After 50 years, it’s over: christa egidi leaves the kindergarten

an institution leaves the kindergarten in herzogenaurach’s edergasse after 50 years: "auntie christa egidi retires.
Numerous colleagues, including former ones, came to edergasse for the farewell ceremony. Among them was sister edith schubert of the maria-ward sisters, who had run the kindergarten for many years.

Always happy to sing

since egidi loved to sing with the children, her colleagues offered her the song "aunt christa you are our greatest treasure, when you go, you leave an empty place" represent. her former boss, annette Blum, had also sung a song about many events from her long professional life.
egidi received a sunflower from each of her colleagues, which made for a large bouquet. She was also allowed to take a seat on a chair that is supposed to make her retirement easier.

It all started at 14

in september 1967, christa egidi began her work at edergasse and remained there until may 2018.At the age of just 14, she was known as "aunt christa" in the "chinese school started working with sister bathildis of the maria-ward sisters in the beginning. It had always been there before the start of the day’s work. Many famous names were prepared for later life by her in kindergarten.
The current director, sabine mirsberger, was "apprenticed" to christa egidi and annette blum 30 years ago.
everyone looked forward to the retirement of the veteran with one eye crying and one eye laughing: egidi received the invitation to be a "reading nanny" or "singoma to remain loyal to the kindergarten.
Pastoral advisor thomas matzick paid tribute to egidi’s long years of service. With the words: "it is difficult to do without your experience in the future", he summarized her work.
after the official part the colleagues had prepared a small buffet. In the garden, the active and former colleagues could exchange their experiences in the edergasse.

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