For boyfriend or girlfriend: strong christmas gifts

Every year again … give the same gift? Surely not: With our inspirations for every type you will certainly find beautiful Christmas gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend.

Once again, the Christmas bells are ringing, and with them the alarm bells: What should I give as a present?? A good Christmas tip before you wrap the next vanilla-scented candle in cellophane: As a rule, only give Christmas presents to friends that you would also like to receive yourself. But just as everyone celebrates differently, everyone also gives differently. Therefore we have a few gift ideas for Christmas for different types, which we all know from our circle of friends – so that it becomes then also really a beautiful Bescherung. And if you need ideas for your parents: We have gift suggestions for them, too.

Fits: Christmas gifts for every type of boyfriend or girlfriend

Type 1: The wishful

Christmas gifts for girlfriend or girlfriend who actually do not need anything:

Everybody knows at least one person who is looking for "should I take some?" consistently answers with "yourself and good mood". What to get these people just? Best Christmas gifts they didn’t even know they needed yet. Christkindl mantra: just surprise them.

… for all those who want to give something unforgettable as a giftShared memories are the greatest gift. How would it be this year with a personal photo gift? Whether it’s an entire photo album, a calendar or just a single, framed small picture – giving joy can be so simple. Tip: Of course, the more you glue, tinker and decorate it yourself, the better it will be.

… for everyone who wants to put their feet up for Christmas: The wishful are a couple, have children or just once deserve a little time off? Best to give them a relaxing evening. Like? The children are put to bed for them, shopping is done for them and a three-course meal is cooked, including washing up. Short vacation in the own 4 walls so to speak. Extra tip: On "time instead of stuff" there are super tips for more ideas that deal with "time gifting".

… for all those who still believe in the Christ Child: "A star bearing your name" … If you like it completely unconventional, but still with Christkindl charm, you can also give a whole star – who can say no to that?? Not even wishfully happy!

Type 2: The world savers

For boyfriend or girlfriend: strong christmas gifts

Christmas gifts for girlfriend or boyfriend with a clear conscience:

Together with them you celebrate not only the Christmas tree, but also the fir tree and nature itself. Because they also want to give something back to the world at Christmas, celebrate a conscious lifestyle and can’t be bothered with unnecessary chichi and clutter. Only one question remains: What do you give that makes a lasting impression??

… for all who are parents for the first time. How about a gift that you literally grow with? "Wood as an investment" is the motto for the GiftTree from Forest Finance. The highlight: A tree will be planted in Panama for the recipient. After 25 years, there is a return of 4.5 percent. For a larger gift (e.g., for a first child), the GiftTree contract is the right choice! 38 Euro per month results in 12 planted trees per year. Perfect for growing families.

… for all those who like to give something back. Depending on your heart’s desire, it’s always a good idea to make a donation or partner on various projects in the recipient’s name. True to the motto: Give a lot, get more in return.

… for all who celebrate vegan. Already heard of Seed Bombs? These are small bombs made of seeds that you can just throw around in the spring – they will grow into beautiful wildflowers. Really a super gift and still in addition 100% vegan.

Type 3: The romantics

For boyfriend or girlfriend: strong christmas gifts

Christmas gifts for girlfriend or girlfriend who love romance

No matter what, the main thing from the heart is the credo of the romantics. Christmas gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend that are expensive or over the top don’t impress them at all. There you have to come up with something special.

… for all those who celebrate as a couple: Our top tip: the Happy Jar! Take a large jam jar, wash it out and line the bottom with some colorful tissue paper. Then cut out any number of small pieces of paper from colored paper and write on each one a small thing that you associate with the recipient of the gift. Anything that pleases is allowed: small compliments, reminders, tips, coupons (for a walk, a massage, etc.), etc.). Finally fold it up, design a label (a la "50 reasons why you are my better half") and give it as a gift. Guaranteed tears of joy!

… for all those who simply have a lot to say: A gift that stays with you all year: "30 letters for (name of recipient)". This is how it works: buy 30 envelopes and fill them uniquely according to the theme and person. The special one? The presentee may open the letters only if he is currently in a state of one of the labeled envelopes.

Example: (Letter 1: "Only open if you had a hard day at work" à content: lavender bath, uplifting words; Letter 2: "Only open if you need something sweet" à content: a picture of a baby animal and chocolate; Letter 3: "Only open if you need something to laugh about" à content: funny snapshot of the recipient);

… for all who can’t see homemade cookies anymoreSweet and homemade don’t always have to be cookies – there is also preserves! With homemade chutneys made from onion, tomato, mango or fig, you’re bound to get it right. A gift that shows taste.

Type 4: The pragmatists

For boyfriend or girlfriend: strong christmas gifts

Christmas gifts for girlfriend or girlfriend who have little left for the most:

If it can’t be eaten, used or applied, the pragmatist doesn’t care about a Christmas gift. Luxury items or decorative articles are foreign words for him. So you can give "practically nothing" as a gift. Or yet?

… for those who like to make an impression: Connect the beautiful with the useful, for example, with an elegant engraving on an everyday object. From hammers to glasses, pocket knives or pens – the main thing is that you can still use it afterwards.

…for all those who like to give homemade gifts: The pragmatist loves upcycling and do-it-yourself ideas, from homemade chocolate hearts or lip balm to self-knitted hoods and co. A super tip for sewing is for example a cell phone charging station.

And for a little joke also provides certainly a pseudo-money gift with little effort: fill a wearable glass with Haribo gum frogs, draw a label with "A few bucks for you" and give away.

…for all those who would rather skip Christmas: The pragmatist is a real Christmas muffle, but likes things to work at any time of year. A very realistic gift can also be a good choice. Such as 60 pairs of new black socks, so all the old ones can be cleaned out. Or how about a promise to take the trash down with you for a whole year during a visit? Always good: A year’s supply of your favorite coffee or tea (there are many reasons to drink tea)!). The main thing is practical.

Our tip

At dm, busy Christkinderl are sure to find the right gift for every wish list.

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