Writing a perfect application in 5 steps

Perfect application 5 steps tips

Who Writing a job application Would like to get a job with a company, which requires a good or. Perfect application, because it serves the hiring manager to get a first impression of the applicant.

In order to convince the company, the application documents should include a cover letter, a photograph, a complete resume and all certificates required by the company. In addition, please make sure that the written texts do not contain any spelling or grammatical errors. So for a successful application, a clean and well-structured application file is indispensable.

To write a perfect application means first of all to write the individual texts. Since grammar and spelling are important, it may be useful to have someone proofread it, because four eyes see more than two. Especially if you yourself have problems with the German language resp. Writing has, support is necessary.

1. Perfect application – The cover letter

A cover letter always belongs to a job application. The introductory text of a cover letter should clearly indicate the job for which one is applying, resp. on the basis of which advertisement the application is made. In addition, your own strengths and abilities should be included in this letter, because this allows the company to see whether you are suitable for the advertised position. In a cover letter, of course, you must also pay attention to the correct form of address. It is always to be written in capital letters, just like the corresponding pronouns. Some very good templates for the cover letter can be found at bewerbung-tipps.com. Here you can search specifically for occupational groups.

2. Perfect application – The resume

To give the company an initial insight into the applicant’s career to date, an application includes a detailed tabular resume. This should in any case be complete and not contain any gaps. Such "empty periods" are always a reason for a company to ask skeptical questions. Of course, all the information provided must be truthful.

3. Perfect application – The salary requirement

Some companies want an indication of the applicant’s salary expectations. Here you should think carefully about the amount you specify. Maybe it is good to find out what is a common salary in the respective industry. It certainly makes sense not to set the desired salary too high. In a job interview, you still have the opportunity to negotiate. Of course, however, the salary stated should not be below the subsistence level. As a small help, which salary is usual in which industry, serves the salary calculator on stepstone.en.

4. Perfect application – The photo

If you want to write a job application, you not only need texts, but also an adequate photo. Such a picture should be a portrait picture and show the applicant with a friendly face and in appropriate clothing. Certainly not advantageous is a photo in which one is photographed in company or which shows one celebrating. A perfect application includes a picture taken by a photographer. Self-made (cell phone) photos or copies of pictures are not advisable. Vocational center.de gives you more tips on what a good application photo should look like.

5. Perfect application – The application portfolio

Making a good impression is the first goal of anyone who wants to write a job application. This includes a good appearance of the application portfolio. A good idea is to use a solid portfolio. If you like it particularly extravagant, you can even use an application folder with a personal name printed on it. The order is also important. A cover sheet should be followed by the photo, then the cover letter, the resume and all the necessary references. In this way, the respective personnel manager quickly has a good overview and does not have to search for a long time.

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