Download torrent faster and safer with vuze / azureus

Download torrent faster and safer with vuze / azureus

For some years now, customers have been working with files in torrent format via P2P Networks are on the lips of many. Despite the controversies in this regard, the truth is that programs like Vuze / Azureus are completely legal and are used in all kinds of environments.

There are many such solutions that we can use now, as you surely already know firsthand. Some are older than others, some are more complex or stand out for their ease of use. any utilisateur , depending on its needs in this regard, opt for one or the other proposal. Well, in the same lines we want to talk about an alternative of this type that has been with us for several years, Vuze / Azureus.

Uses we get from Vuze / Azureus installed on the PC

These are programs that, to facilitate their use as much as possible, try to be preconfigured to be effective from the first minute. This is the case we are talking about in the same lines, a P2P Client in use, which has existed for a long time and is configured so that we can immediately put it into operation. This is very much appreciated by most users who do not know very well.

For all this, it is enough to install the P2P client on our computer to use all the functions it offers us. Of course, as is common with these programs to download torrent files, in addition to the basic configuration, we can also customize their behavior. Suppose it is a program formerly known as Azureus and now under the name Vuze , which have been around for a few years now. Thanks to this, we can say that its developers have more than enough experience in everything related to P2P.

Download torrent faster and safer with vuze / azureus

Therefore, as you may have already realized, here is a powerful BitTorrent client for uploading and downloading these files over P2P networks.

Vuze / Azureus interface and use

This is more than obvious if we just look at the user interface that the program offers us as such. We say this because overall it is very similar to what we are used to from other proposals of the same type. In fact, and to make it as easy as possible for us, with this program we can download the torrent directly from the Windows Explorer to its interface. From there, it automatically starts the download process that we check in the main window.

It’s something that shows up in the middle section, but it’s also interesting that we look at the left side. There we will see a series of independent sections that will be useful when we work with a large amount of content of this type. Thus we have direct access to the Torrent in Pause, inactive or active at this time.

Download torrent faster and safer with vuze / azureus

At the same time you should know that for control and manage the torrent loaded here, simply right click on it. At this point, a series of options are displayed on the screen in a context menu that allows us to stop the download, delete it completely, view the details of the torrent or set its download and upload limits.

Download torrent faster and safer with vuze / azureus

On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that from there we also assign a category, add tags, etc.; everything to be able to control everyone download from Torrent independent. As usual in most cases, at the top of the interface we find the program’s menu options.

Configure and customize Vuze / Azureus via the menu

How could it be otherwise, it is a download client from fichiers Torrent, which offers us a good number of parameters to personalize it. Let’s assume that a good part of them is located in the Tools / Options menu. Here we are in a new window that offers us a whole series of categories, all with their corresponding parameters. In this way, we have the opportunity to monitor the general behavior of the program, certain sections of its Interface , Sharing security etc.

Download torrent faster and safer with vuze / azureus

It should be noted that we also have different parameters in relation to the Vuze / Azureus connection . These help us, for example, to limit the total bandwidth that this program can use. We do this in the Transfer section, where we also specify the maximum number of connections. As you can imagine, this prevents the program from taking over all the available bandwidth and not interfere with the rest of Windows programs.

How to download Vuze / Azureus

First we can download and use this client free at from this link . This way we can enjoy all the features described above without spending a single euro. But at the same time its developers offer a version they call More it costs 9,99 Euro for the monthly plan, 1,99 for two years or 3,99 for 3 years.

Download torrent faster and safer with vuze / azureus

Here you can find additional features like unlimited DVD burning, virus protection or ad removal.

Other suggestions similar to Vuze / Azureus


If there is something that distinguishes this other client that is File download in torrent format it is the simplicity that presents it. This is an open source offer, specially designed for users who are not very experienced in the subject and do not want to make it too complicated. It is also a very thin client, so apneas consume operating system resources. To test it, you just have to download it from this link .


And for the most classic ones, we can also use one of the most famous and widespread proposals of this kind in the world, like z qBittorrent . It is a program with a wide range of functions and integrated features for downloading torrents. It is also a robust and reliable program that even has its own search engine for these files. You can download it from the Official website its developers, that is from here .

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