Acquiring customers: acquiring new customers can be so simple

Winning customers can succeed if you follow a few tips

Even with the best business idea, the highest capital and the best team on your side, your business will not be successful if you cannot acquire customers. Because without customers there is no turnover. Often this point is also the most difficult during the foundation. It is not only important to know who your target group is, but also to know how you can turn these people into your customers. To help you achieve this, we’ve put together some tips that should make customer acquisition a lot easier for you.

Acquiring customers: acquiring new customers can be so simple

Attract customers: Have you already defined your target group?

As a first step to win customers, you need to know which customers they should be. Which people you want to address directly with your product? You’ve almost certainly already addressed this in your business plan, but now you need to address it again. Especially before your first marketing activities. When it comes to targeting the right audience, you should first separate. Because who you’re targeting is now critical to your product.

    If you have chosen B2B, you want to sell your product directly to other companies. If you decide for B2C, then you address your product directly to the end customer or the consumer.

You have to make this distinction because it is crucial for the type of marketing you do. Other factors, such as age, gender, purchasing power and profession, are also very important for you. There are simply too many different products. Do you have a product that is aimed at a very broad target group?? Or is your product rather something very specific, which is only suitable for a special target group?? But you can also be very successful with a special product. You have a target group that is much smaller, but you can target them much more specifically.

New customer acquisition

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Get informed and use contacts

Personal contacts or the famous vitamin B, i.e. relationships with important people, must now be used and exploited. Ideally, you have done a bit of groundwork early on in your startup phase. Now it’s time to let everyone know about your start as an entrepreneur. The family, relatives and acquaintances, all friends and everyone you know must be informed. Draw attention as often as possible to the fact that you are about to launch your company. Ideally, you should organize a small opening party to draw attention to yourself.

Search for personal contact

Do you know the oldest form of marketing?? This is the personal approach. Well, this direct approach is not for everyone and not to everyone’s taste, but especially in your current situation, the start of your business, a very effective method. Ideally, you can do this when you’ve opened a storefront, for example. Have some champagne glasses ready and simply talk to passers-by who are walking past your store. A sip of champagne, a glance at your store and you are already in the memory of these people and perhaps you have won the first customer right away. If you are in the B2B sector, then now is the time for you to start cold calling. That means you have to get on the phone and try to attract customers. But before that, you need to think carefully about which companies you want to call. With a preselection you can avoid a scattering loss. But you also have to prepare such a phone call well.

  • Get all the information you need about the company you want to call. So you create the necessary background for a later conversation.
  • Stay relaxed in case of refusals and do not become rude. Only with Friendliness you reach your goal.
  • Present your advantages and the Advantages of your product clearly. The person you are talking to is only interested in the advantages your product can offer them.

Since it is not always easy to present these benefits on the phone, especially if they are complicated technical products, you should make an appointment to visit them. You can then explain everything in detail in a personal meeting.

Especially with the help of Google, new customers can be acquired

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Use the power of the Internet

With the Internet you have a powerful and enormous instrument in the back, which you can use. Especially as a young founder you will find many opportunities to attract attention to yourself. In addition, you profit from this enormous range, which the Internet can offer you. This is especially interesting for you if you are active nationwide. But even that doesn’t happen on its own. Here, too, you must have worked well in advance. Your website must be user-friendly and you must be experienced in SEO, so that people can find you and your site. However, you still have other possibilities to win customers over the Internet:

  • Win customers with search engine marketing. Google AdWords is ideal in the first place.
  • Build up a good affiliate marketing. Place advertising links on the websites of other site owners.
  • Get your customers through social media, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Especially social media is very interesting for you as a start-up, because it costs you nothing and your messages can be spread with just one click. But this is also a question of the target group, how effectively the use of social networks pays off in customer acquisition.

Use media presence for customer acquisition

Especially in the beginning, money may play an important role for you. The necessary budget for media presence is often not available, because advertising in newspapers and magazines costs real money. But it is also a very good opportunity, especially in trade journals, to address your target group in a very targeted way. In any case, you should always have a perfect and up-to-date press kit at hand. It can serve you well and bring you many customers.

Use targeted giveaways

Who is not pleased about a gift? That is probably in the nature of humans and you must use this effect also for you for the customer production. It has been proven time and time again that giveaways can be used very effectively to attract customers. But be careful, because it is not done with a few colorful balloons. Promotional gifts have to fit you and your company, they have to be useful and above all they have to be of good quality. If you give away pens that don’t write after two hours, it will give the impression that you don’t care about the quality of your products either. Good quality is still the best argument to convince potential customers and turn them into regular customers.

Conclusion: Winning customers requires a lot of commitment

Based on these tips, it should be clear to you now that – no matter which measure you choose – you should always keep in mind who your target group is and how you will reach them. The more information you learn about your potential customers, the better you can tailor your marketing strategies to them. And even if you think you’re targeting the right people through the right channels, you need to constantly monitor your strategy and adjust it if necessary. Customer acquisition takes a lot of time and effort, but once you have found your way, nothing can stop you and your company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about attracting customers

The most important condition to be able to win customers is to know your own target group. If you do not know who you are addressing, you will not be able to generate customers.

You can use the Internet to initiate the following marketing activities to attract customers:
– Search engine marketing
– Affiliate network
– Social media marketing

A less costly method of attracting customers is to use existing contacts. Have you already been able to collect contacts to other companies or founders? Then you should take the chance and contact as many people as possible and make them aware of your own company.

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