Apply carnival make-up correctly: 10 tips and hints

Deer face from carnival make-up

Make-up and make-up is one of those things: It’s not for nothing that you can spend a lot of money on it if you appreciate the quality of high-quality brands. Because the makeup remains on the skin for several hours and reacts with the body’s own sebum and sweat. Those who use cheap additives can experience a rude awakening: Redness, skin irritation or even allergies can be the result.

One should not deceive oneself about the consequences and buy cheap carnival make-up in the Discounter, because one needs these for only few days in the year. Because a chemical that you do not know, you would not easily apply to your face.

With this in mind, you should focus on the Search for its optimal carnival make-up and do not behave like a fool even during the foolish carnival season. We betray on important to deal with the makeup.

1. Use water-soluble theater makeup

carnival make-up theater make-up

Theaterschminke convinces with strong colors and great opacity.

The most toxic part of many products is often the solvents. However, if these consist of water, the biggest step in terms of skin compatibility is often already done.

It is best to take an example at professional theater actors, because they have to cover themselves with thick layers of make-up every day. Skin compatibility is vital for this professional group, so water-soluble paints are used here as well.

Theatrical make-up one can in theater equipment stores, in costume rental or also on the Internet purchase. So if you want to apply really thick for the carnival party, you should look for there.

Speaking of thick application: Who uses carnival make-up for the first time, should first try its compatibility in thin layers and then gradually increase the thickness. The mouth and eyes should also be left free at first, as irritation can quickly occur here in the event of intolerance. Normally, however, no problems are to be expected with water-soluble carnival makeup.

Here once the Advantages and disadvantages of theatrical make-up in the overview:

  • more opaque than cheap products
  • Colors look stronger
  • healthier for the skin
  • somewhat more expensive to purchase
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2. Carnival make-up for children

carnival makeup-child makeup

Set with child make-up on branded products.

If it were up to the children, they would even decorate their faces with tinting colors and felt-tip pens. Here the parents are asked, the Desire of the carnival make-up discover this in children in good time and encourage it with suitable products.

The aforementioned water-based theatrical make-up could be a good solution, but there are also make-up products that are specially designed for children’s delicate faces.

Many well-known manufacturers offer, for example, practical make-up pencils that not only comply with EU cosmetics directives, but also meet the criteria of a children’s toy and can be used with the CE mark certified are. Set with your children therefore on high-quality brand products, instead of cheap mass-produced make-up from the supermarket.

Especially colorful hairsprays are also popular, which are also available with an additional glitter effect in different colors – such as gold, silver or multicolor. Thus, you can not only the face, but also the hair of your child special design.

Tip: Please note, however, that glitter particles can also be absorbed by clothing over time. the costume and light blond hair could be discolored by colorful or dark hairsprays.

Why not let your child accompany you when you go shopping, so that you can satisfy all your wishes and the anticipation of carnival is increased once again.

3. 10 tips for putting on makeup for Mardi Gras: from application to skin care

  1. A good foundation is necessary not only for partying and drinking, but also for putting on makeup. Therefore, before applying the carnival makeup, please Apply makeup to the face.

carnival makeup tips

Put cream on your skin before and after putting on makeup to moisturize it.

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