Feeding the cat with egg: is it healthy or not?

Who wants to feed his cat with egg, should consider a few things - Shutterstock / dogboxstudio

Are cats allowed to eat egg at all? The answer: In principle, there is nothing wrong with giving a cat some egg in its food from time to time. However, you must pay attention to some things when feeding – especially with raw egg.

Are cats allowed to eat raw egg?

If you want to give your cat raw egg, it should be fresh, because otherwise there is a risk of salmonella poisoning. You should also separate the egg. Then feeds only the yolk!

While the egg yolk is a vitamin bomb for the cat and supplies it with important proteins and minerals, it looks quite different with the protein. The raw egg white contains the protein avidin, which inhibits the absorption of biotin. It binds the vitamin so important for cats. The four-legged friends need it, among other things, for the fat metabolism. If there is a biotin deficiency, this and other bodily processes are disturbed. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on the coat and cause serious diseases.

In addition, raw egg whites also contain a substance that affects protein digestion and can thus lead to digestive disorders in cats. This is exactly why egg whites should be fed only cooked.

What belongs in the pot, if you want to cook cat food yourself? - Image: Shutterstock: Okssi

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  • Cat nutrition

Make your own cat food: This is important

If you want to do without industrially produced food for your cat, you can feed it cat food.

Safer for the cat: boiled egg

To prevent the risk of salmonella poisoning, it is generally safer to boil an egg before feeding it to your cat. This also cancels out the effect of the avidin it contains and no longer interferes with biotin uptake. Alternatively, you can fry the egg for the cat in a little vegetable oil. Scrambled eggs also taste good to many cats.

If you want to give your cat egg, however, heed the following basic rules regardless of the method of preparation:

  • the egg white should always cook all the way through
  • the egg should be not seasoned become
  • leave the egg after cooking cool completely
  • cut the egg after preparation into small pieces suitable for cats

Eggs for the cat: Feed only in moderation

Even if your pelt-nose likes egg and you want to do something good for your pet: Make sure that your cat eats no more than one chicken egg per week, because that’s enough. Egg contains a lot of fat and one alone already covers a large part of the daily calorie requirement of a cat. Therefore, refrain from feeding eggs in large quantities to your pets.

If you give your cat egg in the food, also pay attention to eggshells. These are a good source of calcium, however, the velvet paw can also injure themselves on it. In addition, there is a possibility that eggshells are contaminated with chicken droppings and dirt.

If you are unsure whether your cat may eat egg – for example, in case of health problems or allergies – you should seek advice from a veterinarian beforehand.

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