Cat urine on the sofa: what to do about it?

Cat on the sofa

As a rule, life with cat is wonderfully harmonious, after all, cats are extremely clean animals. But there are situations when cats ignore their litter box and pee on a carpet or even on the sofa. To make your upholstered furniture get rid of the stagnant smell, something must be done about cat urine.

The stain with the intense smell

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Even if the mishap happens to your cat only once: The smell will remain unless the stain is carefully removed.

Your local supermarket has a whole range of upholstery cleaners available for purchase, but in order to be sustainably armed against cat urine on your upholstered furniture, make sure that the upholstery cleaners are free of ammonia.

If this is not the case, your cat understands the smell as a request and continues to pee on the sofa. Cat urine also contains ammonia, which the cat immediately detects with its fine nose. If the sofa has a scent trail of ammonia, it suspects another cat is behind that scent mark – and wants to stink at it.

First dab, then clean

If the cat has peed on the sofa, the liquid should first be dabbed off with an old towel or kitchen paper. If the urine is still fresh, the stain can be treated with a chemical cleaner. Please try the cleaner first on an inconspicuous area of the upholstery! Otherwise it can happen that the stain stands out afterwards because the color has faded or the fabric has been altered.

There are enzymatic cleaners in which bacteria can neutralize the smell of cat urine. Use the cleaners really generously, after all, they should also reach the cat urine that sits deep in the upholstery. In most cases, one application is not enough, then you should repeat it several times. If the smell has not disappeared even after repeated use, it is worth trying vinegar cleaner or a mixture of household vinegar with water.

Cat urine can penetrate deep into the upholstery

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A sofa is usually well upholstered, after all, it should provide a comfortable place for people in the living room. The upholstery behaves in terms of liquid like a sponge and soak up everything that is spilled on them.

This applies to the red wine, but also to the cat’s urine. If the red wine in the cushion becomes dry, no bad smell remains. However, if the cat urine dries in the upholstery, it crystallizes and the penetrating smell of ammonia remains in the sofa.

The easiest way is to remove the affected cushion and wash it out in the bathtub. Here helps a mild children’s shampoo in the water, which drives the cat urine along with the smell back out of the upholstery. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry in a shady place until the upholstery is really completely dry again. Otherwise, mold can grow in the damp foam.

The professional can fix it

If the affected upholstery cannot be easily separated from the piece of furniture, you should urgently refrain from cleaning with too much liquid. Often the base frame of poster furniture is made of pressboard. When this absorbs the liquid, it becomes brittle and fragile.

Here helps a professional deep cleaning for your sofa. Do not use unnecessary amount of liquid and suck it off directly. So you can be sure that your good piece quickly smells pleasant again. Just call or email us at [email protected]. We are happy to advise you individually.

Note: We do not accept any liability for possible consequences of self-treatment. This article serves as a clarification and gives tips in dealing with cat urine on upholstered furniture. Only a professional deep cleaning including impregnation ensures a smooth cleaning success.

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