amount has an effect, z. B. 5-10mg DHEA.

Overall, testosterone is also very helpful in the fight against colds. People do annual blood draws to test their levels. But in the rarest case people let determine their testosterone value, which I do not understand until today. The results can be very informative and the doctor can make a recommendation accordingly whether the values need to be adjusted. Those who have balanced testosterone levels clearly have a strong and stable immune system, both women and men.

Testosterone unfortunately has a very negative reputation due to its abuse in competitive sports. This pushes into the background how important this hormone actually is for human health. I think so also like sugar, society lacks education of the benefits about testosterone. Professional bodybuilders have unfortunately destroyed the reputation of testosterone in the long run.

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