Coffee with lemon juice: this is behind the hyped tiktok diet

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On TikTok, a new diet has been going viral for some time: coffee with lemon juice. Can you actually lose weight quickly – or is it rather dangerous??

Munich – On TikTok present at present some extreme Abnehmerfolge. They swear by the following diet drink: coffee with lemon juice. Doesn’t sound very tasty, but if it helps? Whether the weight loss successes on TikTok with the somewhat idiosyncratic drink are actually real is unclear. One thing is clear: the drink can do a lot of things.

Coffee with lemon juice: This is behind the hyped TikTok diet

After interval fasting and the lemon diet, coffee with lemon juice is the latest weight loss trend. It’s going viral on TikTok. But can a cup of coffee with lemon juice actually melt away the kilos? We take a closer look at the ingredients coffee and lemon.

Coffee with lemon juice: coffee gives your body a boost

Coffee can wake you up, accelerate hair growth, but can it also help you lose weight?? Yes indeed. The caffeine contained in coffee stimulates the central nervous system, stimulates the heart, increases blood pressure and body temperature. The entire metabolism is activated, which in turn stimulates fat burning*. However, the fat is actually broken down only when there is an energy deficit. In other words: you have consumed more calories than you ate during the day.

Coffee with lemon juice: Lemon – the miracle weapon for losing weight

The lemon is considered a real magic bullet to lose weight fast. It’s not for nothing that the lemon diet has its own weight loss method based on the sour fruit. The reason why lemons are so good at helping you lose weight is, among other things, pectin. The fiber helps balance blood sugar levels and can prevent cravings. The lemon also contains B vitamins that support energy production and prevent fatigue. In addition, the vitamin C in lemon is a powerful antioxidant that can protect cells from stress-related damage and reduce the risk of cancer. It also supports fat loss and revs up the metabolism and thus the fat burning process. And not to forget: it tastes sour! Foods that taste sour or bitter generally inhibit appetite. So a glass of coffee with lemon juice can definitely do no harm in losing weight.

Coffee with lemon juice: For whom the diet is particularly suitable and for whom not

Migraine patients who want to lose weight should definitely try this diet. Because they can benefit twice: In addition to helping you lose weight, coffee with a dash of lemon juice can prevent a migraine attack. However, this diet is not recommended for people with histamine intolerance. Coffee is usually free of histamine, but the enzyme diamine oxidase, which is contained in caffeine, blocks the breakdown of histamine in the body.

The conclusion: coffee with lemon juice can help you lose weight. But real miracles are not to be expected: If you don’t change your diet and activity level, you won’t lose weight even with one or two lemon coffees a day.

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