Can animals watch television? Common television time with the quadruped.

Our four-legged friends often put a smile on our faces when they do something funny or just act cute. It also gets interesting when the TV is on. Watch your pet when he appears to be looking at the screen. What your dog or cat is likely to see? Can animals watch TV? We want to clarify this here.

Can animals watch television? Studies have investigated this.

Generally speaking, pets such as dogs and cats have the ability to watch television. However, you can only expect a response if the TV images were taken from a perspective they are familiar with. It is also important that things relevant to four-legged friends, such as conspecifics, are shown. Otherwise there is usually no reaction. In general: In the life of most mammals optical information plays a much smaller role than in humans. Your pet will therefore only concentrate on the TV for a short time – if at all.

What do dogs react to?

Studies have shown that dogs process images shown on television. But: most programs have nothing to offer dogs. So your dog can recognize images on the TV, but only responds to certain stimuli, such as when other animals are visible.

Sounds, such as barking, seem to be almost more important than the screen content. Dogs also react to whining, human sounds and squeaking toys here. What your dog likes when watching TV varies individually. By the way, since dogs follow looks and gestures of humans, this factor also seems to be crucial in determining whether your pet will engage with the TV program.

Are cats interested in television?

Cat videos are a big hit on the Internet. But does it also work the other way around? What about videos for cats? First of all: The cat’s perception is fast – much faster than our own. Anything below a 50 hertz refresh rate on TV is uninteresting to cats. The velvet paw then rather perceives a series of still images. Modern TVs are much more responsive, especially when fast motion is in the program.

And as with dogs, sounds play a role: a still image of a mouse is not interesting. But as soon as a quickening is heard and the cat recognizes the outline of a potential prey animal, this can change. Still, it’s a little harder to get cats to watch TV in the first place, because unlike dogs, they don’t orient themselves to where their humans are looking. Cats are more self-willed, and that’s why they are loved.

What about movie night together? Can animals watch television?

As a conclusion remains to be said: Yes, they can. But you shouldn’t go by what your pet wants to watch on TV. Enjoy the variety of programs, streaming offers or movie collections on Blu-ray™ on your Panasonic TV just as you like – your four-legged friend has completely different interests.

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