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Make up-do hairstyles yourself

Updos are always perfect when an occasion is particularly glamorous and classy. For graduation, the wedding, or simply going to a restaurant together on Valentine’s Day, an updo brings glamour to styling. Whether chignon, braided pigtail, donut or banana, we have brought the most beautiful updos for every hair length and show in each case in a detailed tutorial, how you can style the trendy hairstyles yourself.

Updos for long hair

If you are blessed with long hair, you have the greatest scope for the trendy updos. From the slipped banana to the casual chignon, everything is possible. How it works, we reveal now!

Slipped banana – the classic modified

The banana is considered the classic when it comes to updos. Women with long hair like to wear this hairstyle in everyday life, but they also know that it quickly looks stuffy. The slipped banana is therefore a variation of the classic, thanks to which the hairstyle overall looks much more casual. With these step-by-step instructions, styling is guaranteed to succeed:

  1. Put the hair together in a side braid. Do not use hairbrush or comb for styling, so that a casual look is achieved. Pin the hair at the sides with bobby pins.
  2. Fold the finished braid once around the hand.
  3. Fix the upper part loosely with two bobby pins.
  4. Hide the protruding ends of the hair in the banana.
  5. If necessary, pin the ends invisibly as well.

The trend hairstyle is ready! It is suitable for everyday life, but also for extensive shopping trips or the party next weekend.

Casual Chignon

The chignon also looks less stiff when it is pinned looser. Here are the simple instructions for the chignon to make yourself:

  1. Casually twist the front side sections back in place.
  2. Pin the twisted strands together in the middle.
  3. Fix with a lot of hairspray.
  4. Twist the remaining hair upwards over your hand, curl it and pin it in place.
  5. Fix the ends of the hair with bobby pins as well.

The hairstyling looks even more casual when the rollers are fanned out a little with the catchers.

DIY updos for medium length hair

Medium length hair is in trend! Unfortunately, they are not as suitable for updos as longer hair, because the individual strands are often too short for elaborate braided hairstyles or other updos. Nevertheless, there are several hairstyles that work even with medium length hair.

Noble updo for medium length hair

The following instructions show how to quickly and easily create an updo hairstyle with medium length hair:

  1. Comb the hair well and tie it into a regular braid at the back of the head.
  2. Loosen the ponytail by pulling the hair tie down a few centimeters.
  3. Fan the loosened hair a little between the hair tie and the head.
  4. Next, roll the lengths of the braid upwards around the resulting gap.
  5. Put the fanned out hair around the rolled up hair so that no strand can come loose.
  6. Fix the chignon with a large hair clip.
  7. The loose strands are pinned with clips or bobby pins.
  8. Hairspray or hair lacquer gives the complete updo even better hold.

Finished is an updo that looks really beautiful and classy and thus fits well to glamorous occasions.

Hair curl hairstyle to re-style

A little more playful looks the cute hair curl hairstyle, which is perfect for a wedding – no matter whether you yourself are getting married or are just a guest.

  1. Comb the hair well and loosen all knots.
  2. Pin the top hair away with hair clips.
  3. Divide the lower hair into strands about two centimeters wide.
  4. Twirl strand by strand between your fingertips, twist upwards and secure with a hairpin.
  5. Once the entire lower hair is pinned, loosen the top hair and proceed in the same way.
  6. Fix the finished hairstyle with hairspray.

The hairstyle looks very beautiful when worn with a smooth straight fringe. Flowery accessories and hair clips make this hairstyling a special eye-catcher.

Ideas and styling tips for bob updos

Many women love the bob because it is so uncomplicated and easy to style. On special occasions, however, they still wish to wear a somewhat fancier hairstyle. The following updos are also excellent for bob wearers!

With a longer bob, great braided hairstyles are possible

If the bob is not too short, an interesting braided hairstyle can be achieved. For this, the side sections are braided to the back and pinned there. The back hair remains open and can be twisted into curls for even more glamour. Alternatively, the back section of the hair can also be braided and twisted in. It is important to always use a lot of hairspray and numerous hair clips for short hair to give the hairstyle hold.

The dream of a chignon also works with bob hairstyles

Likewise, a chignon is possible with longer bob haircuts. The two-part bun is ideal for this, as often not all hairs are the same length. The hair is divided into two sections and twisted in separately and then pinned up. Thus, an interesting chignon hairstyle is created in a short time.


Updos are timeless and will never really go out of style. In the current season, casual variations are especially in demand. The beauty of this trend is that updos do not get boring so quickly and can be modified again and again.

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