With rubber boots in search of the money case in seinsheim

"No one believes you, how that goes off." this would describe the first months of your term of office as mayor of seinsheim. "From the first minute it was important to work", tells ruth albrecht. Slowly growing into the office – no sign of it. In addition, there was corona, which the new mayor demanded especially in kindergarten.

Their swearing in took place under corona conditions. Until now, the town council has held all its meetings in the youth center instead of in the town hall meeting room. New requirements for the kindergarten had to be implemented all the time. For this alone, weekly appointments in the administrative community of marktbreit were necessary. It is also in constant exchange with the kindergarten. Play tower and sun sail are on the way. "It is always a pleasure for me to see the children in kindergarten." for the next few years, the municipality will also have to think about a new group.

Giving up her job

If there were also "normal" people in this situation, it would be a lot of fun If there had been more events, it would have been difficult to manage everything, says Ruth Albrecht, who has since given up her job and is now only involved in volunteer work. Many things need to be implemented or advanced in the community. There was immediately the installation of the rakes in the sewage treatment plants iffigheim and tiefenstockheim. "Fortunately, I have a top building yard team", she is happy. She now has regular meetings with this one. And: the rubber boots are a permanent fixture in the trunk of her suitcase. The sewage treatment plant was also her first completed project, so to speak.

After the sewage treatment plant, she called for the new "an der leite II" building area in wasserndorf, where the work began. Your predecessor, heinz dorsch, was still involved in the initial discussions. In the meantime, ruth albrecht had already had initial talks with interested parties.

A furry builder also keeps the new mayor on her toes: the beaver. "I’m certainly a nature-loving person, but an animal like that can be quite a challenge, ruth albrecht talks about her work on and around the landscape lake. There the people and above all their parked cars require her attention. With the beaver, ruth albrecht was able to get to know the limits of a municipality with strictly protected animals, in the meantime she also knows how many no-parking signs are necessary for the police to act. Three were not enough, there had to be 28. In the meantime there are 30 to comply with the regulations.

New working groups

Ruth albrecht has set up three working groups. Not because she is at a loss, but in order to spread the work over as many shoulders as possible and to involve the local councils in important projects at the same time.

The planning for the youth center is ready. "We are now working on the implementation." It is also important to her that young people take the initiative and "lend a hand". According to ruth albrecht, a solution for a temporary domicile is on the horizon for the coming winter. She also keeps an eye on the youth in the other parts of the village.

at the village community center in iffigheim, corona first radioed in. But here, too, the community is on the right track. Now we have to wait and see what kind of funding the community will receive.

"This is a matter of my heart!"Mayor ruth albrecht on the town hall

And then there’s the town hall. "This is actually a matter close to my heart." but at the moment she does not have too much time for this, other projects are more urgent. The next problem at the youth center: "the hidden money box is missing"." because a future possibility of use will certainly not be cheap.

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