Anxious cat – how to help?

In many human-cat relationships, people wonder how to create a shy and fearful cat can bring to it, Trust to develop. Often the human wants to be closer to the cat, but encounters fear and thus rejection by the cat. Well, that cats are sensitive animals, knows actually each cat friend.
Accept each other as you are and build trust, this can sometimes take time.

ImportantMany influences can cause fear and insecurity in cats!

By nature, velvet paws are generally not very receptive to change. Even minor variations in the environment, such as new or moved furniture, can cause stress and rejection. Major changes, such as a move or new roommates, people and animals, are from the point of view of the velvet paw at first actually unbearable impairments. In addition, cats usually memorize even one-time bad experiences for a long time!

Accompany changes

Since changes can’t always be avoided in a human’s life, it’s a good idea to prepare your beloved pet for major changes like moving or new roommates and give plenty of time to accept what’s new. Always important are then an extra portion of attention and detailed strokes. So the velvet paw feels that it is accepted and the attention of the human friend does not end suddenly.

Find out the reasons for fearful behavior

To the most common further fear triggers and Stress factors belong Noises, which frighten the cat. Shrill sounds, banging noises and noise are a terrible imposition for the sensitive cat ears and always reason enough to flee and to be afraid. Loud noises can intimidate a cat. Try your cat as little noise as possible out and give her always a quiet place as a retreat to offer.

Unfortunately, sometimes it has to be: vet and transport box

One should not fool oneself: The Stay in the Transport box and going to the Vet are for all cats a nightmare. Even with all caution and cautiousness, a velvet paw will rather refuse to be caught and examined. This is understandable from the cat’s point of view. Therefore, as a cat lover, you should consider well when transport and a visit to the vet are necessary. For the good of the cat this has to be sometimes. Stay calm and patient, this works best on the anxious and unsettled cat. You can find more tips for choosing the right transport box here. If you would like more detailed information about driving with a cat, you can read more here!

Cats with bad experiences

A particularly sensitive handling require velvet paws that have already had bad experiences, for example, with violent people. But neglected cats can also develop behaviors that are difficult for humans to handle. Whether the cat comes from the shelter is not decisive, important is their Previous history. With cats that have been confronted with violence or neglect, you as an animal lover must act even more gently and patiently. With a lot of love and attention can also develop a good and intense relationship with long-suffering cats. Don’t be discouraged, a cat with bad experiences will be grateful for your attention, even if it can’t show it at first.

Some practical ideas

Remain always calm and patient and offer Your cat Retreat possibilities.

When a cat is hiding place If your cat has found a new home, let her Rest.

speak calmly and a lot with the cat, it gets used to the sound of your voice.

Often play together. With special cat toys, objects from nature or everyday objects that can not become dangerous.

Regular cuddles strengthen the Bonding and the Trust between you and your velvet paw!

If you have the feeling despite all care and patience, the anxiety remains and you do not know how to help yourself, you can try it with pheromone-containing scents and gentle medicine from nature. It’s best to ask a veterinarian about this, who can certainly assess the situation well!

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