Exuberant mood at the wefa carnival in neukenroth

Exuberant mood at the Wefa carnival in Neukenroth

Carnival events abound in the district these days, sometimes of a rather stiff nature. But this does not apply at all to the Wefa carnival, which this year was a "semi-circular" event Celebrating the anniversary. As long as there is the recognized workshops for people with disabilities in Kronach – a branch of the Wefa Ahorn – namely since 1985, there is also the Wefa carnival in the district Kronach.

Again the responsible persons had invested much time, in order to prepare all carnival fans unforgettable hours. As in each year even royal guests joined the Supergaudi. This year, the Neukenroth dignitaries – the prince and princess Christine I and Christine II – were also present at the end of the official program. and Michael III. and the presidential couple Theresa II. and Tobias II. – did not miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the carnival together with their three charming guards. Of course, Wefa Kronach has its own prince and princess again this year. Prince Martin and his lovely princess Maria, who chose the Snow Waltz as their prince dance, greeted the new highnesses.

The staff and employees had again prepared some performances. The Wefa dance group performed as "Dance Monkeys" to the chart success of the same name a brisk sole on the dance floor. Another highlight was in the offing when the surprise performance of the evening was announced under the strictest security protection. In a truly sweat-inducing dance performance, the Wefa employees, who appeared as dwarves, took off their pointed hats after the first few beats and then rocked the entire hall. The spectators raved!

Traditionally the conclusion of the official program was the masquerade award ceremony. Thomas won the race with his "Phantom of the Opera" costume Thomas.

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