A searchable video library for businesses

Securely store and share all internal video materials in Panopto, a searchable online video library.

Secure online hosting for all your corporate videos.

Companies are creating meeting recordings at an exponential rate, as well as new videos for training, knowledge sharing and corporate communications. In most organizations, however, this valuable content is scattered across intranet sites, SharePoint portals, and file shares, making videos difficult to find and impossible to manage. Or worse, employees upload their videos to consumer sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox to share, creating a host of security and compliance issues.

Panopto is a safe alternative to YouTube. This puts you in full control of your organization’s sensitive video content and makes it much easier to manage and share videos. With Panopto, you can centralize all your video footage into one secure video library. Easily drag and drop videos to upload one at a time or in a batch. Panopto converts each video for optimal playback on any device and ensures that all videos are searchable.

"Panopto helps us organize, store, and deliver video so that anyone in any office can find and view the training materials they need. This, in turn, helps us unite our offices and leverage our shared expertise."

Julie O’Brien, Attorney Development Manager, Perkins Coie LLP

Integrate your video library into existing portals and infrastructure.

In a short time, video has gone from being a "nice-to-have."-Function evolved into an indispensable part of training, communications, knowledge management, sales enablement and much more. This trend creates some problems because other enterprise technologies simply weren’t designed to handle video files.

Fortunately, Panopto has out-of-the-box integrations for an ever-growing list of enterprise technologies that make it easy to leverage video in almost any space.

Share video securely in Slack and simplify workflows for sharing meeting recordings. Instantly add training videos to your LMS and track employee completion rates with SCORM-compliant reporting. Share videos on your CMS and intranet sites with one click and enable your teams to include relevant videos as part of the information they share on your internal social networks and sales CRM.

The perfect complement to Zoom, Webex meetings, and more.

Panopto picks up where video conferencing systems leave off.

Video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Webex Meetings, BlueJeans, Skype, and GoToMeeting are great for real-time calls. By integrating with your video library, your organization can make even better use of important real-time conversations after the meeting ends.

Complete your unified communications (UC) stack with Panopto. With Panopto, you can leverage your existing UC applications to record or live stream meetings, presentations and corporate events. Panopto then automatically uploads recordings to your secure video portal so they can be easily found, streamed and shared on demand.

"Basically, we wanted to use more content. We had about 300 instructor-led events a year, but there were other occasions that weren’t recorded – things like guru talks, knowledge-sharing sessions and brown-bag discussions. We knew there was a wealth of great information presented in these environments, and we wanted to capture it to make it available anytime, anywhere, to anyone at Qualcomm."

Ken Davis, Senior Learning Technology Specialist, Qualcomm Inc.

Secure your video library and benefit from simple and scalable access management.

Company meetings, compliance training, presentations from subject matter experts – the information your teams share using video is often business critical. It’s important to know who is viewing content to prevent unauthorized individuals from seeing confidential video content. With Panopto, you have much more control over your company’s videos than you do on YouTube, Vimeo or other consumer video sites.

Panopto integrates with SSO ID management solutions such as Google Apps, oAuth, SAML and Active Directory, as well as a number of LMS authentication systems. With secure cloud hosting, Panopto makes it easy to authenticate users while continuously synchronizing access control lists so the right videos are visible to the right people in your corporate video library. And because access can be flexibly controlled in Panopto, your employees only see video content in your library if they have the appropriate access rights.

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