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How does Finland sound at Christmas, where does Santa Claus live and are there really elves?? In the songbook "Christmas in Finland immerse yourself in new worlds of sound, sing along to Finnish poems – for the first time in German translation – to folk melodies, learn interesting facts about the composers and poets and feel like going for a walk in untouched nature in the snowy forest, leaf through the book and sing along or simply listen to the accompanying CD to the book while baking cookies.

The songbook "Christmas in Finland contains an accompanying CD, which is realized by 8 musicians (from Vorarlberg, Switzerland and Finland), so that the Christmas songs, which now for the first time in German tell of what moved Finnish people (at the time of origin of the songs) at Christmas and still moves.
A well-rounded listening experience that makes you want to sing and re-sing the songs, perform them with a choir or just enjoy them in the warmth of your living room with the candles flickering.

The realization of the accompanying CD as a wonderful addition to the super-beautifully designed songbook.
I would like to address everyone who likes Nordic music or loves Finland, who teaches music, who likes to make music, who leads a choir or who knows someone from Finland to whom they would like to give the book.

Finland celebrates on 6. December 100 years of independence and the 5.5 million inhabitants love music and poetry. In the anniversary year, this wonderful song literature is also made accessible to German-speaking people, who can now listen to what Finns dream of and sing about when it gets cold and dark outside, the north wind whistles and the land is covered with snow.


"Michaela Kyllonen, a music teacher from Voralberg, became acquainted with early musical education in Finland about 20 years ago. This was the beginning of their love and enthusiasm for Finnish music. In the jubilee year she has realized a long-cherished heart’s desire: a German-Finnish Christmas carol book. The result is a volume that presents the songs with original Swedish and Finnish lyrics also in German translation. Photos and background information on the composers and lyric poets invite you to browse and browse through them."

From: N.N.
In: German-Finnish Review, December 2017, 49. Year, no. 175, S. 37.

Author info

Michaela Kyllonen
born. 1971

Elementary music teacher at the music school in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg (Austria)
Work primarily with parent-child groups and in adult education settings

Michaela Kyllonen is married to a Finn and has four sons who grew up bilingual.
She met and fell in love with Finland when she was 18 and learned the language to better understand this people. She drew much of the inspiration for her professional development toward becoming a music educator from this northern country and its people.
With the birth of her children she started to translate Finnish children’s songs into German, in the last years mainly Christmas songs.


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