Everyday cycle paths for the regitz valley

According to the new concept for everyday bicycle traffic in the district of bamberg, numerous new bicycle paths are to be built in the coming years. For each municipality, there are data sheets with concrete information on the individual proposals. In loose succession, our site to present these projects in the coming weeks. Depending on the extent of the available data, several municipalities of a region will be grouped together. In today’s first sequence, these are the Regnitztal communities of strullendorf, hirschaid, buttenheim and altendorf.

Fast bike connection bamberg – forchheim

Connecting line from bamberg to erlangen, which is to be developed as a main bicycle connection. The section is rideable, but in poor condition in many parts. Preliminary discussions are underway (s. Article below). Length: 15.2 km. extension priority: very high.

Altendorf – hirschaid

A direct connection of the local centers hirschaid and altendorf along the state road 2260. traffic load is very heavy, speeds are high. The construction of a bicycle path would be necessary to be able to drive safely along the axis. length: 2,6 km. Upgrade priority: medium.

Amlingstadt – hirschaid

Closing the gap in the north-south axis. According to the district, planning and coordination with the lower nature conservation authority is already underway. Then comes the attempt to acquire the land. realization horizon: 2021/2022. land acquisition is considered problematic. A traffic circle is planned for the bypass crossing. Length: 4.4 km. Expansion priority: high.

Wernsdorf – friesen

Development of a north-south axis along state road 2210. However, due to the low traffic volume, the state building authority will not implement the project. Bike path construction in the special responsibility of the municipality, if necessary. Length: 3.1 km. Expansion priority: low.

Friesen – seigendorf

the connection of friesen to seigendorf is also important because of the kindergarten seigendorf. The route is already rideable. For the sections in moderate condition, rehabilitation as well as pavement of the path is recommended. length: 1.8 km. Expansion priority: medium.

Seigendorf – buttenheim

The route should not run directly along the st 2210, due to the difficult topographical conditions. Instead, it was decided to use parallel field paths. length: 3.0 km. upgrade priority: low.

Ketschendorf – Dreuschendorf

No path could be found along the creek for the community connection that would be suitable for everyday use. Massive rehabilitation or. road construction is necessary to achieve a condition of the tourist path that is suitable for everyday use all year round. Length: 2.7 km.

Connection of erlach to st 2260

Gap closure from erlach in the direction of the cycle path on the state road. The stretch to the town entrance is only 200 meters long. Expansion priority: low.

bypass kottmannsdorf on st 2260

Closing of gaps in the cycle path network to avoid detours, along the state road (southern bypass of kottmannsdorf). length: 0,8 km. Expansion priority: low.

Herrnsdorf – robersdorf

Continuation of the desired line coming from schlusselfeld (continuous east-west axis). Length: 3.1 km. No priority level, as planning is already underway.

Leesten – mistendorf – zeegendorf – teuchatz – burggrub

East-west connection and connection of the eastern district via state road 2188. Planning by the state construction office for the mistendorf – zeegendorf section is underway, but without a bike path. A bike path would have to be built under special construction obligation of the municipality. Length: 9.6 km. Expansion priority: between mistendorf and zeegendorf high, in the further course medium.

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