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"I can’t eat as much as I want to puke" – dispute instead of togetherness on the issue of Corona

Pros and cons of vaccination, arguments over walks and counter-demos – the issue of Corona continues to divide people. When will the region come together again?

Wolfgag Maier (Obing): Unnoticed by most, the Bundestag passed a resolution on 13. January decided that in the future the Robert Koch Institute and the Paul Ehrlich Institute may make regulations on vaccination status and quarantine. When the Federal Republic of Germany was founded, it was deliberately decided not to have a body of scientists and experts run our country, but to have elected representatives of the people consult with experts and make the decisions after weighing all the various concerns. For this purpose, the scientific service was specially created in the Bundestag to advise members of parliament. So it is the task of ministers and members of parliament to inform themselves neutrally in order to make the best decision for the population.

Just in a time of the ever stronger division of the society and probably never before in the Federal Republic unprecedented demonstration variety it would be important nevertheless that the Bundestag with consideration the decisions makes. One has the impression, the policy left these decisions to the scientists, so that it is not to blame then. But in my opinion, the politicians are now not out of the responsibility, but on the contrary even more responsible for the errors.

"Failed mercilessly": Quarantine rules at schools overwhelm health department

Surprisingly, the RKI has shortened the status for convalescents because of allegedly worse protection by the new variant. According to the weekly Covid situation report of 20. January symptomatic covid cases with omicron among unvaccinated match unvaccinated population percentage. So according to this, vaccination has no effect against infection. Why is there no reaction from the RKI here??

"No more fun"

Franz Aigner (Raubling): So far I had a certain understanding for vaccination opponents who do not want to be vaccinated because of fear or other reasons. But here is the end of the joke. If one of our fellow citizens wants to do something positive in public during the long pandemic period to cheer up his fellow citizens (to make the waiting time in front of the vaccination station entertaining), this is only to be welcomed. But no, on the contrary, he is being attacked and even threatened ("He will see what he gets out of it").

I myself was on the road as St. Nicholas in 2020 and 2021 to also bring a little cheer and a piece of normality into the families. There are certainly people (not people!), who for some reason also disapprove of my Santa Claus action. Therefore, I declare my solidarity with the clown Pippo, and call on OVB readers to do the same. Common ground brings strength!

I assume that the emails were sent anonymously, because the political extremists – whether right or left – are characterized primarily by cowardice. Max Liebermann already knew that, who said on the occasion of a Nazi march in front of his house: "I can’t eat as much as I want to throw up." I feel the same way.

Omicron wave overtakes Rosenheim region: Dramatic highs, many Corona dea.

If one of the e-mail writers still has some decency left, he can contact me for a comprehensive discussion. Who would like to convert my letter gender-fairly, this can gladly do. I will not submit to this fad in my old age. Now the letter has become too long again; a strong "Pfui Teufel" would have been sufficient.

"More tolerance and togetherness again"

Christa Schaffer (Bad Aibling): First of all: I am not an "anti-vaccinationist", „Corona denier", „Conspiracy theorist", never and never right nor left radical. But I am a questioning. I like to do research and I love to find out the connections. I try to overview the collected knowledge, to analyze and to classify it correctly. People who know me would probably say that I am good at building bridges between different opinions, that I am peaceful, tolerant and warmly diplomatic. I do not advise anyone to have a Corona vaccination and I do not advise anyone not to have one. In my opinion, this decision has to be made personally by each person (or in the case of children, by their parents) and has to be respected by everyone else at the same time.

Although I consider vaccination useful in certain cases, I still doubt to a great extent that it will deliver what we expected of it. Heaps of "positive cases" in my environment, which are double and often already triple vaccinated, let me doubt the effectiveness of the current vaccines. In this respect, I am also vehemently against a facility-related as well as a general vaccination obligation. Increasingly critical in view of the measures as well as on the inoculation obligation express themselves up-to-date increasingly also scientists and physicians. The division in our society shows itself meanwhile more and more. It frightens me deeply how hostile "unvaccinated" people are treated, partly in political statements but especially in media coverage. My wish for our future is that tolerance and togetherness will come more into focus again.

Lothar Steinert (Kolbermoor): As a former pharmaceutical representative I was of the firm conviction that there are drugs, vaccines and so on that work and heal. But the fact is: medicines can irritate, stimulate, kill (germs), and like a crutch they can very usefully and effectively support a cure, but only a living organism can heal. Our responsible politicians, the pharmaceutical companies and their various institutions, who want to convince us of the effectiveness of their (Covid) vaccines or even of a compulsory vaccination, also know this.

Omicron, vaccine protection and side effects: Vaccination critics’ arguments put to the test

Together with the state institutions, they act as if the main concern were the well-being of us all in terms of our health. But not our health, but the profit of the corporations is the supreme principle in our so much vaunted social market economy. Even health care is subject to the law of profit: If and because hospitals do not yield enough profit, they are closed down. And because the corporations can’t get enough of it, they even invent diseases to be able to sell us even more of their so-called cures.

The politically absolutely unsuspicious poet Eugen Roth put it in a quatrain – not referring to the pharmaceutical companies, but only to the doctor – as follows: "What deprives the doctor of his bread and butter?? a) health b) death. Therefore the physician, that he may live, keeps us in the balance between the two."If the corporations really wanted to help us achieve good health, they would cut themselves off from. They really do not – at the penalty of their demise – instead they literally walk over corpses. Whether now a vaccine can be harmful or useful, is here not at all the crucial question. You only have to know and always keep in mind that even a placebo, i.e. a dummy drug, can be statistically significantly harmful or actually helpful in actually 20 percent of all cases. The credibility of the government can at best reach placebo value.

"The logic is not clear to me"

Susanne Schlemer (Bad Endorf) Like most people in Germany, I have been following the Corona measures of our politics in amazement for almost two years now. At the beginning, no one knew how to deal with the virus properly, but now I can no longer understand the measures taken. Some resolutions seem almost malicious and only aimed at "convincing" as many people as possible to vaccinate. In my eyes, the means of Moderna and Co. to achieve this itself, but for this the effect is probably not good enough. All the less do I understand the discussion about a possible compulsory vaccination. It knows but nobody, which mutations still expect us. And it knows also nobody, whether the used vaccines can offer a protection for it. Why are such objections wiped off the table in a flash?? One must not forget: The shortening of the convalescent status is justified by the fact that one does not know, whether or how well delta convalescents are protected against omicron or other mutations. The current vaccines cannot give us this security either. I have studied some years in the health service, but this logic does not understand itself to me. I wonder what else is behind it.

Robert Haas (Prien) Why does Mr. Soder always make special or extra regulations?? A DFB Cup round of sixteen match for a third division team can be called a highlight, and then the whole thing without spectators. In other federal states spectators are allowed. In Berlin about 3000 spectators, on St. Pauli 2000 spectators, perhaps more were also in it. ÜFrom a sporting point of view, this is no longer fair. Here the DFB should have intervened. Everyone knows, how the lions fans can cheer for their team. Who knows, how the game could have changed? Mr. Soder should think about it. Once a lion, always a lion. Übrigens: According to OVB report may be on Saturday in Magdeburg about 15 000 spectators. Where is the fairness towards the Bavarian third league teams?.

Does Corona make us carefree? Professor Peter Zwanzger about the "Worry Burnout

Johann Haberger (Niederbergkirchen): After some time ago in the OVB was already reported about problems of people without mail address on the subject of Corona test, I would also like to describe my experience on this: After surviving a Covid-19 infection almost two months ago, I tried several times in a row to have a PCR test performed at the test center at the Muhldorf Volksfestplatz. But there it was an insurmountable obstacle that I do not have e-mail access. The next time I was allowed to use my brother’s address, I was asked for a number I did not know, and the next time, instead of the desired PCR, only a rapid test was performed, which is of no help to me. When I phoned the health department in Muhldorf to ask whether this could be the case, I was told rather coolly and with an undertone along the lines of "What do you want??“ explained that nothing could be done about it- I would have had just bad luck. So I do not have any proof of recovery until today. When I wrote to the head of the health department, I received a quick reply saying that he was sorry about the situation, but that there was nothing he could do about it. I have not yet received an answer to my parallel letter to the district administrator. I feel this state of affairs as discrimination! Is a person without e-mail access worth nothing nowadays?? Or does this rejection have possibly other reasons? Accordingly, there are some others who have suffered similar fate. Under circumstances these are also no more individual cases! One would think that a test notification by mail could still be possible, but apparently that would be an overkill flexibility in this country. Too bad.

"Who do the vaccinations help?"

Klaus Wienczierz (Raubling) Inoculate, inoculate without consideration of losses, because the ordered inoculation doses must be brought under people. The health of the individual citizen does not matter. The reporting is intended to create the impression among the population that the vaccine protects against Corona. However, since the vaccine is broken down again by the body in a short time according to statements of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry, the vaccine cannot offer any lasting protection at all. In the media only vaccination breakthroughs and vaccination protection are reported. But in reality only the own antibodies offer a protection against infections, which the immune system forms due to the vaccination. If a person has no or only a poor immune system, then no or only a few antibodies are formed. I ask myself therefore, wa rum become before the inoculations especially before booster vaccinations- no antibody tests were done to decide if vaccination is necessary at all? I was not vaccinated and infected with corona virus SARS-CoV-2 in November. Despite my age (71) I had a mild course and no side effects at all. After 14 days I was back in the office. A test for the formed antibodies showed a value of BAU/ml greater than 384. The experts assume a sufficient protection at a value of more than 44 BAU/ml. So why should I be vaccinated? More antibodies are not formed also by a vaccination. This vaccination can even be dangerous for the vaccinated person, if the own immune system gets out of control. I’m beginning to get the impression that the decisions are intended to help the vaccine manufacturers and not the citizens.

Herbert Graf (Ampfing): I begin to feel sorry for the unvaccinated. They are the ones who are to blame for everything. Because of you the coronavirus is still there. This is what it sounds like when vaccinated people are asked, and on talk shows when supposed experts, politicians, virologists and journalists give their best shot. If the remaining 25 percent unvaccinated were vaccinated, everything would be better. The questions of the moderators are also deliberately put in this direction. deliberately conceal the fact that the unvaccinated are largely excluded from public life and therefore have less contact with others. The northern German countries have boasted and been envied that they have a high vaccination rate and everything would be fine. Countries with the highest vaccination rates, such as Spain, Portugal, Israel and others, were envied. Free life without restrictions took place there again. But suddenly a changed coronavirus comes along and throws everything over the heap. These countries, of all places, suddenly have the highest incidences, and the virus is spreading rapidly. Who is infecting whom?

Uniformed vaccination opponents: clear edge against "vanishingly small minority"

Only vaccinated and boostered people can infect each other here. Now we have to vaccinate and boost even more, possibly three or four times a year. Only also the Coronavirus holds itself there? I am even of the opinion that the science knew long ago that the vaccines do not have a long effect, because in the research and in studies constantly investigations at persons take place, in order to know, how everything develops. Only the change of the virus they could not determine. The comparisons with the measles and smallpox vaccinations do not apply here, because with these vaccinations one is protected for a lifetime, with Corona at most four months.

Andreas Strasser (Bruckmuhl): Laura May speaks in a long article about "many infections", scares us with allegedly "worldwide exploding" vaccination rates to use numbers based on Omi kron and try to do so with an impressive graph of "daily confirmed Covid cases" to back up. She cites Johns Hopkins University with three quarters of a million "new infections" and almost 2000 corona deaths. And she wonders, almost disappointed, that "the wave" is not a "wave" not yet arrived" in the clinics is. Perhaps it is because Mrs. May, using the terms"(corona) infections" „new infections" and allegedly even "confirmed Covid cases suggest a dramatic development of people actually sick with SARS-Cov-2, which in reality does not exist at all.

Indeed, if a person enters the statistics with the usual positive PCR test, it does not mean that he is really infected with covid. And even less that she really has the disease. According to Section 2 IfSG (Infection Protection Act), a person is considered to be "infected" if he or she has taken a pathogen capable of reproduction into his or her body and if this pathogen subsequently reproduces in the body.

Police and Jusos vehemently contradict "accusations" of "strollers

But a PCR test can only detect the presence of a few fragments of the hereditary strand, which "science" claims are also present in the genetic material of the covid virus. However, these genetic fragments do not have to come from a complete and reproducible virus specimen, but can also have a completely different origin. Those who claim otherwise would also have to claim that a Mercedes star dug up in a junkyard would prove that a Mercedes sedan ready to drive is hidden in the pile of junk. No one would be so presumptuous.

These facts have – late enough – also been admitted by Professor Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s powerful pandemic whisperer, in a television interview on the penultimate day of the old year. And the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR testing methodology, Dr. Robert Malone, is not tired to castigate the daily millionfold rape of his invention. So Ms. May’s claim that she is reporting and graphing proven SARS Cov-2 infections is simply false. And a false report does not become truer by constant repetition in the media.

"Self-righteousness of those in power"

Rupert Hohendinger (Flintsbach) Those who still have not been vaccinated against covid, the policy obviously can no longer "teach of a better way". So one takes offence at the group of the recovered, which so far before the self-righteousness of the governing, besides also well before the virus protected, and presumably already for a long time a thorn in the eye of those, which had set themselves a maximum inoculation rate to the goal. One simply and overnight shortens the duration of the recovery status- and again there are many who can be put under pressure. Because in the final analysis, "such a person" could be a "bad person" Yes, from one day to the next, for example, become unemployed. The perfidious thing about it: not the politicians, who could punish the people by voting them out of office, are responsible for this, but an authority that has distinguished itself in the past two years by neither being able (or allowed) to determine useful figures, nor to evaluate them correctly, if they are ever available?). Consequently, a person suffering from Covid and recovered, who until recently was immune for half a year due to an arbitrary determination, is from now on only protected for three months- minus the four weeks it takes for the status to be recognized at all. Arbitrary because, as a matter of course, the shelf life of the naturally acquired immunization has to be adapted to the duration of the effectiveness of the artificial vaccines? Is it not remarkable in this context that the natural immunization is supposed to be more stable and that without this immune system, which has been developed and adapted by evolution over millions of years, mankind would no longer exist?? How good that there are our "experts" know better.

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