Forever in love: 10 ways to a happy relationship

Many relationships are unsatisfying because they stay too much on the surface. Would you like to be in love forever and have a long term happy relationship? Here are 10 ways you can take your partnership to the next level – and strengthen your bond.

1. Learning to let go and giving free space

At first it sounds like a contradiction, but strengthens love: Give your partner free space. When two people hold on to each other and cling, there is more the Fear from being alone behind as real affection for the other person. When two partners feel so strongly about each other trust, that it is possible that these can go for example also once alone into the vacation, without therefore a drama breaks loose, both gained for a long-term future much.

2. Putting love first

Maybe you were single for a longer time before your current relationship and can confirm that your boyfriends and girlfriends took a big place in your life during this time. If you fell in love a short time ago, it may be hard for your circle of friends that you now suddenly have less time for them. That is normal.

That’s how the stages of life change:

The more serious your relationship with your partner has become, the more you should give him/her priority.

It’s a question of will: If you already have a family together or are planning to start one, you have to be aware that this will change Shifting values. It can happen that you have to cancel a friend’s birthday party because you haven’t been able to spend quality time with the other person for a while due to work.

3. Nurture the relationship with little love messages

And that brings us to one of the most important points: A relationship does not grow by itself – it needs care. Just like a young plant, which you want to grow and flourish. But a relationship wants not be maintained only sporadically, but as often as possible. That’s why it’s important to regularly spend not just time, but consciously Spend time together. And there are such beautiful ways to show your love.
to show its love.

Forever in love: 10 ways to a happy relationship

4. Openness and honesty as the key to a happy relationship

In the beginning, when you don’t know each other that well yet, you like to show your best side and also see the other person from a soft focus perspective. On every date, you put on your best outfit and spend an hour in the bathroom making yourself pretty for the other person. Or you only tell things about yourself that confirm the image you want to show the other person of yourself.

In the beginning – as I said – this is quite natural and just serves to impress.

But as the relationship develops, there comes a point when you should open up to the other person.

It’s the only way to get to know each other as you really are.

If a relationship is to last it is also indispensable to polarize. If one of the two always says "yes and amen" to everything, it is very likely that the other will eventually get bored with it. And: It can’t be fulfilling in the long run, because somewhere one’s own desires and needs on the line stay down.

5. Avoid lies and secrets

This includes refraining from untruths and smaller and bigger ("need") lies. They have no place in a mature partnership. Those who tell the truth to the other person are not afraid of confrontation. And that is sometimes necessary, to develop the relationship together.

6. Overcome commitment fears and develop common goals

Common goals connect and motivate. A first common goal can be a Vacation being a couple that you plan together. Then comes the common apartment, which both with each other furnish. Often followed by a joint family and/or even a professional project.

However, to be able to develop common goals it is important, that both have similar values.

Because who benefits if one of them wants to have five children, but the other wants to stay independent and sail the seas every minute of his free time??

7. Communication and openness

To find this out, only regular communication helps. The emphasis is on regularly – because it can happen that values and priorities change for one but not for the other.

If you constantly talk to each other about what each wants from this partnership and from life, you have the best chance of finding common denominators in many areas.

8. Say goodbye to selfishness and miserliness with regard to material purchases

The idea of sharing material things frightens many people. For this reason, even after many years in a relationship, it is still not possible to married or every household bill is strictly sorted and divided up.

It is not for nothing that it makes sense to reflect on one’s attitude to money against the background of a relationship. What does money mean to me personally? In what way does it give me security, in what way does it scare me?? What meaning was money given to me when I was a child?? Was it always plentiful or a scarce commodity to fight for?

Who in a relationship next step together needs to have a common financial concept. This can mean relief in some ways – sharing living expenses, for example – and sacrifice in others. For example, if you are planning children and one of the two stays at home or. taking care of the children more than the other.

9. Allow dependence and accept help

Our society today has a selfish to narcissistic tendency. Deep relationships are a prerequisite beneficial antipole. Offering help and letting the other person help you is a good way, the Trust and strengthen the love in each other.

10. Don’t give up right away! A happy relationship needs active involvement

How many couples do you think would not have broken up if they had given each other more chances and fought for the relationship?? Instead, they may be sitting in front of the TV with someone else, bored as before. The balance: The partner has changed, but the problems remain the same. There are so many ways to keep a relationship alive or to refresh it!

A breakup very often does not solve the issue. That’s why it pays not to write off the relationship too quickly, but to ask why you actually "fell out of love"?
Because in the end make crises mastered together a couple only stronger. If you fight out problems with each other, you will get to know the other person better in the end and become closer to him or her. And that’s what love is all about.

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