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Addressing men is not as easy as you think. Too often you see the perfect flirt on TV or in a TV series. In addition, you have to bring a whole portion of courage to make the first step. To make matters worse, it’s usually men who approach women, not the other way around. Many are therefore afraid that it could come across strangely if the woman makes the first step.

But I can assure you: It’s not funny at all when the woman makes the first step as well. Quite the opposite. Men are even happy when they are spoken to. It then feels a bit like making up for all the defeats he’s had to take so far. ;) So that it does not come with the first flirt to a complete failure, I would like to reveal to you with some tips gladly like you men best to address. Below you will also find suitable situations and opportunities that will make it easier for you to approach men. I wish you success with it.

Think beforehand about what you want to say

It is important that before you approach the man, you become aware of what you want to say. This simply looks more confident and shows that you are determined and know exactly what you want. Because if you don’t know exactly what you want right from the start, this can quickly lead to awkward seconds of silence. Or you can bridge what you want to say with an "Uh" or "Um". Both is not ideal and therefore you should be aware of what you want to say.

Start the conversation

Within 2 to 3 seconds we decide whether we find a man handsome or not

Apart from all the situations listed, which I will gladly explain in more detail below, you should of course also consider what you can say at the beginning to come across as naturally as possible. And here the first sentence is especially decisive. Because the first impression counts and already after two to three seconds we decide whether we find our opposite sympathetic or not. Within 2 to 3 seconds we decide whether we find a man handsome or not

And this is true not only when flirting but also in a job interview or at the supermarket checkout. To start, you can use something neutral like "Hi, how are you??". It is also very good if you introduce yourself directly: "Hi, I am Kristin and you are?". Thus you have already immediately a first entrance and by the question from the monologue also directly a dialogue becomes. This allows you to quickly get into the conversation.

Be interested

Show interest during the conversation. It is easiest to pick up on something that the other person has just said. E.g. If he says that he likes snowboarding, you can reply to this and also tell him that you like to go on winter sports vacations. It is best if you find commonalities that distinguish you both right away. Similarities usually strengthen the interest on both sides automatically. In the article correctly flirt learn I go on it still substantially more extensively.

Eyes closed and through

Close your eyes and go through

But nothing destotrotz, you should at some point take your courage in hand and just jump into the cold water. Of course, it can happen that you get a rejection. But remember: every experience in this area makes you stronger for the next time. Therefore, do not despair if it does not work the first time or you are briefly and succinctly rejected. Just jump in at the deep end and you’ll get better and better at addressing men over time. Close your eyes and go for it

Different places and opportunities to approach men

Now we come to the core of this article. I will show you different scenarios where you can use the favor of the circumstance for yourself to attract men. Because often you can improve your chances considerably if you give a pretext in the scenario to get into conversation with someone.

At the cafe

Take advantage of an empty seat in a crowded cafe

E.g. In a crowded cafe, as is often the case at Starbucks, you can simply ask your dream man if the free seat at his table is still available and if you can join him. Of course, it is best if he is still alone and simply enjoys his lunch break. To strike up a conversation, you could then simply ask if he can give you tips on where to party, shop or swim because you don’t know your way around yet. Take advantage of an empty seat in a crowded cafe

With most men the helper syndrome spreads immediately and already you are overwhelmed with an abundance at Tipps. Use this opportunity to deepen the conversation. The trick to approaching men is simply to make the whole scenario look as natural as possible.

At the supermarket

Another possibility is also the supermarket at the known one of the biggest flirt hotspot at all is. Here are numerous opportunities that you can use to approach for you. Bspw. If he has a full shopping cart, you can grab a product and ask him if he has had any experience with it and if he can recommend it. A toilet brush or condoms are not necessarily ideal, but wine or an exotic vegetable to cook is. A supermarket offers many opportunities to approach a man

You could also consciously let yourself be helped. For example, in the beginning, do without the shopping cart and just carry selected foods yourself. Before you meet him just consciously take a few more groceries on the arm. Then, with a smile on your lips, tell him that you overestimated yourself a bit and if he can carry something to the cash register for you. You can also use this opportunity to get into deeper conversation.

The trick with the cell phone

Rummage in your handbag for your smartphone

One trick you can use on many occasions is to take advantage of your smartphone. Pretend you are looking for your smartphone in your (big) bag and can’t find it. Rummage around for a few minutes and then sigh a little in frustration. Simply use this opportunity to approach him and ask if he can give you a quick ring so the cell phone vibrates and lights up. Rummage in your handbag for your smartphone

This way he not only has your number but you also have his number. Afterwards you can also send him a message and thank him for it. Ask him at the same time if you can invite him for ice cream. My 18 tips for the first date can also help you here.

Stranger in the city

If you see the object of your desire in the city, use this opportunity to ask for a certain way, because you do not know your way around so well. Do something ignorant even if you actually know the way. If he has helped you, you can also ask him to accompany you for a while to be on the safe side. On the way the conversation can be deepened immediately.

On vacation

On vacation you have really good chances to meet a man. No one is really in a time crunch and everyone is a little more relaxed. Ask a cute guy on the beach for some sunscreen because you stupidly forgot yours. If he seems interested, you can also ask him to put some cream on you.

Have sunscreen applied to you while you are on vacation

Another option is to ask on vacation, especially if you have just landed, where is the best place to go to party. At the same time you can also find out where he is going to party tonight. Maybe you can meet there? Have sunscreen put on you while you’re on vacation

Also, you can go to the local souvenir store and pretend you are looking for a souvenir for your brother or uncle. Take two things to choose from in your hand and explain the situation. Afterwards you can ask him what he likes better and thank him for his help.

While shopping

You can do the same thing when shopping in a big shopping center. Bspw. if you are looking for a cool t-shirt for your brother in the clothing rack in the men’s department. Ask him with a smile on your face which T-shirt he would buy because you are having a hard time with it right now.

In the laundromat

Also in the laundromat you have good cards to be able to address men

Also the laundromat is suitable for addressing men. Especially when you realize that there are no women’s clothes in his lingerie. Usually one has there also very much time to speak because the laundry as is known always lasts a little longer. Take the opportunity and ask him if he can give you some detergent because you unfortunately forgot yours. Now you have the opportunity to deepen the conversation. Also in the laundromat you have good cards to be able to address men

At the gym

let a man help you in the gym

The gym is also a good place to approach someone. Especially if you do not know how to use a certain device or have difficulties with the execution. Let him explain the device to you. It is also not a must that you go directly deeper into the conversation now. Let a man help you in the gym

Because from now on you can talk to him regularly and greet him. Because most of them work out on a regular schedule anyway, which makes them come back at the exact time they just met. To be really on the safe side, you can simply ask him if he will be back next week at the same time. If you take it slowly, you can also build up and develop trust more strongly. Also, my valuable tips from my book " Anzeige Vertrauen aufbauen und wiedergewinnen – Leitfaden fur eine erfullte Beziehung" can help you further.

At a party

Let a man help you open a beer

Men always want to be the coolest, as we all know. Grab a beer at the party and ask him to open it for you, because you don’t have a bottle opener at hand. If he doesn’t have one, he will either use a lighter or some other object to open the bottle. Let a man help you open your beer

Afterwards you can thank him for his skill and ask, for example, how he knows the host. At this point I would like to also suitably the audio book advertisement success with men: How you increase your attraction to men skillfully

At the disco

In the disco there are several ways to address men. It is probably easiest if you always look for the eye contact, smile at him and let yourself be addressed. But if you really want to approach him, ask for fire in the classic way. Alternatively, you can compliment him on being a good dancer or having cool hair/clothes. According to the motto: "That jacket looks cool, where did you get it??"By a sweet compliment most men feel anyway already flattered and try to intensify the conversation. If the conversation does not intensify, just ask if he feels like dancing.

The technology flirt

Most men have a knack for technology. Take advantage of this opportunity to talk to a man. For this, adjust the language on your smartphone and ask if he can help you to set the language correctly again.

The smartphone trick always works

Show The smartphone trick always works

Most men help here already alone out of politeness. Take the opportunity to intensify the conversation.


Practice addressing men. The more often you practice, the easier it will be for you to recognize the right opportunity and then take off. The more often you try, the higher your chances of success will be. In addition, leaving their own comfort zone (overcoming the inner pig dog) is also good for building a healthy self-esteem. They can be proud of themselves afterwards for having done it and for having summoned up their courage. Also interesting in the context is my article Mr. Right – How to find and keep him.

Addressing men – the conclusion

Especially if you don’t have that much experience in the field, approaching men is not that easy at all. The easiest way is to simply ask someone to do something for you or to do something for you. that he can help you. Compliments also work very well on the right occasion.

What has worked best for you to attract men?? Glad to hear your comments.

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