Berlin airport: how to get to the city center

Berlin, Berlin, we fly to Berlin. Now you are probably asking yourself… Berlin Airport: How do I get to the city center?? Don’t worry, because we at IATI Travel Insurance have provided you with an overview.

Currently the German capital via two airports: Berlin-Tegel Airport and Berlin-Schonefeld Airport. The latter, Schonefeld Airport, has been under reconstruction for some time now. The goal is to expand it and turn it into Berlin Brandenburg Airport. After its opening, scheduled for 31. October 2020, the final closure of Berlin Tegel Airport is expected to follow at the end of the year.

As IATI is your travel insurance specialist and wants to make your travels easier, we explain how to get to the city center from Berlin airport. Regardless of whether you land in Berlin-Schoenefeld or in Berlin-Tegel.

How to get from Berlin Airport to the city center

Currently the Tegel Airport the base of operations for scheduled airlines. Berlin-Schonefeld receives both scheduled airlines and low-cost carriers. Therefore, check exactly which airport is served by your flight, so that you can proper preparations for your trip to the city center choose.

How to get from Berlin-Schonefeld Airport to the center of Berlin

Berlin-Schonefeld Airport, which will become the city’s only airport under the Berlin-Brandenburg name, is less than 25 kilometers from the city center. You can travel this route with train, bus or cab travel to.

How do I get from Schonefeld airport to the city by train?

The Airport Express (RE 7, RB 14) is the best option, to get from Berlin-Schonefeld Airport to the center of Berlin at low cost. He every 30 minutes and takes about half an hour to get to the main station.

Besides the Central Station it stops at Zoologischer Garten, Spandau, Friedrichstrabe, Alexanderplatz, Karlshorst and Ostbahnhof. one-way ticket costs 3.60 euros. If you plan to use public transportation when you arrive, you might be interested in purchasing a 3-zone day ticket for 9,60 Euro to buy.

There are other options to get from Berlin-Schonefeld airport to the city center, z.B. By S-Bahn. These cost the same and take almost twice as long to reach your destination due to more stops. We therefore recommend that you Airport Express to choose.

Which bus can I take from Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport

Although there are several public bus lines from Schonefeld airport to the center, they are not very good options. The price is similar to the Airport Express train and the journey takes considerably longer.

Travel by cab from Schonefeld Airport

The Cab is a good option, if you want to travel conveniently to your hotel or if you travel in a group and you can reduce the cost. The price is usually between 50 and 60 Euro, depending on the traffic to your destination. The journey from Berlin Schonefeld Airport to the city center takes about 30-35 minutes by cab.

Berlin attracts not only with a variety of sights, multicultural ambience and history, but is also known as the vegan capital in Europe. You can find out more in our post "Vegan travel: Top 5 travel destinations in Europe":

How to get from Berlin-Tegel Airport to the center of Berlin

The hours of the central airport are numbered and Berlin-Tegel is expected to close permanently at the end of the year. But until then you can use the good and fast possibilities to get to the to get to the city center.

Which buses run from Tegel Airport

The most popular way to travel from Berlin-Tegel airport to the city center, the bus is. The TXL JetExpressBus Offers the best value for money.

It is quite fast and with 2,90 Euro for a one-way ticket inexpensive. Depending on traffic, the trip takes about 35 minutes to Alexanderplatz train station. He leaves every 10 minutes between 00:11 and 23:51.

If instead of going to the city center you want to go to other points further away, you may be interested in lines 128, 109 and X9. On the official website of BVG you can see the different routes, prices and timetables.

Arrival by cab from Tegel

From terminals A, C and E you can take a cab from Berlin-Tegel airport to the city center. The cost of the trip is approx. 35 euros and you need half an hour, always depending on the traffic in the city.

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