▷ Winning back my ex-boyfriend and husband! Tips/ tricks! What strategy?

You still dream of getting together with your ex-boyfriend and husband? To conquer it back? To be eternally happy with him?

But how should and can you succeed? What tricks and tips really help? And what strategy should you use concretely?

Maybe these are the exact questions that are going through your mind right now. And you stand there, not knowing: What to do?? How to proceed? But do not worry: We have some helpful advice for you! Which will massively increase your chances with your ex..

Here’s an overview of what specifically awaits you in this post:

1) our strategy to win back the ex-husband

2) special situations and what to do in these cases

3) and our conclusion on the subject

▷ Winning back my ex-boyfriend and husband! Tips/ tricks! What strategy?
▷ Winning back my ex-boyfriend and husband! Tips/ tricks! What strategy?
▷ Winning back my ex-boyfriend and husband! Tips/ tricks! What strategy?

With couples therapist Frederic Dittmar. Known from Youtube.

Winning back my ex-boyfriend and/or husband – what strategy works best from our experience??

We know very well, how useful a strategy can be! Just in this case… Why? Well: Because right now there are endless stumbling blocks and obstacles. That you can fall into. And that quickly completely ruin your chances with him or her…

all the more valuable is a strategy that saves you from all that. We from the ex back team have sat down intensively. And develop a strategy that is very successful until today… here we present it to you!

2 ways to win back your ex-boyfriend and/or husband when the breakup is fresh!

From our point of view, the relaxed and the absolute contact ban have proven their worth. We will now explain the principles behind it!

With a relaxed no-contact policy…,

    Do you have the "Bringschuld. At this point we would like to quickly explain what we actually mean by this term. In the case of the "Bringschuld" one bears the main responsibility for the breakup. For whatever reasons! For example, because he or she has been less concerned about the relationship lately. Because he or she has cheated. Because he or she has hurt the other person very much with the behavior.

With an absolute contact ban…,

  1. he has the debt to bring. See above. So he bears the responsibility for the out. And now it’s up to him to act… But for that he should make some effort. What this means for you? You are probably very, very hurt by his behavior. Spatial distance is therefore exactly the right thing now! So take a step back. And initiate the absolute contact ban..
  2. you should concentrate completely on yourself. On getting back on your feet. To find yourself. Build the life that makes you really happy. And you fulfilled. This is the most important thing now!
  3. Should you still let the ex participate in the progress. See above: with the help of Facebook and Co.! Because believe us: they are very, very useful helpers…
  4. you should make a thorough analysis. We have already said the most important things about this above. Sit down really consciously. And carry out this analysis. It is very, very important!
  5. Is it important to really not contact the other person?. And not to weaken. Sure, the temptation is already very big in some moments. (especially if one or the other glass of wine is involved). We know all this!!). But: afterwards you will regret it guaranteed to have become weak. Wish that this would not have happened. Protect yourself from it! And distract yourself when the temptation becomes great again. You can and will make it!
  6. You should only approach him again when you have really processed everything. By everything we mean the separation. The circumstances how it happened. And: You have to be really sure that it is real love from your side! And that you don’t want your ex back just because you are afraid of loneliness or for all those small and big moments of longing… (Because unfortunately this happens more often than you might think…)

Win back my ex-boyfriend and/ or husband, if the breakup was more than 2-3 months ago!

A no-contact policy is useless if the breakup happened a long time ago!

Now you should

  1. resume contact. And as soon as possible. Because honestly: From a certain point on the block simply brings nothing more! Call you therefore again with your ex in memory.

You may ask yourself in which way this should be done. Well: in the way that suits you spontaneously the most. We keep a short, friendly (but still reserved) conversation!) Message for very good. She does not reveal too much of your intentions yet. Is not yet too emotional. But sound out the situation first, so to speak…. (a phone call could already seem too intrusive).). Then see what comes from his side! Maybe/ Hopefully he will also contact you again. And then you can have a relaxed and also humorous (!) Start conversation..

    arrange a meeting. When the time is right. Of course, it is optimal if he, your ex, throws this proposal into the room. But you can make a remark à la "We could do this and that together". And then see how and if he responds!

tips how to make him want to conquer you. Push& pull!. But please don’t use this strategy too manipulatively… Here are some tips for the perfect execution!

  1. that you approach him first. Make it clear to him: I have a certain interest in you. This will hopefully bring him out of his reserve. Out of his shell. Awaken his interest again. And motivate him. Because now you have awakened his hunting instinct..
  2. … to then pull you back from him again. You have now successfully lured him. Go now on distance! At least a little. Don’t overdo it – you should not play the ice queen now. But don’t make it too easy for him… After all, we want to have something special that is not so easy to achieve. And men are no exception (in this respect)!

So it is a game of seduction. One in which both are naturally in demand! Get involved in this game. It can be a lot of fun! But remain absolutely authentic here. Otherwise it comes across wrong..

We have now shown you the effective strategy how you can revive the interest of your ex again. But what if there is a special situation? We have examined some "special cases" once more exactly!

How to win back your ex-boyfriend and/or husband – special situations!

You can not generalize what is the best strategy. If you want to conquer him there are specific individual situations! And of course we want to be more specific about these situations. Telling you what to do in these particular cases…

Winning back my ex-boyfriend in spite of a new girlfriend!

If he has a new girlfriend, you should…,

  1. only become active when the two are no longer in the infatuation phase. Because as you may discreetly remember: If you are in love, you have no eyes for anything. And someone. Especially for the ex! That would be classified now everything only as disturbing factor. Let the two therefore first of all in peace. Everyday life will come to both of you soon enough..
  2. the contact if necessary. break it off first (become more emotionally independent). Use this time of their infatuation rather to concentrate completely on yourself. Maybe it helps you in this context to pull back a little bit. Or initiate the absolute contact ban. Whatever is the right thing for you now: Do it! And do everything you can to find your inner balance again. From you to become happy and satisfied from within. In short: to live your dream life.
  3. Only then take up the contact again if you have processed everything. And by everything we really mean everything! You can tell by how calmly you can think back to the breakup. If the thought no longer throws you off track. Then the time is right!
  4. Carefully search for contact. But first on the neutral, on the friendly way. Without any ulterior motives, at least officially! If his ex already reacts to it jealously: Then it is she who now looks stupid. Because officially you haven’t done anything…
  5. See what comes back from his side. How quickly he writes to you? How happy he is that you are in contact again? Observe all this! And mirror what comes from his side.
  6. Explain yourself only when you can be sure of his feelings for you. This may take a little time. Maybe he also finds it difficult to separate from his new one. In spite of everything. Therefore: First see how everything develops between you. And whether it still fits at all with you..
  7. Do not have too big expectations. Because honestly: The longer the relationship goes on, the more likely it is that the two of you are very happy together. If so, please accept it. He, your ex, will not get involved in a new relationship with you! Why should he also? No: he is happy right now. SHE makes him happy. And that means for you: With both of you it just shouldn’t be. Which means: There is someone out there who is much better for you!!

Winning back my ex-boyfriend despite new partner!

If you’re already in a new relationship yourself, that’s important!

  1. Find out which of the two you really want (no rash actions). No, look at it all calmly. With which of the two do you REALLY feel something?? Your gut feeling will help you a lot here!
  2. Meet your ex-boyfriend for it some times (without sex). Non-binding. As friends, so to speak. Do you both still understand each other? Do you really still have something to say to each other? It’s very, very important! Because without such a common basis it could become just a bed story. But then you can no longer speak of a fulfilled relationship..
  3. Separate from the current partner first (fairness). After all, you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to be two-tracked, would you?? And besides you others say Options has. No, please be really fair! And create clear conditions. This is also an important confession to the address of your ex! A confession that says: "Yes, I have made up my mind. I belong to you."
  4. Do not rush. The love between you that now arises for the second time: This is a gift. Treat it accordingly! Because it is not self-evident. It is very valuable. But it can also break. If you go too fast, too hastily to the thing. Therefore, let the love grow first. Don’t act until you are really sure. So the chances of a successful second attempt increase enormously!!

Win back my ex boyfriend or husband with a letter, texts, sayings?

A letter can have a lot of meaning. Because he is something special! Especially in times of fast, digital communication. In times of SMS, Whats App and Co. A letter, written by hand, sent by mail: That has already something. Is romantic. And show: "I take time for you.For you, for us."

But there are also here of course so some things to consider:

It has the best effect when..

  • you leave it at a letter. And see how he, your ex, reacts to the letter. You have done your part! Leave it now. And don’t keep asking how and if the letter arrived… That would seem rather desperate!
  • you leave out reproaches, clinging, everything desperate! Emotions: Sure, they are allowed. But do not write reproachfully. Not clinging. but positive… This will touch him, your ex, much more!
  • You wait for reaction. See above. Sure, that is already difficult. In some moments, especially when the impatience is particularly large. But see above: You hopefully don’t want to seem too pushy.
  • You only write what you really feel. So if the letter comes from your innermost being. Expressing your feelings and thoughts. Therefore, listen to yourself. Really take your time for the letter. Believe me: Your reader will notice that.

The following could serve you as inspiration for the content of the letter..,

  • go into common memories. Because that’s what connects you. This is your common history. That no one can take away from you. This is the capital you can build on. Use this capital! Because it helps. To strengthen the bond between you again. Or. to pick up again.
  • Bring in common insider humor. Too much emotion can be overwhelming. Of course, this depends on HIM, on your ex: How factual or. how emotional he is in general? Remember the relationship. And you will instinctively know how much humor or. how much emotion is needed now..

Winning back my ex-boyfriend or husband in a long distance relationship!

Also this situation has it in itself.

What you have to consider in particular..,

  • If the distance is the reason for the separation, think about a move. How realistic is that? Can and will you implement? Is it possible to get a job with him locally? Etc… yes, now these are also practical issues at stake! But exactly these questions help to find this solution.
  • Too many messages are counterproductive. – go there/meet him rather. And see in this way if it still fits with you two at all. Maybe you can also live together for a few days. On trial, so to speak. And so look: Does it fit at all (still) with both of us??
  • Facebook has often proven itself (post targeted pictures, which arouse his attention). And show him in this way: "I lead an exciting and fulfilled life even without you!"Believe us: This shows how far you have come. That you are emotionally independent. And exactly this will arouse his interest again… make you all the more attractive and appealing to him!! (Also here applies of course: please remain absolutely authentic! And now don’t put photos online every day with changing male companionship….)

You have now received a lot of tips on the subject of conquering your ex back. But what would we have to say as a closing word? Read for yourself:

Winning back my ex-boyfriend or husband – our conclusion!

Yes, it is a challenge to conquer your ex once again. But cheer up: you have a chance! Because you have something very special: a common history. Use this capital. Because it helps enormously!

But only if you have processed everything for yourself. If you don’t approach him because you don’t want to be alone anymore. Or because you want to prove it to yourself (and maybe to him as well): "Hey, if I want to, I can win him back!". No, it should really be about love from your side. Only then you will be able to appear convincing to him!
And: You should be emotionally independent from him. Lead your own life. His love is then the bonus, so to speak. The more this is the case, the more likely he will bite then also!

If you do it right. How, we have shown you. And at this point we wish you good luck in winning back your ex-boyfriend and husband! You can do it!!

How to win back my ex?

Please let a certain amount of time pass first! Because it is important to overcome the first heartbreak. To analyze the breakup and the reasons for it. To find yourself again and to gain solid ground under your feet.

Then you will also be able to recognize whether your will to win back your ex-boyfriend and husband and to conquer him again is really about love. Or whether it was rather the fear of being alone that caused this desire (unfortunately, this happens very often…). To be able to answer this question openly and honestly takes time. And you should therefore take this time!

Especially since your ex boyfriend and husband will notice it quickly if you don’t really get along well with the single life. This will make a rather desperate impression on him, you seem needy – and that is not necessarily attractive.

  • Because he then has the feeling that he would sell himself under value.
  • It also seems rather intrusive.
  • And so, as if you turn to him only because you have not thought of a better candidate.

He should have the feeling that you yourself lead a fulfilled and satisfied life! This will also make him all the more curious about you. And he will get the feeling that he has to make an effort FOR YOU – and not something the other way around.

What else belongs to the ex boyfriend win back strategy??

First of all, ask him casually how he is doing and what he is doing. Do not put all your cards on the table. Because men need now times the feeling that YOU are the active part in the (back) conquering! Therefore, use your seductive skills rather subtly and discreetly. Don’t surprise him, because he won’t really appreciate that either.

No, first of all approach him in a friendly way! After all, it is also possible that he has already found someone else and is happy with her. You should accept this and not interfere – this does not work in 90 % of the cases!

If you notice that he is interested, that he has become curious, you can go one step further. And start the subtle game of seduction…

  • Reflect on the sides that he once liked so much about you.
  • And then use this skillfully.

Bring up your common past by reminding him again and again (but please not too often and constantly) of the beautiful experiences you had together. These also help to strengthen the bond that you both once had. And create trust and closeness…

But also make your approach dependent on his behavior. If he is not interested, even the greatest effort will be useless. If this is not so – all the better!

Win back ex despite new girlfriend?

If the ex already has a new girlfriend, it can of course be a lot more complicated. But there is still a chance! Because it is always possible that it is not the great true love. That in the long run they will not be really happy together. And that in the course of time both of you will find out that it doesn’t fit after all – for whatever reasons.

In this case, we also advise you to let a little time pass first. Experience has shown that, especially in the infatuation phase, it is of little use if you arrive as an ex and signal your interest: This often only welds the two even closer together!

Look at you therefore everything first of all calmly. Because the ex is so busy with her right now, has eyes for her first of all. If you show up now, he could perceive this as harassment and rigorously block all attempts at more contact.

However, if both of you also notice the small flaws and quirks in the other, then your time has come. You have a big advantage over the new one: You already know HIM a lot better! Know about his rough edges, about how he really ticks. She, on the other hand, still has to find out for herself – whether she can cope with it is another story.

But it would be important here that you want the ex back FOR HIS OWN SAKE. And not only because he is in firm hands again – but you are not (yet)!

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