Does she still love me? 7 clear signs

Does she still love me

"Do you still love me?" – Is that the question that won’t let you fall asleep at night?

Are you tired of constantly self-sabotaging your relationship and just ruining everything with your doubts?

Are jealousy , control addiction and egoism your constant companions?

In the following article, you will find signs that can tell you if she still loves you and your doubts are unfounded or if your fears might have a kernel of truth after all.

You’ll learn in this article:

  • 7 Things You Can Tell She Still Loves You.
  • 7 things that should make you doubt her love
  • know where you are at any time;
  • no longer make wrong decisions based on wrong or misinterpreted information.

Does she still love me

Especially if a relationship lasts longer, at some point doubts about the feelings of the partner can arise.

Everyday life has crept into the relationship, compliments and small attentions are becoming less and less.

Doubting your partner’s feelings can have negative consequences that can affect your relationship and bring it to an end instead of preventing it.

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Does she still love me? – 7 Things you can tell she still loves you by

7 things you can tell she still loves you

#1 She is interested in you.

If she loves you, she is interested in you.

This means she’ll regularly ask you questions about your friends, family, work, and free time.

#2 She tells you about her day.

If she cares about you, she will share her experiences with you and tell you what she is thinking and what is on her mind.

#3 She will discuss important decisions and dates with you.

If she loves you, you are an important part of her life.

That’s why she’ll discuss important decisions and dates with you.

#4 She spends her free time with you.

If she likes to spend her free time with you, that is a clear proof of love.

#5 She takes you to see her family or accompanies you to see your family.

If she loves you, you are automatically a part of her family and she is a part of yours.

#6 She is interested in your friends.

Next to her, you probably spend the most time with your friends.

If she loves you, it is normal that she is interested in your friends and asks what you are doing.

#7 She asks you how you are doing.

If she regularly asks you how you are, she is showing you that she cares about you.

List of 7 things that will tell you that she still loves you

Does she still love me? – 7 Things that should make you doubt her love

#1 She prefers to spend her free time alone or with her girlfriends.

If she suddenly has less and less time for you, constantly finds new excuses and prefers to spend her time alone or with her friends, this can be a sign that she needs distance from you or doubts her feelings for you.

#2 She doesn’t take you to her family anymore and doesn’t like to have anything to do with your family either.

If she loved you, you would be part of her family.

If she doesn’t take you to her family anymore, it means that she doesn’t want you in her inner circle and that’s not a good sign.

#3 You learn important things about her from third parties.

If you learn important things about her from a third party that she should have told you herself, it should give you pause for thought.

Either she doesn’t trust you anymore or she just doesn’t care enough about you anymore.

#4 She doesn’t ask you questions anymore.

If she suddenly stops being interested in you, doesn’t ask you about your day or how you’re doing, alarm bells should be ringing.

You are interested in a person you love.

You want to know what he’s doing, how he’s doing and what he’s thinking. If you don’t care, you don’t care about the person in most cases.

#5 She does not contact you anymore.

If it is always you who is seeking contact, this can be a bad sign.

Try not to contact her for a while . If she doesn’t contact you even then, she probably doesn’t care much about you anymore.

#6 She’s not sleeping with you anymore.

If she doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore and keeps finding excuses not to sleep with you, this is a serious warning sign.

#7 She flirts openly with others.

If she loves you, she shouldn’t be interested in other men.

But if you constantly observe her flirting with others, it may be that her interest in you has waned.

In this article you’ll learn how to become interesting to her again and she won’t take her eyes off you again.

Chart with 7 things you can tell she doesn't love you anymore

Does she still love me? – Last resort!

If you’ve observed some of the signs that indicate her feelings for you have waned, you should pull the rip cord if you care about your relationship.

So that it is not too late, it is important that you react quickly.

To do this, you should always keep a close eye on their behavior so that you can immediately spot any signs that might indicate their feelings for you are waning.

You can find out more about how you can strengthen her feelings for you again and save your relationship in the articles " Saving your relationship " and " How do I win back my ex?? ".

Learn to trust

A hand symbolic to trust

Are you tormented by the question "Does she still love me??" again and again groundless, is the magic word "trust".

You must learn to trust her.

Just because she doesn’t call you ten times a day or because she wants to do something with her friends for once, doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you anymore.

does she still love me

Give her her space, only this way you can have a long and happy relationship.

Are you having a hard time trusting her, here are some tips on how you can learn to build trust:

#1 Choose to trust her.

Trusting someone is always first and foremost a decision we make.

Of course, it can be hard for you, especially if you’ve been hurt before.

Nevertheless, you must realize that the alternative, i.e. not trusting your girlfriend, makes a relationship impossible.

So if you desire a happy relationship, you have no choice but to choose to trust it.

#2 Work on your self-esteem

The more self-confidence you have, the easier it is for you to trust others.

If you believe in your strengths and know that you can handle defeats and disappointments, it is much easier to trust her.

#3 Pay attention to small tokens of love

Small tokens of love, like the sparkle in her eyes when she sees you, or her call when she didn’t really have anything to say, are easily lost in everyday life.

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