Community fire brigade day of the municipality pfarrweisach: show exercises and god’s blessing

KLEMENS AlbertLohr Demonstration exercise, honors and the blessing of a new fire engine, these were the cornerstones of the program of the community fire department day of the municipality Pfarrweisach at the weekend in Lohr.

With a celebration following the Sunday service Pfarrvikar Marc Odah spoke the ecclesiastical benediction prayers over the new Tragkraft-Spritze before. At the place before the church this was built up, surrounded by affectionately maintained historical fire engines, which had served the F Lohr in the last more than 100 years. Commander Gunther Heusinger was pleased and grateful that his fire brigade had received such a pump – the one now out of service had been purchased in 1965. He associated this with the wish to be able to use them as often as possible for exercises, but as seldom as possible for serious fire incidents.

Mayor Ralf Nowak explained that the fire department is an obligatory task of the municipality. Firefighting and technical assistance also require appropriate technical equipment. Thus this new pump is no luxury, but its procurement a necessity.
On Saturday, the six fire departments of the municipality of Pfarrweisach demonstrated their operational readiness in a demonstration exercise, supported by the neighboring fire departments from Burgpreppach and Leuzendorf. Two B-conveyance distances starting from the Baunach were to be developed with water delivery at the sports field behind the fire-brigade equipment house. Here firefighting had to be demonstrated and two persons had to be rescued from the building with respiratory protection support.

From an emergency vehicle the former circle fire inspector (KBI) Rudi Lubke informed by loudspeaker the numerous interested spectators about it, what runs off there straight. After the exercise KBI Thomas Habermann and KBM Ralf Morgenroth praised the exercise readiness of the altogether eight task forces. They were satisfied with the course of the exercise, but also pointed out that practicing is enormously important for the fire departments.

Cross of honor awarded

In a ceremony in the old school Gunther Heusinger, the commander of the local fire department, welcomed members of the fire department supervision and a number of firefighters to be honored. KBR Ralf Dressel together with district administrator Wilhelm Schneider handed out certificates and the honorary cross to them. Mayor Ralf Nowak added a present of the municipality.
In his greeting, he referred to the level of performance of the fire brigades, which is quite high as a result of progressive training of the service members and continuous modernization of the equipment. The fire fighters had rendered voluntary service for many years.

District Administrator Wilhelm Schneider emphasized that he was proud of the fire departments in the Hassberge district, as they represent a living sense of community and symbolize fellowship, charity and solidarity. The 23 firefighters from the municipality Pfarrweisach, which it with the fire-brigade badge of honor of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior to distinguish may, had made itself in the active fire-brigade service in high measure for the public welfare earned. "You, dear firefighters, are real role models" the district administrator appreciated their merits. This deserved respect, and for this the national appreciation with the badge of honor was meant. The six fire departments in the community with a total of 117 active members (including 23 women) represent a reliable pillar in fire and disaster protection.

40 years Elmar Heusinger, F Lohr, Willi Gunther and Norbert Schmidt, Lichtenstein, Josef Kneuer, Kraisdorf, Horst Marz, Helmut Weitz and Kurt Schleicher, Junkersdorf, Roman Lehmann, Rabelsdorf, Adolf Mildenberger and Karl Jakob Pfarrweisach.
25 years Andreas Bock, Harald Lurz, Dirk Martin, Uwe Kohler, Mario Rexhauser, Joachim Miener, Carsten Martin, Erich Hubert, Michael Schott, Andreas Dietz, Stefan Hermanns, Reiner Monch and Mirco Schneider

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