Cesarean section: does it have consequences for the second pregnancy and birth??

Cesarean section: does it have consequences for the second pregnancy and birth??

Natural birth For many expectant mothers, this is an important experience that they would not want to miss out on. But sometimes this wish cannot be realized, because complications in the course of pregnancy- or during the birth can make a Caesarean section unavoidable. If this was the case in the first pregnancy, many questions arise in the second pregnancy about the consequences of the cesarean section for pregnancy and birth.
Today we would like to discuss some of these questions in more detail.

I got pregnant again quickly after my C-section. There are even more risks?

Wound healing after a cesarean section is complete after about three months, if there are no complications. There are then no contraindications to a quick pregnancy. Nevertheless, many gynecologists advise to let a year pass after a cesarean delivery before a new pregnancy occurs. Possibly it means for you that the child will be born again by cesarean section. However, a natural birth is also possible with the second child.

After a cesarean section, can there be increased complications in the subsequent pregnancy

Unfortunately, we have to answer yes to this question. The cesarean section increases the likelihood that another cesarean section will be necessary in the next pregnancy. The risk of placenta disorders and that the uterus could rupture is also increased now. But before you worry too much, remember that these are only probabilities and that the complications may occur, but do not have to occur. It is by no means certain that your second pregnancy will not be completely free of complications.

With my first child, a Caesarean section was necessary. What is the risk that the second birth will not be spontaneous either??

The likelihood that your second child will also be delivered by cesarean section depends on several factors, such as your current pregnancy history. Of the women who had a Caesarean section during their first birth, almost half have a spontaneous birth when they become pregnant again. If your current pregnancy has so far been without complications, there is basically nothing to be said against a spontaneous birth of your second child.

As a rare but nevertheless possible complication, a rupture of the uterus can occur during a normal birth after a previous cesarean section. However, the risk is only 0.5 percent and is therefore low.

The decision about the type of delivery for your current and possible future pregnancies should be made together with your gynecologist or doctor. Meet with your gynecologist.

I had a cesarean section during my first birth. Is it possible to have a cesarean again this time or would that be dangerous??

Yes, a repeated Caesarean section is possible. As a rule, the existing scar is carefully opened again for this purpose. In total, no more than three children should be delivered by Caesarean section. Moreover, most obstetricians and obstetricians are of the opinion that after a Caesarean section at least one year should pass until the next pregnancy.

The consequences of a Caesarean operation heal within about three months in a healthy woman. This does not mean, however, that the body has already "forgotten" all the effects of the operation are. The body needs time to be ready again for another pregnancy and also for childbirth. Therefore, you should first discuss family planning issues with your partner and your gynecologist. Her attending gynecologist.

Have you had a Caesarean section, are you pregnant again and have a question that has not been answered here?? Then write to our team of experts!

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