“Biedermann and the arsonists” in bad bruckenau

The didactic play without doctrine by Max Frisch deals in an entertainingly grotesque way with the inability of man to recognize foreseeable catastrophes and to prevent them by courageous action, writes the organizer. For years, the play has not only been part of the theater repertoire, but also reading in German classes.


Because the citizen Gottlieb Biedermann reads the newspaper, he knows: Danger threatens, because arsonists are in town. Extreme vigilance is required to prevent danger to life, limb and property. One evening, an unknown person rings his doorbell and makes an urgent appeal to Biedermann’s humanity. It is the former wrestler Josef Schmitz, who is in dire straits. Since Biedermann had dismissed an employee without notice and the employee then committed suicide, he feels obligated to do something good. He agrees that Schmitz may spend the night in the attic of his house. The next day, Eisenring, the waiter, suddenly appears in the house and, together with Schmitz, deposits barrels of gasoline in the Biedermann attic.

Playing: Alexander Brautigam, Benjamin Jorns, Marc Marchand, Susanne Pfeiffer and Anna Schindlbeck. The stage, including video elements, was designed by Robert Pflanz, the costumes by Daniela Zepper.

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