Conquer your man back

Conquer a man back? I don’t have to, you may have thought for a long time.

At the beginning of the relationship you were both very happy. Everything seems wonderful and you appreciate and love each other. It seems that nothing and no one can separate you. But suddenly the facade of harmony starts to crumble and little disagreements creep in.

You can’t explain why and watch helplessly as he slowly distances himself from you and the relationship slides down a slope over more and more rocks. You do everything possible, but one day you get the bad news. He has ended the relationship.

How to win back a man with whom you were in a relationship or even had a more intimate bond, I tell you in this article.

Mistakes you should never make when trying to win a man back!

I know, you would like to know around the clock what your ex is up to, where he is and with whom he is staying. You just can’t imagine not being a part of his life anymore. But especially at the beginning of the separation it is important, Not to put typical foot in mouth and thus make the situation even more hopeless.

Conquer man back

For this reason I suggest you 11 things you are not getting closer to him, but pushing him away from you. So if you want to conquer your man back, you must you should avoid these things! to win your man back

1. Beg for a second chance

The worst thing you can do is to appear needy. That is, you are allowed to your ex-boyfriend Do not chase him under any circumstances. Don’t beg him or tell him how much you miss him and that you will only be happy without him.

Also, don’t write to him all the time just because you were used to it from the relationship. This will make you look bad in his eyes and only drives him further away. Men want to chase and not be chased. Therefore, you should make sure that he chases after you and not the other way around.

2. Make him jealous

Do not try to make your ex jealous with another man just to get a reaction from him. It may seem like a good idea if you want to scare your ex away forever. However, do you want to win your man back, it is to be avoided. This will do more harm than good.

3. Be jealous yourself

It is understandable if you are jealous and do not like to see your ex with other women. However, you must not show him your jealousy. Do not write him in any case, with whom he was partying again and why on his photo in Facebook there are two lightly dressed women.

This would only show him that you are with your thoughts still very focused on him Are. Instead, share your frustration with a friend and tell her what you think about it. Your ex does not notice this and it seems as if the whole situation leaves you cold.

4. Bombard him with messages

You just want to continue to be close to him. In doing so, you see no other way than to write or call him all the time. Sometimes he writes back, sometimes he doesn’t, and most of the time you get only an unsatisfactory reply.

Understandable. Because for him your behavior is is nothing but annoying. He wonders if you have nothing better to do than think about him. This makes you look very weak in his eyes. Of course you may check in with him from time to time. However, the dose makes the poison.

Do not call and write

Ads You should not write or call him too often, otherwise he will quickly be annoyed

5. Do not pursue a plan

Do not act headless, but think carefully beforehand how you want to win him back. After all, you do not build your bed or any other furniture without instructions. Otherwise, you quickly run the risk of putting your foot in your mouth as mentioned here and only push him further away from you.

Therefore, it is advisable to read at least some strategies from the Internet and decide how it could work best with yourself and your ex. With a good strategy you can win back your man. Here you will find more tips on this subject.

6. Remain friends

"I would be happy if we stay friends". This is a phrase you are sure to hear from one or two ex-boyfriends or you have used it yourself out of desperation. This is only with the intention of staying close to him and continuing to know what is going on in his life. Finally, you still have the hope of getting back together with him one day.

But be aware of one thing. Do you really want to witness him flirting with other women? Or that he even asks you for advice? After all, you are friends now and Friends talk about these issues.

If you can accept this fact and it doesn’t bother you in the slightest, you are welcome to be friends with him. However, if you want to win back your man, you may not enter into a friendship.

7. Bribe" your ex

Very few people can be bought and certainly not your ex. He may find it great at first when you give him a gift. However, you can not buy feelings and also not the attraction.

To win a man back: bribe your ex

This creates with your ex only the picture that you him You cannot convince him by your character alone can, but need material help in the process. However, you need to appear confident and self-assured, which is rather difficult. If you want to win your husband back, you must not bribe him with gifts

8. Cause pity

Don’t show your boyfriend and worst of all all social media how bad you feel after the breakup by posting photos with sad quotes or other things. Do not write him how sad you are and that your life without him is meaningless.

With this behavior you only evoke pity in him, which makes you look quite weak and makes him back away from you even more. Winning a man back is done differently.

9. Talking him down in front of friends and family

If you have been in a relationship with him for a long time, you probably know his friends and family and are good friends with them. Therefore, it is very tempting to vent your frustration about him to mutual acquaintances and thereby put him in a bad light. You may also try to get back in touch with him through a friend or try to eavesdrop on him. Please do not do that.

Believe me, sooner or later your ex will get wind of it and will definitely not approve of it. After all, it is also a matter of decency and respect not to spread hate speech and other sermons about him. Why should he have you back if you only say bad things about him anyway??

10. To slam reproaches to the head

"You always came home late at night!", "Because of you I have no more friends!"How am I supposed to be able to pay for my apartment all by myself now??!"

You should not let these and other such statements pass your lips, but rather just think. Because such accusations bring nothing at all. Even if you would prefer to say them to make your partner feel guilty. However, your value in his eyes would only continue to decline and Make you look weak and powerless.

Do not blame

You will automatically lose your attraction and will not win back your ex-husband. Do not blame your ex-boyfriend

11. Not taking care of yourself anymore

I understand that you are sad after a breakup and would prefer to hide in a corner. This is also allowed and useful at the beginning to let out all the frustration. However, this phase should not last too long and you should come out of your cave again.

Only if you to accept yourself and are happy, he will also perceive it. Otherwise he sees you as a weak woman who can only be happy through him. And that will definitely not bring him back.

Once you have internalized these points, you have already done a lot to win your man back. Because even by following these points, you can make a difference. However, now I would like to be more specific and give you some more tips to help you win your man back.

9 Tips on how to win your man back

It is normal that you are desperate and just wish that everything with your ex will be like before. Unfortunately, this is usually not so easy. With these tips I would like to give you suggestions and help you Reconnect a little bit more with your ex-boyfriend. I hope you can win your man back this way.

However, the first thing you should do is become aware of your thoughts. Ask yourself what you want and if you really want to win your ex-boyfriend back. Maybe the relationship has become a habit and You don’t miss him, you just miss the tenderness, which you have exchanged together.

Therefore, spend a while first ALONE and become aware of it. After that, if you are sure that you want to win him back as a person, you can keep trying.

1. Think about your strategy

As already mentioned in the mistakes, you should first think about a strategy. Do not act headless, but with deliberation. Otherwise you run the risk of getting into a rash situation, which overwhelms you and you can’t help but react in the wrong way.

Winning your man back: think about your strategy

A little guide on how to win the man back is useful. This will make you feel safer, as you will always know approximately what to do or try next, to get closer to him. Winning a man back: a strategy is very useful so that you can hold on to something

2. Why did he break up with you?

Take enough time and sit down in a place where you have your peace and are not disturbed. It is best to take a pen and a piece of paper with you so that you can Write down your thoughts Can.

Question very carefully, Why he broke up with you. What were the reasons? Has something fundamental changed in your relationship over time? Did he miss something? Were you more careless and unloving than in the beginning?

Go through and analyze the beautiful as well as the negative memories of your relationship. Maybe it will help you to discuss your thoughts with a good friend later on. Surely they can give you a neutral point of view on the whole situation.

Once you are clear about why the relationship has failed, you can work on those points that concern yourself. Of course, his misbehavior cannot be changed. However, it can already make a lot of difference if you pull yourself together.

Maybe you have restricted him too much? Or you got angry because of every little thing. You will certainly find something to work on yourself.

3. Make yourself scarce with contact blocking

As already mentioned, you must not run after him/her. On the contrary. They have to arm themselves and distance themselves from him. Anything else would drive him further away from you anyway.

That is, you should give him a while neither write nor call. He must have the opportunity to miss you. If you contact him all the time, he will not miss you because you will continue to be present.

Should he then get in touch with you, don’t immediately jump around his neck and also don’t write him how nice it is that he gets in touch. Stay relaxed and write him back delayed and factual, without bringing too many emotions with you.

Withdraw and make yourself scarce

For You are a confident woman And don’t be easily impressed. Make yourself scarce and keep a low profile

4. Not paying too much attention to the ex

It is very possible that you will meet your ex on the street. Of course, you may then talk to him. Under no circumstances should you start a relationship conversation and ask him about the reasons for the breakup or even blame him for it. This would be the completely wrong time.

Talk only about trivial things and keep the conversation short. Make sure, that you end it. If he asks to meet again afterwards, you may agree to it. However, do not adapt to his dates and don’t cancel any dates just because no other day is possible.

If it is not possible, he will just have to be patient for a while until he can meet you.

5. Make yourself pretty

Don’t make yourself pretty for him, but for yourself. If you feel comfortable in your own body, you will radiate this as well. You will immediately feel more confident when you take care of your body and give it love and affection.

Make yourself pretty

Treat yourself to a soothing bath, give yourself a makeover, and Just let yourself be spoiled. Do what feels right for you at that moment. Surely he will also notice if you feel comfortable and exude self-confidence. Make yourself pretty for yourself and not for him

6. The first meeting after the breakup

You have made it, your ex wants to meet with you. Make sure he sees you at your best. That means you should show up to the meeting in a good mood. So beforehand, undertake something that will bring you joy and put you in a good mood.

Also in this meeting it is important not to talk about the past relationship. After all, you simply want to spend quality time with him and signal to him how much fun you can have together. Start the relationship topic, this would just destroy the mood.

If he starts with this topic, block him in a friendly but firm way. Tell him that you want to enjoy your time with him and would rather talk about it another time. Change the subject and talk about exciting things, such as the new hobby that fascinates you so much.

7. Make the separation time meaningful

Even if it is hard for you and you would like to crawl into bed, it is time to get up after a few tearful evenings. Make the most of the time which you now have more to yourself meaningfully.

Make separation time meaningful

Make a date with your friends and start a new hobby. Maybe you have wanted to try something new for a long time, but have not had the time because of the relationship. You’ll find that you’re doing just fine without your ex, too. This will also make you seem more attractive to him and soon you can win him back. Make the separation time meaningful and start with a new hobby

8. Social media should not be underestimated

Social media can have a big impact on your appearance. You can decide for yourself how you want to appear to other people and therefore to your ex. Would you like to leak that you miss him, post sad quotes and dark images.

However, if the goal is to appear independent and strong, you can post appropriate pictures with your friends or alone. The main thing You put yourself in the best possible picture and shine. Surely your ex will be surprised how quickly and well you manage without him. His interest might be piqued and maybe you can conquer your man back or at least get a little closer to the goal.

9. Take it slow

This is one of the most important points. If you notice that your ex-boyfriend is also interested again, you still shouldn’t be too quick to tell him. Do not immediately jump into his arms and Do not drop everything.

This means concretely: keep the sporadic contact and do not contact him every day just because things are going well. As with a person you do not yet know, you should don’t get into bed with him right away. This also increases his interest in you many times over.

Don’t barge in and tell him how happy you are that he’s more interested in you again. Hold back your emotions and enjoy the rekindling for now. Otherwise it could quickly happen that he lose interest again.

Conquering a man again: Take it slowly

If all these points do not help you to win the man back, you will have to accept the separation. How you can cope with them, read here. Conquer man back: take it slow


To conquer the man back is not easy. It takes self-confidence, patience and a little courage. You also have to reckon with small setbacks. He may pull back before giving you another chance. Finally, he also needs to realize what he wants and Whether he can imagine a renewed relationship.

The most important thing is that you do not pretend, stay true to yourself and let everything come to you. Do not try to force anything. Ask a friend for advice before you want to commit a desperate act and let her reassure you.

You will surely get another chance from him if you implement these tips. Are there any other strategies or tips to help you win your man back? Am curious about your comments.

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