“Germany’s next topmodel”: applying and requirements for casting

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„Germany's Next Topmodel“: Applying and Requirements for Casting

Model mom Heidi Klum has been casting "Germany’s Next Topmodel" for 16 years. Every year, thousands of girls flock to the live castings in the hope of an international modeling career. Yours too?

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If you want to apply, you must meet certain basic requirements. However, since the current season, these have been somewhat looser. Find out what you need to know when applying for 2023 here.

Applying for the next GNTM season in 2023

  • If you want to participate in the upcoming season, you can apply via online application form (currently not yet unlocked).
  • Castings are expected to take place in summer 2021 at various locations in Germany, where you will be able to present yourself live.
  • Also this year the Corona pandemic is still more than present, for this reason ProSieben will work out a security concept for the Castings, which could change the procedure, duration and start of the Castings. As soon as more detailed information is available, we will provide it here.
  • However, the things you should master will not change under Corona either. You can find very good tips on YouTube from ex-participant Johanna.

GNTM application: Requirements

After "Germany’s Next Topmodel" had adapted to the international standards of the model industry in the recent past and had set stricter requirements for the candidates, a somewhat different wind has been blowing since 2021. It looks like minimum height, age, measurements and gender will no longer play an overriding role in the upcoming season. The current season celebrates diversity, the model candidates should convince above all with their charisma and personality, as show host and supermodel Heidi Klum always emphasizes and last summer still sent an appeal to all interested parties:

Also men at GNTM?

Already for the 16. season, the application form was no longer limited exclusively to women, but this opening has probably not yet prevailed. In Austria, men have been part of the show for years, maybe they’ll be part of the game here in 2022, too?

Minimum size for GNTM

The way GNTM is currently presented, we assume that season 16 will also be a success no minimum size will be prescribed. Anyone who feels called to a modeling career and does not measure 1.72 m or even more should not shy away from applying and still try their luck.

Minimum age for GNTM candidates

To introduce yourself at the casting and take part in the show, you previously had to at least 16 years old his. For contestants under 18 years old, the following still applies: Parental consent or consent of the parents. of the guardian! The upper limit is open, however, and Heidi Klum is even increasingly promoting the participation of older candidates.

GNTM- Weight and measurements

Fortunately, many advertising companies have realized that scrawny hunger rakes do not go down well with consumers and are changing their strategy: a model should look fresh, healthy, vibrant and energetic for advertising campaigns and shoots. The motto also goes some way to promoting equality in the industry. In the coming season, the focus could also move further away from the standard image of "slim" and no longer be a priority.

Always an eye-catcher, the eye area:

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