Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Tourism, which has been booming for years, has not been without impact on the price level in Thai tourist resorts. But even today you can travel to the most beautiful places with little budget. You can find out how here.

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You get the tips from a real expert: Florian Blumm has been a budget backpacker on a long-term trip for more than three years. He writes on his page flocutus.en about saving tips when traveling and cheap travel destinations. His travel photo highlights are currently available free of charge as a coffee table book (PDF download). In addition, he has written together with me the insider travel guide "555 Tips for Bangkok.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Now I’ll turn the floor over to Florian:

Thailand with little money

You want to travel cheaper or longer for the same money? Then you have already done 80 percent right by reading Fascination Southeast Asia. Because the choice of the right destination makes a big difference for the budget. South Asia as well as Southeast Asia are known for an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

This is true even for a country as touristically developed as Thailand. Even in the metropolis Bangkok or on one of the many beautiful islands in the south you can manage with 10 Euro per day. You don’t have to go hungry, sleep under the bridge or even go without a beer.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

A more realistic budget for a day in Thailand for most of us is 15 euros, so about 450 euros per month. The costs are divided into accommodation, food, transportation, activities, nightlife, shopping and learning. The flight there and back is not included and costs about as much as another month in Thailand. Cheap flights to Bangkok from Germany are available during the season with Norwegian Air, Condor and Etihad/Air Berlin, among others.

Saving tip: 1.000 Thai Baht are about 22 Euro. Due to the high numbers and because, for example, a lunch there costs only about 15 percent of a comparable meal in Germany, Thai baht quickly seem like Monopoly money. To avoid expenses like in Monopoly, it is best to look for a reference point. My reference point in Thailand is the grilled pork skewer in sweet and sour sauce. You can find it all over Thailand and it always costs 10 Baht. If something costs 30 baht, it has to be as good as three pork skewers – and let’s face it, that’s a challenge! &

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

All tips for your Thailand trip

Overnight stay from ca. 150 Baht per night

As a couple you can save money on accommodation. A simple double room or a bungalow in Thailand costs between 200 and 250 baht. For this you get a bed with shared bathroom and a common room with Wifi, which often works in the rooms as well. For a private bathroom you have to calculate about 50-100 Baht more.

Air conditioning is not good for your wallet, the environment or your well-being. For us Europeans, acclimatization to the unaccustomed high temperatures in Thailand takes a good week. If you sleep every night in the arctic you don’t acclimatize or acclimatize slower and still sweat in the heat after weeks.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

If you travel alone, you have to pay on average ca. plan 50 Baht more per night. A bed in a dormitory in Chiang Mai starts at 100 baht, but in less touristy places and on the islands you often have to take a room or a bungalow all to yourself.

Saving tip: Don’t book accommodation in Thailand in advance. You won’t find Grandma’s Guesthouse and Grandpa’s Beach Bungalow on Hostelbookers. Just have a look around in the respective backpacker enclave or inform yourself on Wikitravel. In three years of traveling I still found a room without a reservation.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Food from ca. 200 Baht a day

Backpacker neighborhoods are cheap to stay in, but not to eat and drink in. In local restaurants and cookshops you will pay between 30 and 40 baht for a plate of first class Thai food. In a restaurant for farangs you sometimes pay three times as much for the same dish.

You can overcome the language barrier by pointing, for example, to noodles or curry in the display or to the dish of another guest. If you don’t like your food spicy, remember the words "mai ped" for not spicy or "nitnoy ped" for a little spicy. Alternatively, point to the chillies and hold up a finger or two.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

If you can’t live without burgers and pizza, check out the food court of a Tesco or BigC supermarket or the cafeteria of a university. Also at the night market you can often find cheap western food – even in the smallest town. If you’re really hungry and want a cultural experience, fill your stomach for 150 baht at Moo Kata (Thai Style Grilled Meat – All You Can Eat).

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Water is available from coin-operated machines for 0.5-1 baht per liter. Thai coffee is almost as good as Vietnamese coffee and never further than three blocks away. A hot Thai coffee costs 10-15 baht, an iced coffee 15-20 baht. Be sure to tell the coffee lady "Cafe Boran" (Thai Cafe), you don’t want instant coffee.

Saving tip: Try to eat Thai dishes at any time of the day. Thai cuisine is healthy, delicious, fast, cheap and very varied. Please do not be ashamed of noodle soup or curry for breakfast. In Asia they don’t make a difference and you will quickly get used to it. Of course you can find an omelet everywhere as an alternative.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Transport from ca. 100 Baht a day

Thailand is a small country, and because all long-distance traffic is centrally routed through Bangkok, you’ll be on a bus for a maximum of eight to ten hours at a time. The buses and trains are very comfortable and the roads and road networks are very well developed. It is absolutely unnecessary to fly.

Equally unnecessary is to take a tuk tuk which is overpriced for farangs. The public transport also brings you to your destination. The bus network may seem chaotic, especially in Bangkok, but you can look up bus, metro and boat routes on the internet or just ask at the guesthouse. In other cities, "songthaew" minibuses often circle the major roads, which you must stop with a hand signal.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Every now and then it is worth renting a scooter – especially in Chiang Mai – to explore the waterfalls, lakes and mountains on your own. A scooter is often handy on the islands as well. In compact places like Sukhothai or Ayutthaya a bicycle will do as well. In Bangkok, the green and white rental bikes are free of charge. A scooter costs approx. 150 to 250 Baht for 24 hours. If you rent a scooter at noon for 24 hours, you can do one trip in the afternoon and another trip the next morning.

Saving tip: Do not book bus tickets in advance, especially not in the backpacker ghetto. Government buses between major cities run very frequently, and you can just walk on spec to the bus station and catch the next bus. For destinations in the Bangkok area, the minibuses from Victory Monument are a good choice. They are often much faster and go very often. The train is unfortunately very slow.

Your individual Thailand dream trip

You want to have your trip organized by professionals? Whether beach vacation, cultural sights, nature experiences or honeymoon: About Fascination Southeast Asia you can book your very individual dream trip. Organized and run by local experts who have been in Thailand for many years and know the best destinations, accommodations and insider tips. The itinerary is designed based on your wishes, ideas and preferences. Basically (almost) everything is possible. Also a combination with other countries in the region.

Evening entertainment from 40 baht per day

You can spend real money at nightlife. Dinner with wine and cocktails at a skybar in Bangkok followed by a visit to Pat Pong or Soi Cowboy can cost as much as your entire vacation would otherwise cost.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

The cheapest option for evening entertainment is a large beer from the 7-Eleven supermarket for just under 40 baht, which you drink on the beach or in the hostel. In a bar a beer costs twice as much, at the ladyboy show in Chiang Mai about five times as much.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Saving tip: I can highly recommend the weekly couchsurfing meetings in Bangkok and Chiang Mai as low-key evening entertainment to meet interesting people.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Your packing list for Thailand

Based on years of experience, we have created a packing list for Thailand that takes into account all eventualities. In addition, an interactive PDF is available for download as a checklist. You will also find the best tools (apps, software&) Internet pages) and selected gift ideas for travelers.

Sightseeing from 10 Baht per day

Sights in Thailand are mostly temples or the beautiful landscape. It is very rare that you have to pay an entrance fee for a waterfall or a temple, and often it is only between 10 and 30 baht.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

However, if you take out the guidebook and follow in the footsteps of the tour groups, it can get expensive. For example, the Royal Palace and Wat Pho in Bangkok cost 400 baht + 100 baht. If you like to visit museums, you have to calculate with 100 to 200 Baht per visit.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Saving tip: Avoid guided tours and explore the area on your own. Often you can walk, sometimes you need a bike or a scooter. Instead of taking a guided canal boat tour in Bangkok, you can take the public boat in the San Saep canal for 15 baht. Instead of paying a lot of money for a Muay Thai match, you can watch the free fight every Wednesday at 6pm in front of MBK Mall.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Fascination Thailand. Useful tips for backpackers and individual travelers

Before you set off on your own to Thailand, you probably have a lot of questions. With this eBook you can save hours of research on the internet. On 170 pages you will find the most important information and many useful tips for your trip.

Shopping and learning from 150 baht per day

Thailand is a shopping paradise. There are markets and shopping malls in every city and especially in Bangkok. You can buy oriental souvenirs as gifts for friends or buy new clothes and shoes for yourself. Tailored suits and glasses in strength are much cheaper than at home.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Thailand also offers unique opportunities to learn new skills. A Thai cooking course is almost mandatory. A Vipassana meditation for several days is very popular with seekers of meaning. Other popular learning activities in Thailand are Muay Thai, scuba diving, massage and languages. But for this you have to stay longer and dig deeper into your pocket.

Saving tip: The tourist markets are very expensive. Rather look at the normal markets to buy souvenirs and especially clothes. In Bangkok, Pratunam Market and Bobae Tower Market are easily accessible by canal boat. Between Khao San Road and the Royal Palace on the canal, there is a large local night market within walking distance every evening.

The best travel credit card for Thailand

With the right credit card you can save a lot of money on your travels. Here you can find out with which cards you can withdraw cash worldwide free of charge as well as pay in local currency without additional costs. And who is currently the only provider that will reimburse you for foreign fees at the ATM, for example in Thailand or Vietnam.

Expenses per day per person in Thailand

  • 150 baht overnight stay (for two about 100 baht per person)
  • 200 baht food
  • 100 baht transportation
  • 40 Baht Nightlife
  • 10 Baht Sightseeing
  • 150 Baht Shopping

Total: 650 Baht (ca. 15 Euro)

Spending is the daily average of my 70-day trip through Thailand with my girlfriend from October 2013 to December 2013, with a buffer of about 10 to 20 percent extra.

Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

555 tips for Bangkok. The insider’s travel guide to Thailand’s capital

Finally! All tips for Bangkok in one book. We’ve collected 555 interesting places for your trip to Bangkok. You won’t find such a variety of sights in any other guidebook. In addition, there are many useful tips and explanations that will help you to find your way around the city. How to save time and money. In addition to many insider tips, you will also find everything you need to know about getting around in the city, choosing the right neighborhood to stay overnight and route suggestions for your stay.

Do you have any other money saving tips?

We need your support!

Due to the Corona crisis almost All income of Fascination Southeast Asia practically broke away overnight. Nevertheless, we continue to report daily updates about the situation on the ground, are expanding our content and updating existing posts. So that this is still possible, we need your support. With a membership or a one-time donation you help us to continue to create useful content for Southeast Asia travelers. THANKS!

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Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

About the author

Since 2006 Stefan travels the countries of Southeast Asia and often spends several months there. In 2013, he founded Fascination Southeast Asia and has since also written several eBooks and books on the subject (u.a. the insider travel guide "555 Tips for Bangkok"). In between his travels, he lives and works in Dusseldorf.

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A very nice article. I usually spent a little bit more in Thailand. Why? Because it is so cheap! I can afford there say that at home are not in the realm of the affordable.

Only with one point I do not quite agree: Leaving out the Royal Palace. Yes, it is a bit expensive. But I find the plant also really worth seeing and also quite large. It’s a bit like skipping the Taj Mahal in Agra. That would be a pity too.

I can not judge the Royal Palace, I have never been there& There are just so many temples in Bangkok, so I do not see the high entrance fee net.

Here is a list of my favorite temples in Bangkok that don’t cost 400 baht and that you have almost to yourself all day, all near Khao San Road:
* Wat Saket (Golden Mountain, with the best view in Bangkok) – 30 Baht
* Loha Prasat (Metal Castle)
* Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple)
* Wat Intharawihan (32 meters Standing Buddha)

Wat Arun not to forget..

Super article. Very detailed and you have a nice overview of such a budget. I can also understand all points super – except for one. How do you do it with 150-200 baht for overnight stays?? What are these accommodations? Maybe you have also found real, cheap pearls, I will not deny, but when I stay so I usually pay between 600-800 baht. It may be that I seem to choose something with a little more comfort (you also want to feel good), but I would also like to try such cheap ones. Or I just do something wrong& Maybe you can recommend me there times a specific one?

And one more question. Do you have a cool app with which you record all the costs, because they are always listed so nicely detailed? Excel is not suitable for a long period of time – I forget to enter something here and there.

Basically the cheapest accommodations are not to be found on the internet, except evt. at Wikitravel/Wikivoyage. The best strategy in my opinion is to just walk around and ask. For Chiang Mai and Bangkok are cheap accommodations linked in the article.

On islands you get for 200 Baht only something in the 2. row and all the tourist islands like Phuket, Phi Phi and everything in the Gulf of Thailand you can forget as a budget packer.

I honestly do this every day with Excel. Mint is supposed to be a good app, but I have no personal experience with it.

I use the app "Trail Wallet. I’m quite happy with it because you can assign each expense to an item, because it works with multiple currencies at the same time, because you can generate Excel lists as a backup, and because you can always see if you’re still within your budget.

Great, thanks for your tips!

We use CashTrails+
MAn can make entries in all currencies, there is a parallel conversion into the currency of his choice, there are Auswrtungen on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. MAn can create any categories and accounts, after which then also directly evaluations can be made. A CSV export in Excel and standard format is possible and sendable via eMail and iTunes. A backup and synchronization between iPhone and iPad. Direct updating of exchange rates.
Only drawback: After 100 entries you have to buy the Pro Version 9,99€.

Hey good article I like especially your estimate of the food with the price of a meat skewer – which, by the way, is practiced even in business administration in projects.

I still think that you can get by with 15€ only as an experienced backpacker and that should be added in my eyes in the article. Someone who hasn’t been to South East Asia before and maybe even never slept in a Guest House room or doesn’t know the heat will surely spend more (min. the double). Especially at the beginning of such a trip you spend more because a kind of learning process takes place and you need a little time to know how the hare runs.

Oli I can only agree, of course it’s an expensive tourist attraction but you don’t fly to Thailand that often. That’s why you should do certain things in my eyes. That is 50% guidebooks and 50% for spontaneous/unknown things.

I did not know that business studies can also be useful, hehe (;

You are right, a newcomer spends twice as much or more in the first month. I don’t think it’s possible to avoid the "apprenticeship money" on the first trip without taking the new backpacker by the hand like a little child, to put it bluntly. I would classify that now times in the column "character formation"&

I see the same thing with the royal palace: travel dreams should be fulfilled, be it Taj Mahal in India or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The difference with the Royal Palace is that all of Bangkok is crowded with excellent Thai architecture and there are neither tourists nor ticket booths.

Great post that definitely gives a lot of tips from everyday life. But it is also a fact that some places then fall out or become a lot more expensive. Especially on the islands, quite conventional things, such as the water in the 711, are up to 60% more expensive. Also with the accommodations I claim that they are no longer to be found everywhere at these prices. But with the pork skewers I definitely agree with you, they never cost more than 10 baht&

Yes, that is true. On Ko Phuket, Ko Phi Phi or Ko Phan Gan there are no accommodations for 200 Baht. But honestly, in Thailand there are more than 100 islands, more than any Thailand vacationer can ever see. Why should I go to the expensive islands?

My island insider tips: Ko Phayam near Ranong/Burma and Ko Jum between Krabi and Ko Lanta.

However, apart from some islands and beaches, I have always found a 200 baht room, in Bangkok even 160 baht.

Nice article, but I think your statement ‘Thailand is a small country’ is not very true. Have you ever driven from the south to Bangkok?? There you are easily 12-16 hours on the road. Oh well, a large beer at 7-11 costs unfortunately also more than 40 baht&

Right, you are right. 39 baht were in the Big C supermarket, not in 7-Eleven

But a big Archa 660ml costs 45 Baht in 7-Eleven and in Tesco Express you can get such a blue beer for 42 Baht, or?

With "a small country" I meant that the buses are very fast on the way. 12-16 hours is not much in comparison.

Look at z.B. the relatively small distance between Luang Prabang and Hanoi, the bus needs 24 hours for this distance, because of road condition and border crossing.

Hanoi to Saigon are even about 2 days in the direct bus. In India and Russia you sometimes sit 50 hours in a row in a direct train, without making much distance.

The lineup is successful. However, I find the budget already very very hard to the limit. There must be nothing unforeseen! Personally, I think currently also because of the exchange rate and the generally higher price level in Thailand rather 25 euros for realistic.

Then it is also fun. Because who wants to turn over every penny 2 times on vacation?

I think Florian’s article is more about how you can get by on a long-term trip with little money. His numbers are the average of a several months stay in Thailand.
For a 3-week vacation you should indeed calculate differently.

From your dialect in the comments I can tell that you are a Swabian like me – we just look at the money, ge ? &
All thumbs up for your site and especially for this article,
I have been looking for something like that for ages…
So far, acquaintances and the Internet have spoken of 500-1000 euros as "absolute duty" for about 1 month Thailand..
I knew that does not have to be.
Minimalist is also possible on vacation – less (consumption) is sometimes more…

In Thailand, a tourist like Florian is definitely considered a khiniau… Whereas I also find it kind of a pity that you skip such – also for the country itself – important sights like Wat Pra Khaeo, Royal Palace or Wat Pho because of a few baht savings – especially since you don’t visit them every day. And pork skewers are unlikely to introduce you to the really tasty and interesting Thai cuisine.

Hello! Have you perhaps come across people on your travels who have been out with the tent? To get along a bit better with our tight budget, my friend and I would like to put up a tent somewhere from time to time. Unfortunately we can’t find any experiences with it. Wild camping is always possible, if you do it responsibly and not in the middle of the jungle next to a tiger? What do you think? PS: A great article! &

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Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day

Travel in uncertain times

When are trips to Southeast Asia possible again?
Which countries open their borders? And what changes in terms of entry regulations?
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Cheap travel: thailand for 15 euros a day
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