Child protection: so that the weakest grow up safely

Child protection begins in the family. The following guide provides more information on this topic

Child protection begins in the family. The following guide provides more information on this topic.

We all wish for a world in which Children grow up sheltered and in which parents lovingly care for their offspring. In most families, this pipe dream is already Reality. However, there are always incidents in which children under Violence or neglect suffer, at this point the Child protection a.

FAQ: Child Protection

The Child protection includes all rules and regulations that promote Welfare of the child ensure. The law of parent and child also deals with the protection of children.

For the protection of children are in particular the Parents respectively. the legal guardians responsible. You can find out which laws serve to protect children here.

In addition Youth welfare offices as well as teachers and educators contribute to child protection. How this can look in the Kito or the school, explains the guide here.

Child protection: What you should know!

What is meant by child protection according to the definition?

Child protection: Conflicts occur again and again in the family household. It is important to deal with these situations in the right way

child protection: In the family household, conflicts occur time and again. It is important to handle these situations correctly.

According to the definition "Child protection" to be understood as a collective term, which covers all legal regulations and measures for the protection of children against any kind of impairment includes. This includes both the activity of both governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Child protection already starts in the Infancy one and shall children as well as adolescents in all phases and situations of their lives providing security. The aim here is above all to prevent harm due to age-inappropriate treatment, physical resp. sexual assault and exploitation, Neglect, prevent poverty or illness.

However, the measures do not only extend to the family cohabitation, but are intended to set Child protection in schools and kindergartens ensure. For parents and caregivers go a so-called "Partnership of upbringing and education" a.

Which laws regulate child protection in Germany?

As previously mentioned, the protection for children in Germany not only to a single law, but is also taken by various legal regulations Support.

This includes in particular the 2012 enacted Federal Child Protection Act (BKiSchG). Its purpose is described in § 1 para. 1 BKiSchG defined as follows:

The aim of the law is to protect the welfare of children and young people and to promote their physical, mental and emotional development.

Child Protection Act: Section 8a of Book VIII of the Social Code (SGB VIII) defines the procedure to be followed in the event of a risk to the welfare of a child

Child Protection Act: In § 8a SGB VIII the procedure in case of a child welfare endangerment is defined.

Of great importance is also the Eighth Book of the Social Code (SGB VIII). It is not uncommon for the paragraphs listed therein to be unofficially "Child protection laws" refers to. Among the most important regulations for child protection is para 8a SGB VIII, which is the Protection mandate in the event of a risk to the welfare of a child defined.

Last but not least, regulations on child protection also arise in the Basic Law (GG). Because in principle Parents the right and the duty to take care of their child. This derives, among other things, from Art. 6 para. 2 and 3 GG out:

(2) The care and upbringing of children is the natural right of parents and their primary duty. The state community monitors their activities.

(3) Children may be separated from the family against the will of the legal guardians only on the basis of a law, if the legal guardians fail or if the children threaten to become neglected for other reasons.

Worldwide standards for the protection of children result from the Convention on the Rights of the Child – briefly UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Convention is recognized by 196 states and includes among other things topics such as the Equal opportunities through education, growing up without violence and the development of an appropriate standard of living for all children.

Child protection: so that the weakest grow up safely

Which tasks does the youth welfare office take over with the child protection?

Child protection: If the youth welfare office learns of a risk, it must take action

Child protection: If the Youth Welfare Office learns of a risk, it must take action.

The legislator defines the Education especially into the hands of Parents, however, these are to problems or questions not left alone. Because the Around 600 German youth welfare offices support mothers, fathers or other legal guardians in their childrearing activities concerns of care and education of children resp. young people.

When it comes to child protection, the Youth Welfare Office focuses primarily on preventive and supportive offers, which should contribute to a positive coexistence within the family. However, the offices will also be involved in Emergency situations – for example in the case of Cases of child welfare endangerment – active.

This is how the Youth Welfare Office Violations of child protection after to actively protect girls and boys from danger. In principle, it is important to distinguish in each individual case between the Protection of children and the rights of parents weigh. In an emergency, the Youth Welfare Office is therefore entitled, among other things, to temporarily take care of the child placing the child in a safe place or from a Pediatrician to have them examined.

However, it is not only adults with children who can contact the youth welfare office Concerns about child protection approach. It is also a matter of Contact point for children and adolescents, to address their concerns and problems, as well as in Emergency situations contact the youth welfare office.

Child protection in daycare centers and schools

Child protection in kindergartens and schools: educators and teachers may be able to recognize signs of endangerment

Child protection in kindergarten and school: educators and teachers can, if necessary. Recognizing signs of danger.

The Tasks and measures for child protection are not only limited to family life, however, because the daycare centers and schools also play an important role. After all, the children in these institutions spend a most of their day.

teachers and educators are therefore particularly suitable for early Signs of a possible risk to recognize. Possible clues may include, for example, frequent absenteeism, persistent fatigue or the Traces of violence its.

If the Suspicion of a child welfare endangerment, According to child protection, the educational professionals are obligated to inform the legal guardians point out offers of help or, if necessary. the inform the youth welfare office.

What is preventive child protection?

The Prevention plays an important role in child protection, because appropriate prevention can, if necessary, prevent. a avoid endangering children. Risks as well as recognize warning signs at an early stage and provide the affected families with appropriate to give assistance.

Since the Problems within a family can be as varied as their individual members, both governmental and non-profit organizations offer a Variety of offers at. Besides the Child and youth welfare this support can, for example, also come from the environment of the Health care originate. An important offer here is, for example, the family counseling.

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