Calorie basal metabolic rate: 10 tips for effective weight loss

Eat a little less, do a little more sport – with such resolutions it succeeds to few to lose really durably Pounds. Because without clear rules it is quite difficult to stay consistent. But if you set yourself the right goals and know what your body needs to become healthy and fit, you can quickly achieve your first successes and maintain your feel-good weight in the long term. Losing weight with a system can help: The calorie basal metabolic rate plays an important role here. Here are 10 tips for effective weight loss.

1. Tip: Calculate individual calorie requirements

The basal metabolic rate of a person depends, among other things, significantly on his metabolic activity. Photo: djd/Cefamagar/Corbis

How many calories a person can consume without "going off the boil" to walk depends largely on the personal basal metabolic rate. Medically, the basal metabolic rate is defined as the amount of energy the body uses at absolute rest. This depends on the age, weight, sex, height, muscle mass and metabolic activity of the individual person.

A middle-aged man needs about 1.800 kilocalories per day and for women it is about 1.400 kilocalories of basal metabolic rate. Good to know: Recent studies support the fact that a body weight slightly above the normal range tends to prolong life. However, only serious overweight leads to health problems and a shortening of life.

Many people have a rough idea of how many calories they should eat daily, but the exact overview is missing. Therefore, it makes sense to first determine the individual calorie requirement before starting a diet.

Calculate basal metabolic rate:

Women: 655 + (9.6 x weight in kg) + (1.8 x height in cm) – (4.7 x age in years)
Men: 66.5 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5.0 x height in cm) – (6.8 x age in years)

In order to calculate the total energy metabolic rate, i.e. the basal metabolic rate plus the energy metabolic rate caused by physical and mental activity, the basal metabolic rate for both sexes must be multiplied by the corresponding activity factor:

  • Very light activity (only sedentary / no sports): basal metabolic rate x 1.2
  • Normal activity (almost exclusively sedentary / hardly any sports): Basal metabolic rate x 1.4
  • Moderate activity (light training / sports, 3 – 4 hrs.per week): Basal metabolic rate x 1.6
  • Active (a lot of training/sports, 4 – 5 hrs. per week): Basal Metabolic Rate x 1.8
  • Very active (physical work and hard training): basal metabolic rate x 2.0

According to the above calculation, a 40-year-old woman weighing 75 kg, 1.70 m tall and normally active has a basal metabolic rate of 1.493 calories and a total energy turnover of 2.090 calories. Daily are therefore 2.090 kcal allowed.

Negative energy balance: A little less is more

In order to lose weight systematically, you should consume 500 to 800 kcal less per day than your body needs. Due to this negative energy balance, the metabolism falls back on the fat reserves and thus initiates weight loss. However, the energy intake must not be below 1400 to 1700 kcal. Otherwise, the metabolism could become sluggish, the basal metabolic rate would decrease. The result: although you eat less, you do not lose more weight.

2. Tip: No starvation diets

Starvation diets are medically the worst way to lose weight in the long term. The calorie basic conversion sinks and the metabolism decreases. Photo: djd/Cefamagar/thx Too much belly fat in particular can be the cause of many diseases. Photo: djd/thx

From a medical point of view, starvation diets are the worst way to lose weight in the long term. Because the organism fights during the calorie withdrawal for the naked survival. In distress, they drastically reduce their calorie consumption and break down valuable muscle mass, as this requires more calories than fat tissue.

With fatal consequences: During the crash diet, the basal metabolic rate of the body usually decreases significantly. If this z. B. now 500 calories below the usual level, the person would have to eat considerably less than usual to be able to keep the weight off. If the normal food plan is taken up again, the feared Jojo effect enters and superfluous calories land in the body-own fat depot.

With the Diat mania besides not rarely the hormone household of the body derails: As studies prove, the hunger cure can cause a decrease of the hormone Leptin. This is formed in the fat cells and normally acts as an appetite suppressant. To make matters worse, the formation of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin increases in parallel.

The consequence: ravenous appetite. It has been shown that the proportion of appetite-promoting messenger substances in the blood can still be elevated up to a year after a diet. The body’s vitamin and mineral balance is also often thrown into disarray by flash diets. When important nutritional building blocks are missing, deficiency symptoms appear, manifesting themselves as pallor, fatigue, depressive moods or hair loss.

3. Tip: Boost metabolism in a targeted manner

What a person has put on his hips for years, he cannot possibly lose again in a few days. Only those who work on changing their diet and lifestyle with sufficient patience and discipline will lose weight successfully in the long term. Important and purposeful is thereby a calorie and fat-poor food plan. With a wholesome mixed diet of whole grain products, valuable vegetable fats, lean dairy products, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, healthy weight loss can be achieved.

If the body’s metabolism is now at a standstill due to the many diets, it is difficult to get it back up to speed again. Here the active substances of the algae can support weight loss in homeopathic form. Bladderwrack, also known as Fucus vesiculosus, is used in homeopathic preparation for obesity and can activate thyroid activity and metabolism. The body burns more calories again and stubborn pounds can be fought more easily.

4. Tip: Protein makes full and slim

Among diet experts, protein is also considered a metabolism turbo. Thus it is recommended to Abnehmwilligen to increase the protein portion on the food plan clearly. In fact, protein has been proven to provide long-lasting satiety, stable insulin levels and effective support for weight loss. One option that provides plenty of high-quality protein for the muscles, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, L-carnitine and lecithin is the Vital Diet. This also leaves room for occasional feasting days or a little snacking.

5. Tip: Set realistic goals

Ten kilos in ten days lose – that creates in a healthy way no man. Does not have to be! It is much more sensible to set achievable goals and to climb them in stages. Nevertheless, losing weight with a system is helpful. For the beginning a weight reduction of ten percent is appropriate. With a starting weight of 95 kilos, that would be 9.5 kilos.

It worked satisfactorily to divide these goals again, for example into three-Kilo-Schritte. In this way, you will always reach small stations that will strengthen your motivation. To keep track of your successes, it helps to keep a diet diary in which you record your values.

Tip: Don’t just look at your kilos, but also take measurements of your waist, hips, arms and thighs now and then. Because even if the pointer of the scale stands still, the figure will change. And this can be easily measured in centimeters.

You should know your own basal metabolic rate in order to lose weight successfully. Photo: djd/thx

6. Tip: Start well prepared

Without a calorie chart, it’s difficult to know whether you’re staying within your daily limit. Detailed calorie and nutrition tables are available from the German Nutrition Society, for example. At first, it may be time-consuming to look up every food, but after just a few days, you will usually have the information in your head.

By the way, this often leads to real "aha" effects, for example when you discover how many calories a ready-to-eat pizza has (around 1.000!) and how many a large piece of watermelon (300 g just 35).

7. Tip: Save calories in a targeted way

Overweight occurs when you eat 200 kilocalories a day more than your normal energy needs over the long term. This is how you gain a whopping 10.5 kg over the course of a year. Therefore, it helps to save calories consistently, like this:

  • Drink at least two liters of calorie-free beverages daily (water, tea)
  • Avoid soft drinks, alcohol and juices as much as possible
  • Use fat and oils sparingly. Use a teaspoon for dosing. A maximum of 60 g of fat should be on the menu every day.
  • No large quantities of sweets or nibbles buy – which is not there, is also not eaten.
  • Cut away visible fat from meat and cold cuts
  • Choose the low-fat variety for dairy products and cheese
  • The side dishes such as vegetables, salad and fruit should play the main role at every meal. The quantities of fish, meat, potatoes and pasta should be significantly smaller.

8. Tip: Prevent cravings

In everyday life, it is sometimes not so easy to pay attention to regular meals. But only those who eat regularly are able to perform at their best. A car does not drive with an empty tank. Therefore, you should definitely take the time to eat at leisure.

Don’t forget to include snacks to prevent low performance and cravings. Ideal snacks are, for example, fruit, vegetable sticks or even a lean yogurt. If you like to nibble, you can also eat a few almonds or salt sticks in between meals. But don’t just tear open the bag and start eating, but take a small amount, such as five almonds or ten pretzel sticks, and enjoy them consciously.

By the way, you can also automatically reduce your intake if you drink a large glass of water before each meal and then eat very slowly. Because the feeling of satiety only sets in after 20 minutes. If you chew well and put down your cutlery in between meals, you will eat much less than someone who gobbles down his food quickly and greedily. Losing weight with system and understanding is more successful.

9. Tip: Expect setbacks

If it tasted in the restaurant or on vacation times much too well and the trousers sits more closely – do not despair or throw everything away! Setbacks are not a catastrophe, but the best reason to get going again with motivation. Who clarifies itself beforehand, sees such small outlier more calmly. In addition, they are usually balanced out again after just a few days.

10. Tip: Add exercise to your daily routine

To decrease with system also the movement belongs. The best complement to a calorie-conscious diet is a moderate sports program. Each perseverance sport is suitable, in order to bring Fettpolsterchen faster to melting. It is important to train in such a way that you can still have a conversation. Because the organism needs oxygen to consume the fat cells.

A targeted muscle build-up can increase the calorie requirement of the body in the long run, because muscles consume more energy than non-trained body mass, even when resting. The bottom line is: the balance must be right!

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