Earn money with tiktok – how and how much?

Earn money with tiktok - how and how much?

A video on TikTok is usually created quickly. But to earn money on the platform, it takes more effort and expense. GIGA explains if you can get rich with your own TikTok videos.

Turn on the camera, record a few seconds and the bank account fills up by itself? It is not that easy to earn money with TikTok. Nevertheless, there are now some creators who can make a very good living from their videos.

  1. 1. Earn money with TikTok: These options are available
  2. 2. How much money you can earn with TikTok?
  3. 3. This is what you should pay attention to

Make money with TikTok: These options are available

As the popularity of the platform grows, so do the ways to make money on TikTok. Prerequisites to make some dough with your clips are of course a large follower base, good videos from the past and creative ideas for the future.

After all, you have to compete with millions of other creators on TikTok so that your video firstly goes viral and secondly has enough content to earn money. But you shouldn’t buy followers, after all, inactive deadbeats won’t get any advertisers to sponsor your TikTok account. But what methods can be used to earn money at TikTok in the first place?

  • If you have a very successful and well-known account with a lot of good content, come you promotional offers flown to. After all, big companies know about the popularity of the still young social medium and are happy to present their products to fans in your videos.
  • Companies on the one hand give you products to present in front of the camera for money and on the other hand provide special offers that your viewers can access through a special link or a personal coupon code. Buy viewers through this way, you get proportionally something from the purchase value.
  • Artists can ask you to play a certain song in the background for a fee so that your viewers are aware of the artist or song.
  • With a large follower base and awareness, it’s also possible to fully leverage your "brand" set and Merchandise produce to your channel. With the sale of T-shirts, mugs and other products of your TikTok channel, your viewers will get a nice distinctive mark for the "real" one World. Thus, you can even increase your popularity and at the same time "cash" make. Amazon, for example, offers a service with the "MBA" program to sell your own designs on various goods.
  • If you are very popular, similar to Twitch, the live stream function will also bring you money. Your viewers can give you TikTok coins as a "tip send. The coins can be exchanged for virtual items, the value of which you can choose cash out via PayPal Can.
  • You can apply directly at TikTok for the creativity fund. You need at least 100.000 video views within the last 30 days to be eligible for application. TikTok pays approved users for recreating creative video content.

If you are represented online on other platforms, you can of course also use TikTok to promote your company to direct your follower base there. For example, some TikTok creators like to use hashtags and abbreviations such as "of, to draw attention to your OnlyFans appearance. Fans can take out a subscription to gain access to private and sometimes "intimate" information Videos to get.

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To make your TikTok account even more popular or to distribute already successful videos faster, you can also use "Ads", so run ads.

How much money you can earn with TikTok?

How much money you can earn with TikTok cannot be predicted exactly. But you have to overcome some hurdles, so that at the end of the day a positive sum jumps out. Under 10.If you have more than 000 followers, you can’t make a living from your TikTok account until you have six or seven followers. Some TikTok creators always give information about what they earn.

  • „Salinakilla" Explains, for example, that with 2 million followers, it earns around 20 to 50, sometimes even 100 US dollars per live stream. However, TikTok still retains a share of 5 to 10 percent of this.
  • According to NBC News, you can earn between 5000 to 8000 US dollars for a sponsored post- When your own account has 5 million followers.
  • Sponsorships can earn anywhere from $100 to a few $1000 per video.
  • Record companies and artists are also happy to drop a few hundred US dollars when you promote a song or album.
  • If you sell merchandising, it depends on the type of product you sell. For example, if you offer T-shirts with your channel logo for 18 euros, you can earn about 4 euros per sale.

This should be considered

If you want to make a living with TikTok videos, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. To make it worthwhile, you should supply your fan base with new, good videos every day, which are ideally diligently liked and shared. This way your follower base keeps growing and advertisers will notice you faster. You will get a push if your content is known outside TikTok and mentioned in other media like Elaine Victoria with her videos:

In addition, there are some "bureaucratic" obstacles to overcome:

  • Do you make money with TikTok, you have to report it to the tax office.
  • profits must be taxed. From a certain annual turnover, in addition to the income tax must be paid Sales tax be paid.
  • The German Federal Ministry of Finance provides its own guide to tax issues for "influencers." Ready.
  • Under 18 you are not yet legally competent. Your parents have to sign advertising contracts or similar for you.

TikTok superstars like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae have already earned up to five million US dollars in one year, according to Forbes. However, these channels have over 100 million followers, and it is also easier to make money with English-language content because of the larger target audience. Also from 10.000 avid users, but you can already supplement your monthly income well with TikTok videos- assuming you have staying power and a lot of creativity.

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