316 Hectares for wind turbines

316 hectares for wind turbines

on 27. March the wind may change again: because only then will the regional planning association open the "hearing procedure", which decides on the locations for wind turbines. And only then will it become clear whether the wind turbines in the district will be erected on those "priority areas" the reform also includes a commitment to sustainable fish quotas, said eismann.

In any case, the presentation already showed the potential for conflict that lies in this topic. Peter eismann, the CSU faction spokesman, reacted with head-shaking and heart racing. His pulse had "risen to 200, listening to the presentation by christoph wurmthaler.
Wurmthaler sits on the wind power working group. This is one of six working groups that want to advance the district’s climate protection concept. Christoph wurmthaler had made it clear to the district councils that the district would have to build "30 to 40 plants, to produce the desired proportion of regenerative energy (20 percent by 2015).

90 percent of the district is located in the nature park "frankische schweiz/veldensteiner forst"; it is difficult to "imagine 200 meter high plants here", said eismann.
Karl waldmann, the spokesman for the Greens’ parliamentary group, pointed out the "enormous task" the district had set itself the task of achieving the energy turnaround. At the moment, the share of renewable energy is one percent. How should the share be increased if the wurmthaler analysis is rejected?? As of now, "concrete proposals" are demanded.

District Administrator glauber emphasized that the hearing procedure from 27. march could change the selection of the areas. The most important thing is to "make a positive plan". The construction of the wind turbines is "privileged", glauber recalled. If the municipalities did not control the construction, investors from outside would do it.
"The investors are coming anyway", peter eismann resisted persistently. A norm control procedure must be considered because the nature conservation law is being "undermined" by the law on the construction of wind turbines.

Lisa badum (green party) said that the CSU has decided to phase out nuclear power, but refuses to "create the preconditions for the energy turnaround". Therefore, she accused eismann and the CSU of "verbal open-mindedness with simultaneous behavioral rigidity" in front of. And what about the "high costs badum recommended "taking the CSU’s silent coffers for the construction of wind turbines".

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