Financial independence is important to nina hoger

Financial independence is important to Nina Hoger

Actress Nina Hoger takes one piece of advice from her mother particularly seriously: "Always be financially independent and try to earn your own money."

Dependence on other people’s money is terrible, Hoger (56) told the "Berliner Morgenpost" newspaper. "No matter whether this concerns a man or a woman. The role relations in our society are however mostly still in such a way that the women are financially dependent on their men."She therefore followed the advice of her mother Hannelore ("Bella Block").

Nina Hoger plays the nun Sister Theodora in the ARD series "For Heaven’s Sake. The new season starts on Tuesday, 9. January (20.3 p.m.), on First.

She is fine with phases in which there are fewer roles and less money, Hoger told the newspaper. "Of course I also know sleepless nights, but as a freelancer you should always create a little cushion for times when things don’t go so well. I can then really scale down my needs mercilessly."

She does not live beyond her means, the actress stressed. "I don’t throw money out of the window for nonsense that you don’t need. I wouldn’t be able to handle debts either."

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