Addressing women

approach anxiety

Numerous men know the problem: They see a beautiful woman and would like to approach her. But they simply do not dare. The mouth remains silent at once. The reasons for this are different. On the one hand it is the insecurity, on the other hand nothing suitable comes to mind and then also the fear of a rejection is present with many people. The following are useful tips on how best to successfully approach women instead of letting them pass by.

Appear self-confident

This is a very important condition To approach a woman successfully, is a self-confident appearance. It is basically the case with women that they do not like to flirt with men who have no self-confidence, as these simply do not look attractive to them. Women do not know how to behave when approached by a nervous, perhaps still stuttering man, who may even spend ages thinking about what to say. First of all, the posture should be relaxed and upright, and the speech loud and confident. Also important is a friendly facial expression.

To be active

Tips: Approach women successfully

Be different from the others

Many men try to imitate others and "copy" them. But this is completely wrong. It is better to be true to yourself and be creative. Before approaching a woman, it is helpful to think about how to do it beforehand. There are numerous ways in which women are repeatedly approached, as many men come up with the same ploy. Therefore, it is important to be different and say something to her that no one has done before. This may sound difficult, but a casual "hello" can be enough to successfully start a conversation with a woman.

A pretty woman you like should be approached directly, without thinking about what might happen. It is important to maintain eye contact in this case. On the one hand, this seems much more relaxed and self-confident, and on the other hand, it shows interest. It is also important to smile while doing so, because this can generally open many doors.

Addressing women: indirectly, directly or spontaneously

  1. Indirectly: Indirectly, women are approached, for example, with a question or even a topic thought out in advance. Who addresses a woman indirectly, looks first for a pretext, in order to come with the woman into the discussion. This is later transformed into flirtation. There are many ways to approach women indirectly. Only a watchful eye is needed. A woman who needs help can be asked, for example, if one can help. In a grocery store it is possible to ask them where to find certain ingredients. The advantage of addressing a woman indirectly is that the man is rejected less often compared to addressing her directly.
  2. In the direct approach, the woman is told, for example, that she is pretty or interesting and that the man would therefore like to get to know her. When approached directly, the woman immediately knows what the man is getting at. The intention is clearly expressed to the women. Serious compliments are an effective weapon here. The advantage of the direct approach is that the conversation does not have to be turned into a flirtation later on, because it is clear from the beginning what the man plans to do.
  3. In the spontaneous variant, a spontaneous element is picked up and commented on. This will engage the woman in conversation. Here it is necessary to discuss the current situations. What do the people in the immediate vicinity? What do you hear or see? Something funny or interesting is happening that could be told to the woman you like? All the information that appears should be combined in order to engage the lady in a small talk afterwards. Who is reasonably creative, drives with this method well. Again, self-confidence is the key to success.

Conclusion: Addressing women

It is no art to address women correctly. It is only important to take courage and not be afraid of being rejected. There are enough ways to approach women. The more you practice, the easier it gets. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have more success and you’ll lose your fear too. There is only one thing that helps: practice, practice and practice again, because attracting women can be learned.

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