Drive cats away: with these gentle methods, your garden will be cat-free

You can buy harp shrub, which is also known as the "piss off" plant, in garden stores. You can plant them in the middle of your Beds plant. Contain the nettles of the piss off plant essential oils, which the cats do not like at all. The new plant successfully drives away uninvited quadrupeds from your garden, and looks very nice at the same time.

Looks beautiful, serves as a medicinal and culinary plant, and drives cats away: Rue

Many cats do not like strongly scented plants and will avoid these. Plant Peppermint, rue or Lavender in your garden to keep unwanted cats away. A positive side effect: you can make a lot of things out of your new plants. The herbs come for example as Peppermint tea, lavender cushion or as a spicy note for lunch well to use.

How to get rid of cats with bark mulch

Most cats are also very sensitive to the scent of bark mulch. The crushed tree bark can be bought in any garden center. Simply cover the affected beds with a thin layer of Bark mulch, and cats already do their business elsewhere. Alternatively, you can also use lawn clippings or fir branches. Freshly planted beds can be additionally protected with wire nets.

Also the smell of Coffee is unpopular with most cats. If you simply Coffee grounds on your flower beds and the Lawn scattering, it deters the animals. But be careful: you should only scatter the coffee grounds in good weather conditions. It should neither rain nor snow and only light wind should blow. After heavy rain or a storm you should spread fresh coffee grounds every time.

Protective measures against cats in the sandbox

Cats like to bury their excrement in the sand. Therefore, you should always cover the sandbox of your children during longer breaks and overnight. The most effective and environmentally friendly solution is a suitable wooden lid for the sandbox. The lid to your sandbox model you can often simply buy again. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can find various construction manuals on the Internet.

Offer uninvited cats an alternative

You don’t like that cats pollute your garden, but actually you like to have them around you? Then offer them an alternative to Bed and to the sandbox. Place a small box with sand in a place in your garden where the animals cannot do any harm. The cats may use this box as a toilet. However, you should clean them regularly, otherwise the animals will soon move to your beds again.

Cats love Valerian and catnip. So with herbs, you can specifically lure them outside your property or target them to a specific spot in your garden. So you can also avoid that your own cats cause damage on the neighbor’s property.

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