After miscarriage: mother shows photos of baby to show it is not “medical waste is

The parents buried the little one in a flowerpot in the garden

After miscarriage: mother shows photos of baby to show it’s not "medical waste" is

After miscarriage: mother shows photos of baby to show it is not "medical waste is

31. January 2020 – 8:42

"He is a real baby and not medical waste"

Sharran Sutherland is the mother of a stillborn baby. She gave birth to her son stillborn in April 2018 – in the 14. Week of pregnancy. To cope with her loss, the 40-year-old took him home, said goodbye to him for a week and buried him in a flowerpot in the garden. She posted the pictures of the body on social media to show women who abort their babies that it is fully developed children they are choosing not to have. "He’s a real baby, not medical waste", she wrote in response. We explain what she means by that in the video.

Miran can’t officially be called baby

Sharran, from Fair Grove, Missouri, posted the pictures of the fetus and wrote: "How can someone deny a baby’s body and kill it in such a horrible way??" By doing so, she hopes that women who are thinking of abortion will decide against it. She also claims doctors have Miran "medical waste" called.

If you have seen all the photos of the baby, you will indeed notice at first glance that he has everything on him that makes a person outwardly. Arms, legs, hands, nose, eyes – he was a little body that was born in the 14. Pregnancy week died due to a miscarriage. And because Sharran had a great longing for her baby, desperately wanted to hold him in her arms and say goodbye to him properly, she took the dead Miran home with her. Then the baby weighed just 26 grams. And, because it was born before 20. When a baby was born in the first week of pregnancy, it could not officially be called a baby. From a purely legal standpoint, her son is simply a fetus in the U.S. His dead body is medical waste.

"When I looked at him, held him in my hand, saw how perfectly formed he was, I was blown away.", said the US American in an interview with the Daily Mail. "He should have just kept growing and developing. The sight blew me away. It was an incredible feeling, it’s hard to describe", she told.

She wanted to give birth to her son

What depresses Sharron is the fact that our society "dehumanizes" unborn babies. "A woman who has a stillborn baby is not expected to grieve. But why can’t she grieve in the same way as a mother whose child was born alive and died later??" This is a question the mother of 11 asks herself again and again.

The 40-year-old made a conscious decision to give birth to the baby. The doctors had recommended a curettage, but she wanted to give birth to Miran instead of "excreting him in pieces". So she was given labor-inducing drugs that triggered the birth process. And then, on 23. April 2018, Miran came into the world.

When she got home, her husband and she put the child they were carrying in the refrigerator so the body wouldn’t decompose. For a week, they took Miran out of the refrigerator, looking at him again and again, trying not to forget the sight of him. At some point the time had come: they buried the little one in a flowerpot in the garden. And now, every time they look out the window, they see him growing in the plant. With this gesture, they gave her son what he was not granted.

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