Deregister your residence for the world trip? This is how it works!

Where should

Where to go? And if we know where to go – with or without a permanent residence?

Who is in the planning of a world trip, or even plans to emigrate, will sooner or later think about whether he should deregister his residence in Germany. This article will show you succinctly and step by step how to deregister your residence. But first we want to list the advantages and disadvantages, because the decision to deregister your residence should be made carefully. So here are first of all the most important consequences for you summarized at a glance.

Do I have to deregister my residence at all? Is it worth it?

The Federal Registration Law states that you MUST deregister within 14 days of moving out of your home if you are not moving into a new home in Germany. So if this is the case and you don’t plan to just go on a world trip for several years and then return, like we did, then deregistration from Germany is not only an option, but can become a duty. But beware: a mobile home z.B. can be considered as an apartment!

Important: This list is extremely well researched by us and even if we do not claim complete validity, it saves you a lot of time and work in front of the computer and on the phone as an overview. That’s what it’s meant to be – a decision-making tool.

Advantages of deregistering your residence

  • You leave the public health insurance and now have free choice all over the world.
  • You have a special right of termination for ALL current contracts in Germany.
  • No more obligation to pay pension insurance.
  • Applying for a new passport is now cheaper AND faster at the embassy of your new country of choice.
  • You may not have to pay taxes in Germany anymore (talk to a tax advisor!).
  • You can’t get any official letters delivered, also no reminders or court orders.

Disadvantages, if you deregister your residence

  • No longer entitled to social benefits in Germany.
  • No more possibility to register a car or motorcycle in Germany.
  • Are you self-employed? Then you have to deregister your business.
  • You can no longer register an account at every bank in Germany and in general you can hardly sign any contracts. Exceptions with the banks: DKB and Comdirect!
  • If you want to vote, which you should, you have to apply for it in advance at the nearest embassy.
  • If you are blogging or have a website, you must provide an admin with a German address.
  • You will not get an international driver’s license after your deregistration from Germany, neither in Germany, nor at an embassy. This becomes a problem as the international driver’s license often has quite short validity of three years.

Deregister your residence in Germany: This is how easy it is, step by step

1. Go to the Burgerburo/Meldeamt of your city with the following documents: identity card or passport and a completed deregistration form.

2. State that you will not have a new residence. If they ask you for an address, give any city abroad

3. Take the deregistration certificate with you and keep it safe for the future, z.B. For the extraordinary termination of contracts, health insurance or tax number. You also need the deregistration certificate to do transactions with/for your passport in embassies and consulates.

That’s it with the deregistration of the residence – and now?

With this post we would like to give you a FIRST decision support give whether deregistration of your residence in Germany is even an option and how to do it at all. The formal bureaucratic act of deregistration is not a big hurdle, as you have seen in the three steps above. But you should be very clear about the pros and cons, it is a far reaching decision! If after careful consideration you come to the conclusion that you want to deregister your residence in Germany, you now know how to do it and what the consequences are – but then you should go deeper into the matter.

Info with really many Details you can find at Sebastian from wirelesslife, who goes really deep into detail, or in the exchange on the Emigration forum!

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Florian (Thursday, 16 March 2017 07:28)

dkb and comdirect both allow you to open an account from abroad, even if you have deregistered. So it depends on the bank.

Elli&Ben (Thursday, 16 March 2017 11:00)

Hi Florian and thank you for the tip – we take directly with :-)!

Nina (Monday, 14 August 2017 17:54)

Hi you two! Thank you for your contribution. However, I am unsure about a few infor. Applying for a new passport is in my experience much more expensive. For example, I now have to pay 140€ for my new passport because I am not registered in Germany or anywhere else. I’m going around in circles, because I want to earn money through a German online platform and they need a registration address. I am on the road for 2 years already and deregistered in Germany and do not want to register with friends somewhere contrary to the law. Do you have any experience in the area? How do you do it?

userAdmin (Saturday, 26 January 2019 17:26)

Thanks for the effort to put this info together.
I have been living abroad for more than ten years now, but I am in Germany from time to time for business, family and private reasons.
Allow me to expand this a little bit. I have a lot of experience with different consulates, embassies and also their staff (they rotate and what one found to be right, the other must not for a long time).

Be sure to get the sign-out sheet stamped, make a copy and keep it very safe. It is extremely important in the future.

Any documents are three times more expensive in the foreign missions of the FRG, it is usually much more expensive and it takes weeks longer to get a passport or similar there.

It is not so easy to get a passport from an embassy. They can issue you a temporary passport (you can’t go to the USA or Canada with it), but to get a regular passport you have to prove your residence or stay in the country, so that they become responsible for you (passport competence and passport approval). So without further ado even an AA official does not lift a finger.

The mentioned 2 banks have no obligation to open an account for you. In practice they only do this if you transfer a salary or a regular and similar amount (rental income) to this account on a monthly basis. Otherwise they reject you.
It makes sense to keep the current account and to continue it also deregistered. My KSK has taken note of this without any problems and has continued to maintain my account. I have given only a postal correspondence address of my relatives.
In general, a "reserve emergency" is-Postal address in the FRG, where your friend or NAchbar or relative can receive what and also times a Whatsapp photo of the letter sends you no bad idea.

From the tax point of view you are now a foreigner, non-resident in FRG. you can also buy taxfree in the brd, but the german customs will only do this if you have a non-eu residence in your passport.

You are still able to contract, but. This is such a question, when you deregister at the office you have to give a new address, even if it is abroad. You will continue to use this address for your legal transactions. But of course you have to have your center of life (more than 180 days a year) and usual residence there, or not in the FRG and EU.

RUEDI (Thursday, 13 June 2019 16:09)

.. I think you should not deregister from D, but only O (without permanent residence) so the rights are preserved. (no one is interested in where you are really staying) , you do not take care of a homeless person . Mfg ru

Jaqueline (Wednesday, 04 March 2020 04:31)

I am just in a situation that I am in Australia and my apartment is dissolved . I thought I would come back after the first visa year. I have decided to stay in Australia for the second year and maybe go to NZ after that . But this is unclear . I would not have expected that you will change your plans so quickly . Can my deregistration be done by my mother ? For me this is relatively unclear . I have read that the passport is also required . But I have all my documents . My problem is also, that my flight will start from the 5th day.5. goes to Indonesia and from 1.5 my apartment is dissolved . I have not thought about it and I am a bit helpless and do not know what to do . Also how that is with my passport then . I hope for helpful contributions .
Thanks !

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