Calculate child support bonus: low-income earners receive this bonus

Additional child benefit Kinderzuschlag: This bonus is paid to low-income earners

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In order to cover the family needs, there is also the child allowance in addition to the child benefit

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Children are expensive. That is why the state comes to the rescue of parents. In addition to child benefit, low-income earners can also get a child supplement. This is how much you can get.

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Even low-income earners should be able to afford to have children. Therefore, the state pays a monthly supplement in addition to the child allowance. About 760 currently benefit from this.000 children.

Who gets the child supplement?

The family fund supplements the child benefit with the supplement if the following conditions are met:

  1. You receive child benefit
  2. The child is younger than 25, unmarried and lives with you in the same household
  3. Parents earn at least 900 euros together or single parents 600 euros
  4. You can provide for the family with the income, child and housing allowance as well as the child allowance
  5. You do not receive unemployment benefit II

What counts towards the minimum income?

The minimum income is composed of the following incomes:

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  1. Earnings without contributions and taxes
  2. unemployment benefit I
  3. Sick pay

Since the minimum income limit is 900 euros resp. 600 Euro, a mini-job is not enough.

What is the maximum amount I am allowed to earn in order to receive the child supplement??

Since the 1. January 2020, there is also no longer an individual maximum limit that the family’s income must not exceed in order to receive the child supplement. Families are allowed to earn more. But: The supplement decreases, the more the parents earn. The idea behind this is that families no longer suddenly find themselves without a child supplement if they earn more, but instead receive less benefit.

Proof of income for the past six months is required for the application. From this, the family fund of the employment agency determines the monthly average income. This is how it is decided whether you will receive a child supplement and how high it will be.

What does the family need mean?

If the monthly income even with child supplement is not enough to cover the needs of the whole family, then you can additionally apply for basic income support. The family needs are usually in 2021:

Eligible Need
Parental couples 802 Euro (2 x 401)
Single parents 446 euros
Children under 6 years 283 euros
Children between the ages of 6 and 14 309 euros
Children between 14 and 18 years 373 euros
Children between the ages of 18 and 25 357 Euro

This contribution is available to parents. Gross income less income tax, health insurance contributions and employment allowance plus child benefit, housing benefit and child supplement. If the income is below the family requirement, there is a claim to the additional benefit.

State benefits: Child benefit & Co.: What parents are entitled to in Germany

State benefits Child benefit& Co.What parents are entitled to in Germany

How much is the child supplement?

Up to 205 euros per month for each child since the age of 1. January 2021. However, if the income after all deductions exceeds the family needs, the family cash office can pay less. The amount that exceeds the family needs is counted as 45 percent of the child supplement, as far as it is income from self-employed or non-self-employed activity. All other types of income are fully taken into account. If the child receives his or her own income or benefits such as alimony or orphan’s pension, 45 percent of this amount is deducted from the highest child allowance.

With the child supplement calculator on the site of the Federal Employment Agency you can calculate in advance whether the application for the child supplement is worthwhile.

What is the difference between income and assets?

The income consists of the salary or. income from self-employment, income replacement benefits such as unemployment or sick pay, parental allowance, pensions from social security, but also interest and income from renting and leasing. Benefits from long-term care insurance are not included.

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