Freeze smoked salmon& defrost

Freeze smoked salmon& defrost

Can you freeze smoked salmon? Smoked salmon can be frozen without any problems and will keep in the freezer for a good 3-4 months. Basically, it should be ensured that the smoked salmon is frozen as fresh as possible and that it is packaged as well as possible.

If the smoked salmon is to be defrosted again, the defrosting should also take place gently in the refrigerator. Whereby also a hot water bath or the microwave are suitable for defrosting, if it should go once faster.

Freeze smoked salmon as fresh as possible

Care should always be taken to freeze smoked salmon as fresh as possible, as bacteria and germs settle on the surface after only a short time.

Therefore, the smoked salmon should be frozen at best directly after purchase. If there is already an opened smoked salmon, which has been in the refrigerator for a few days, it should not be frozen.

Freeze smoked salmon in its original packaging at best

It is best to freeze smoked salmon in its original packaging, because if it has not yet been opened, there is still a vacuum, which generally ensures a longer shelf life.

It also prevents bacteria and germs from getting to the smoked salmon.

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Freeze smoked salmon& defrost

Pack fresh smoked salmon airtight before freezing it

If you smoke fresh salmon yourself and then want to freeze it, or if you buy fresh smoked salmon unpackaged, you should first pack it in an airtight container. A freezer bag with a zip lock is best for this purpose.

However, it would be even better to seal the fresh smoked salmon before freezing it – so if you have a suitable device available, you should use it.

Wrap salmon again in additional packaging

If you want to freeze smoked salmon in its original packaging, you should wrap it again to keep it in the freezer as long as possible.

The additional packaging in the form of a larger freezer bag not only protects the smoked salmon, but also ensures that no freezer burn can form.

Freeze smoked salmon at -18 °C

Now the smoked salmon can be frozen, whereby a temperature of -18 °C is always best, since the smoked salmon keeps longest at this temperature. However, if the smoked salmon is frozen at a higher temperature, it will not last very long in the freezer and the taste will also suffer.

Frozen smoked salmon keeps for a good 3 months

If smoked salmon is frozen, it will keep for about 3 months without going bad. After 3 months at the latest, however, this should then be consumed completely, otherwise the aroma will suffer.

At the same time, freezer burn can form on the smoked salmon after more than 3-4 months.

Defrosting smoked salmon

If the smoked salmon is to be defrosted, different methods are possible: On the one hand, the frozen smoked salmon can be placed in the refrigerator overnight.

This allows a particularly gentle defrosting process and at the same time the smoked salmon does not change its consistency – so if you have some time, you should use this method for defrosting.

On the other hand, smoked salmon can also be defrosted in the microwave, but always make sure that the power setting in watts is as low as possible.

In addition, a hot water bath can also be used to defrost the smoked salmon – this enables a faster defrosting process, but is gentle at the same time.

Do not freeze smoked salmon again after defrosting

It should always be ensured that the smoked salmon cannot be frozen again after defrosting. If it is frozen again after defrosting, harmful bacteria can form on the smoked salmon as a result of this process, which in turn can cause health problems when the smoked salmon is consumed.

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