Building a foundation – how to build a base for the house | the sims 4

Foundation or not foundation, that is the question here. With this option you can add Sims 4 your re-covered or raise the current house and also build terraces with the tool. Because this creates multiple layers, the whole thing looks more complex than it actually is. How to build a foundation, we show you here.

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  • 1 Building a foundation – this is how you build a base for the house | The Sims 4
  • 1.1 Build foundation and raise walls
  • 1.2 Build foundation for terraces

With a foundation you can not only raise your house, but also build beautiful terraces

Building foundation and raising walls

To build a foundation for the house, you first need to choose create a room or drag a wall. The floor is added automatically. You have different wall shapes to choose from. As soon as you have built a wall piece several arrows, with which you can modify the wall.

With the four upper arrows, which point to the respective cardinal direction, you can build the wall stretch in the respective direction. The three gradations show the Wall height which you can set. You can also decide whether you want to whole walls or only half walls want to have on your property. In addition, you can still see in the middle of the wall a box, which an arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing down has. With this you can add the foundation if you want one and adjust the height as you like.

But beware, as soon as you build a foundation, you must also build a Stairs Move to the respective entrances and exits. Since your Sim is not able to jump, he can only admire his beautiful house from the outside. With the categories „foundations", „Wall pattern" and "floor pattern" you can bring a little life into the place and design the objects with color. If you want to try something, but money is tight, we recommend you to use a money cheat.

Here we show you step by step how the whole process looks like in the game.

Building foundation for terraces

When building terraces you proceed similarly. The wall menu has several options to choose from. You see a flat floor and one Ground surrounded by a fence. Depending on which one you choose, you will build a terrace with or without a fence. The fence is handy to keep curious visitors away from your cow plant.

Once you have drawn the area on the plot, you can start with the Boxes again determine the height of the foundation. Especially for pubs and restaurants, it’s nice when your guests can dine outdoors.

With the help of the foundation, you can create different levels to create true masterpieces. We have received some of these buildings from you and have collected them in a picture gallery, so that you can get some inspiration for your own house building.

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Building a foundation - how to build a base for the house | the sims 4

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