Fix windows xp sp3 error from the hard drive. Windows xp bootloader recovery. Copy download files

What can I do if Windows displays, for example, the following error message: "Transaction support in the Resource Manager was not started or is disabled due to an error (0x80071A91)"?? Until recently, until Microsoft found a solution to the problem, the user had to spend a lot of his own energy each time. It was necessary to copy the text of the message into the search bar of Google or a similar service and hope that an enthusiast has posted a guide to fixing the bug in a forum. Microsoft recommends that you enter the text of the message in the company’s knowledge base (http://support) enter. There you stumble upon step by step instructions, often in English, or a recommendation to install a patch.

  • Wait until the Language and Regional Standards window appears.
  • Make sure that Spanish is your language and your country is your location.
  • It will also check if the input language on the keyboard is Spanish.
  • Some windows will open where you can change them.
  • Update the drivers for your computer. to get everything you need.

In our example, the classic solution to the problem is as follows. Run the command line as an administrator and type the following:

Fsutil resource setautoreset true c: \\

If Windows is not located on the C: drive, change the letter. This solution is easily found in the knowledge base of the Microsoft service. Here you will also find that the transaction log on your computer is corrupted and this will result in a similar error message. As a rule, a machine translation of Knowledge Base pages from English into Russian is displayed on the Microsoft website. In our case we found the following masterpiece: "Resource Manager transaction support in the specified format fileisystem was not started or completed due to an error. " This is even more incomprehensible than the error message itself.

Best in this case make backup your drive. When we talk about "repairing windows usually means that your files and window settings should not be changed. What errors can you fix? Serious errors when starting the system or shutting it down.

Blue error messages. Widespread computer slowness. Problems with audio, graphics or video. Problems related to device drivers. The computer shuts down. General error messages after cleaning the virus system. If this fixes the error, there is no need to continue reading the article.

The service offers a more elegant and faster solution to the problem. Microsoft Fix it. This is a complete strategy to detect and eliminate errors with one click. Let’s see how it works.
Using Fix it: Three options – One solution

Solve the challenges of the future: Fix it strategy

Fix it offers several options – a website, a utility and repairing entire networks through the service to keep all the options for solving the problem for users live Windows. The choice of the method is a matter of taste. As a result, you still get the same tool – a script that fixes the error with one click.

Copy download files

You should also try to scan your computer with antivirus software to make sure that the problem is a virus. Select your version of the operating system. There you will find the option "Fix". Follow the instructions on the screen to restore your operating system.

Select Repair Equipment and OK. Click on Start Recovery. However, automatically translated articles can contain errors in vocabulary, syntax, or grammar, e.g. B. those that a foreigner could write down in the language. After installing software updates, repairing or uninstalling some products, a crash may occur.

Support Page. If you need to solve a specific problem, as in our example, open the browser page If you select the topic "Windows" and the section "Troubleshooting performance problems and errors or crashes", you will get to the list, where in particular also the solution for the error from our example is given. After you click the "Run now" button clicked, the problem is solved by "Fix" fixed automatically.

Automatic diagnosis and troubleshooting

  • Make sure that the product is damaged.
  • To do this, follow these steps
  • However, this is the only way to repair the damage.
  • To do this, check the checksum of the software update.

If there is no such button near the error description, click "Additional information". After that you will be redirected to the appropriate page in the knowledge base. If there is a patch for the error, you will most likely find the Run Now button here, which will fix the error using the wizard. If the patch is missing, you still have to torture yourself with step-by-step instructions, which are available in any case, even with a terrible translation into Russian.

Change individual settings in files

In an SMS you can find out what is wrong with your computer, while the blue screen is a nightmare for most people. The first option is to start your computer in Safe Mode. This is the most fast way and it works in about 50% of the cases. On the Tools tab perform an error check and a disk cleanup. If this works, congratulations. If this is not the case, you should inform yourself about it. Since Safe Mode is also the case, you will need to use a third-party program to start your computer in a safe and clean environment.

Fix it Center. If you did not receive a specific error message or the problem itself is vague (e.g. B. browser is slow) Internet Explorer), you will need to install the Fix it Center utility, which is only available for Windows XP and Vista users (the appropriate tools are already included in the "seven" integrated). During the installation, this program analyzes the hardware and software configurations available on your computer. If inconsistencies are found, they will be listed in the Selected Troubleshooters list displayed. Finally, the installation wizard offers to create a Windows Live account or sign up for this service. If you skip this step, you will get to the main window of the Fix it Center program. The entries listed here represent different windows partitions – for example, "Aero" or "Hardware and Devices. First look at the column on the far left. Here you can see different characters in front of individual entries in the list. A red dot with a cross indicates an error that needs to be fixed immediately. A yellow asterisk indicates that there is a current solution for a particular problem. Be sure to click in the "Action" column click on the "Run" button and prevent a possible conflict. In the dialog box that appears, select the option "Detect problems and apply the fixes for me". When the bug is fixed, Fix marks the corresponding entry in the list with a green check mark. The absence of characters before writing means that your computer is working properly in this section.

Download and install it on your computer in good condition. Then click the green record button in the middle of the wizard interface. Then go to the computer that stops working on the blue screen. Booting the system will take a few minutes. Just follow the methods it offers you and fix your problem.

Then you will find that you can successfully boot your computer in normal form. It crashes for no reason, it is just a random reboot. Every time you restart, you will see a message that the system has fixed a serious error.

The Windows Live service will be of great use not only as an entertainment and business portal, but also for solving problems with PCs and gadgets
Fix it with Live ID. In Fix it Center, however, all functions are shown only if you enter an existing version account Windows Live ID or when registering new record for this service. In this case, you will receive custom scripts that will accurately resolve the issues on your computer.

Like the problem mentioned above, accidental startup is an obvious symptom. This can be caused by a device conflict, a corrupted registry, a system conflict, a memory conflict, etc. Cause. With the help of appropriate measures you can solve this problem yourself.

Run the program and you will get a wizard like this. You may see a blue or black screen. Then you will find that you can start your computer as usual. You have important data on your hard drive and want to recover it.

What is a startup record?

Get more detailed guide to recover lost data from hard drive. In addition to articles translated into French by professional translators, you will also be provided with a series of machine-translated articles. This way you can access in your own language all Knowledge Base articles originally written in English. Automatically translated articles are not always perfect and may contain vocabulary, syntax, or grammar errors.

If your PC is part of a network, the Fix it Live service can even troubleshoot all devices on it. The computer management is done through a clear site. With a series of simple steps you can keep corporate networks in order as Fix works only with scripts tested and certified by Microsoft. Install Fix it Center utility on any desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet computer based on Windows XP or Vista. Log in to the installation wizard from any device using your Live ID. Then, on your desktop computer, open the http://fixitcenter in a browser and click on "Login" in the upper left corner. After that you will see a list of all your devices. In the Diagnostic History section you will learn what problems are present on the selected computer. Click on "Search solutions and on the next page select the section you want, e.g. B. "Desktop and personalization". Now you have access to patches, selected Microsoft Knowledge Base articles related to your problem, and general support information. For Windows 7 users, there are Microsoft Automated Troubleshooters, with the integrated troubleshooting tool "Seven" is started. All this will allow you to get rid of most problems.

Manual file extraction

However, aside from these shortcomings, these articles should be sufficient to help you solve your problem. Troubleshooting to learn more. If you are using a mouse, open "Troubleshooting", by pointing to the upper right corner of the screen, dragging the mouse down and then "Search". Type "Troubleshooting click on or "Settings and then press or "Troubleshoot. This utility solves many problems. learn more. Note

  • Click on "Ask a question.
  • Type your question in the title field.

Windows 7: Native automatic means bug fixes

Fix it Center for Windows 7 exists only as an online service that contains practical tips on how to solve some problems with this operating system

If you use the latter windows version, you don’t need any additional utilities to optimize it and fix bugs. With the help of new feature This operating system copes with the problems by itself.

Therefore, this is a very painful situation and should be fixed as soon as possible. Fear not; for every problem there is always a solution. The contents of the recovered files can be viewed and saved anywhere on your system. If you are using a trial version, you can easily browse the files.

To enable the registration function, you need to purchase a license for software. It may happen that your computer slows down or it is corrupted for some log files, which causes unwanted crashes.

Call Center support. When Windows 7 detects a malfunction, a checkbox appears in the taskbar. Click on it and select "Support Center". The errors listed here can be fixed immediately by clicking the button next to the entry. Solving many problems requires an Internet connection, as Windows looks for a way around the Web.

In the next tutorial we will see only three programs that can be helpful to solve this problem. On the download page you will find a detailed list of features and things related to the software. After the installation is finished, you can run the first scan by pressing the "Start Scan" button start and fix all errors detected by the software with the "Fix Errors" button fix. The result of this calculation is shown in Figure 2.

If you get this result, probably some of the values in the cells mean as text. How to quickly and easily determine which text field is more accurate. We get this error when the name of the function or argument is set incorrectly. An example of incorrect function name assignment is shown in Figure 3.

Fix problems with the component Troubleshooting. If the error is unknown or the problem is not listed in the support center, click on the "Troubleshooting" item, to open a new one. windows utility. Like Fix it, it provides solutions to various issues. Click here to display the corresponding entry, z. B. "Troubleshooting sound recordings". The wizard analyzes the problem and offers specific help. The solution is a small patch that must be downloaded from the Internet. After the repair utility completes, you may need to restart the PC.

An example of an invalid argument without a row number for the end of the region. Figure 5. If such an error occurs, it is probably not part of the function name or its input. Check what you have not added to the form window and add it.

This error is displayed when the search value is not found or the search criteria are set incorrectly. If you get this result, you may not see this error. Use this result later for another purpose. To do this, we use a combination of nested functions.

Preventive measures. How to fix it, windows systems 7 There is preventive support. The OS does complex work, for example, to connect to the network as independently as possible and fix errors. In addition, the system performs periodic scheduled diagnostics of the default settings that you should not change, and notifies you if there is a possibility of a problem. Complex errors, such as z. B. failed to start windows the Troubleshooter will fix it automatically. Once the problem is fixed, a message will be displayed.

Copy it from the. Depending on the settings of your computer, you may need to use a comma separator instead of a comma, as shown in the example. If we understand how this happens, we will be more careful not to get it.

Cases where we can receive such an error are. The cells used in the formula will be moved or deleted. It is very important to understand that it is not about the content of the cell, but about the cell itself with its address. The formula itself is copied to another location and loses the address of its cells.

Technology: what’s behind Fix it

Fix it’s integration with Windows Live hints at Microsoft’s future method of support. Through the cloud center, the company can fix bugs in its products and eliminate vulnerabilities. This applies not only to Windows, but also to the Office suite. Fix it is already able to handle not only desktop computers and laptops, but also Xbox, Enterprise Server game consoles and Zune MP3 players that are already on sale. Most likely, Windows tablets and smartphones will be added to the list soon.

But it may take a year longer and more globally

Who could reverse the system from all kinds of errors to control the computer. The patch was compiled in a few days and integrated into the update system. Whatever he chose, that would be a bad decision. However, such errors occur frequently. Show your opinion in the discussion and vote in the poll. For example, you can use the console to repair a damaged boot sector of a hard disk or a boot loader error, e.g. B. Delete a second operating system, check errors on your hard disk or copy files to your hard disk hard disk etc. The console name is a bit unfortunate, as it gives the impression that you hacked something and the system automatically restores itself.

Users will benefit from a greatly simplified support system as the confusing knowledge base will disappear. windows updates and calls. In any case, it makes no sense to wait for the next patch Tuesday (according to the tradition established in the company, all major updates are released on this day of the week). Fix it center, website and windows service Live provides access to patch patches as soon as they appear in the support center.

Instead, you work in text mode on the command line at a black screen and need to know exactly what your problem is and how to fix it. &. For meaningful console operation, you need to manage at least basic commands command line or detailed instructions for each operation you want to perform.

If you don’t have a password, try it without a password, since many pre-installed computers don’t have an administrator account password ever entered. This is a major security hole in the system, so you should quickly set a password for this account.

As Laurie Brownell, general manager of online support at Microsoft, explained in an interview, Fix it should become an integral part of Windows. All programmers working together on a knowledge base can also work with fix it scripts, which are now provided as regular scripts installation files. Future plans include the release of Powershell scripts that can be used to fix more complex errors.

If Fix it is built into Windows, the error dialog box may offer an immediate fix. Better yet, Fix it can continuously monitor the configuration of existing hardware and software in the background and resolve conflicts before they cause a problem. Microsoft calls this feature proactive support. For this concept of self-repair of devices, you will most likely need a permanent Internet connection, which will allow you to automatically download and install the appropriate script from the technical support center via Windows, Xbox or tablet computers. The upcoming Windows 8, which includes the user profile and Live ID, is also ideal for fix it integration. However, to do this, you must first complete the work on both of them.

The Fix it Center utility and associated Windows Live site are in beta and it’s not yet known when it will be completed. Fix it may not yet solve complex and exotic problems. Microsoft has currently limited itself to fixing the most common bugs. The company installs it based on a frequency analysis of knowledge base calls, phone support and sent Windows error reporting logs. If the problem is particularly frequent, the Fix it team will develop a fix script and send it to the support center. All users utilities fix it Center, the corresponding website or the Live ID section of this service can immediately adopt this script. The same applies to the latest versions Correct it scripts. But what if there is no script for an existing problem? You will come to the aid of good old WinFAQ or thoughtful study of the knowledge base.

WinFAQ helps when Microsoft is silent

If Fix it can not cope with the existing problem, ask for a solution to the collection of practical tips in the form of CHM files, which are gradually collected from native enthusiasts from all over the Internet.

WinFAQ is a huge database of tips for Windows XP. After launching the application, you will see a directory structure on the left side, divided into topics, z. B. "Installation", "Recovery", "Optimizations" etc. The database has a similar structure to the "Windows Help", so that you can easily find them Advice on how to solve a particular problem. You can also use the search keyword. Similar help files for solving problems in Vista and Seven can also be found on our DVD.

Booting Windows consists of many steps that are performed one after another. If any of the operations are not performed properly at startup, the system will not boot. One of the most common problems of this type is boot corruption. windows entries XP.

What is a boot record?

In the main boot record, better known as MBR, contains a part of the code, a special signature and partition tables necessary for the correct start of the system. When turning on computer BIOS Loads the MBR code fragment to RAM after completing the first test, passes to it (the code) control over the further start of Windows.

If the message "ntldr is missing" appears on the screen, "no startup device" or only a black background is displayed with no further progress, you need to fix the error you want to recover from in order to fix it windows bootloader XP.

The reasons for failure:

  • Incorrect installation of multiple operating systems overwriting the boot code.
  • Uninstall Linux or the boot manager.
  • Virus infection (usually ransomware that blocks Windows from booting).
  • Hard disk damage.
  • power failures (emergency shutdown).

Sometimes it turns out that by simply rewriting the MBR the system is functional again, sometimes the boot sector needs to be restored. The most difficult case is to copy the boot loader files to the boot sector of the hard disk manually.

MBR recovery

If the system does not boot, you must first restore the MBR using the recovery console:

Startup record recovered – try to restart Windows XP and activate it again.

Boot sector recovery

If a message like "NTLDR is missing is displayed on the screen, the cause of the problem is a corrupted boot record. Based on symptoms, this error resembles an MBR error. Therefore, it is better to run two recovery commands:

When rewriting bootsector and MBR have not helped, then try to fix the error in the file boot.Fix INI:

During the execution of the command, the program scans all areas of the hard disk and tries to find them copy of Windows. The user is prompted to record information about loading this system into a configuration file, which will start Windows properly.

Copy download files

If creating new MBRs and a boot sector doesn’t fix the startup error, you’ll need to change the files NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM and boot.manually transfer ini to the root directory of the hard drive.

Next up is the BOOT file.INI.

After all commands have been executed, give "exit" on to exit the console and restart the computer. disconnect installation media and boot as usual – this time the problem with the Windows XP bootloader should definitely be solved.

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