Adding and printing comments in pages on the ipad

You can add comments to text, objects, charts and table cells. A small square appears in the left margin of a document to indicate that a comment has been added to text (which is also highlighted) Comments added to shapes are also indicated by a small square. Comments in table cells are indicated by a triangle in the corner of the cell. If you do not want the comments to be visible, you can hide them. Documents can be printed with or without comments.

If more than one person is working on a document, the comments of each person will be displayed in different colors and will contain the name of the author. Anyone can reply to a comment, which is especially useful if you’re collaborating with others – you can add a comment and then share replies with others, creating a real-time conversation.

Notice: Comments are not visible in printed documents unless you select this print option.

Add, edit or delete comment

You can add and edit your own comments, and any person can delete a comment.

Select text, an object or a cell in a table and tap in the shortcut bar above the keyboard. Tap then on "comment".

Enter your comment and tap on "Done".

Complete one of the following steps to view, edit, or delete your comment:

Open comment: Tap on the comment marker.

Edit comment: If you are the author of the comment, tap on the comment marker and the text. Enter your changes and tap "Done".

If there are replies to the comment, you cannot edit the original comment by tapping on the text. In this case, tap on top of the comment. Tap on "Edit comment", make the desired changes and tap on "Done".

Delete comment: Tap on the comment marker and tap "delete" at the bottom of the comment. If there are replies to the comment, this action will delete the entire conversation. You can delete a single reply only if you are the author of the reply or the owner of the document.

Review comments

Tap on the comment marker.

Do any of the following:

Review comment or conversation: Scroll the text. If a comment is cut off, tap on "Show more". If answers are hidden, tap "[n] view more replies".

Go to the next or previous comment (or marker): Tap on the arrows at the bottom of the comment.

Show detailed information about the date and time when the comment or response was added: Tap next to the comment or. of the answer. Only the author of the comment or reply and the owner of the document can see this information.

Tap anywhere outside the comment to close it.

Reply to a comment or edit your answer

Anyone you share the document with (by sending them a copy or inviting them to collaborate [with editing rights]) can respond to a comment.

Tap on the comment marker.

Complete any of the following steps:

Add answer: Tap "Reply" at the bottom of the comment, enter the response, and tap "Done". You can reply as many times as you like.

Edit reply: Tap next to the answer you want to edit. Tap on "Edit reply", make the desired changes and tap on "Done".

Delete answer: Tap next to your reply (or, if you are the owner of the document, the person’s reply you want to delete) and then tap "Delete Reply".

Tap anywhere outside the comment to close it.

Delete conversation

Tap on the comment marker and on "Delete" at the bottom of the conversation.

Show or hide comments

Tap on top of the screen.

Tap on "Settings" and enable or disable. then uncheck "Comments.

If you send your document to another person who opens it on an iPhone or iPad, it may open in read-only view. The recipient must tap at the top of the screen to add or edit comments.

Print comments

When printing a document with comments, these are displayed in a column on the left of the page and numbered markers appear next to the corresponding texts and objects. If there are more comments than can fit in the left column, they will continue on one or more additional pages.

Tap on , then on "Print" and activate "Print comments".

Tap on "Next" and choose a printer and the number of copies.

Tap "Print" in the upper right corner.

You can also export your document as a PDF file and include comments.

For more information about printing and printing options, see Printing a Document or Envelope. For more information on how to include comments in a PDF file, see Export to Word, PDF, or other file format.

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