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Never sell yourself short: get "borrowed" customers back

Many business owners can’t think of much new to say when trying to win back customers who have quit: The unfaithful customer should be offered a hefty discount, rock-bottom prices and more or less attractive lure Be persuaded to return. And that’s already the first absolute Don’t, that you must avoid.

Because your return actions may leave you in the perception of your customers in no way appear to be a cheapskate who, out of sheer desperation, will do "anything" in order to win back customers. It’s of little use to you if you get to bring one or two customers back into your arms, but then find yourself in the marketplace Bargain hunters draw attention to yourself.

Avoid cheap home image

That’s why the first customer leasing rule:

"Avoid getting customers win them back with bargain offers to want!"

Make the business decision to follow the first customer leasing rule never to sell below value. You may wonder what "customer leasing at all is. Well: the concept is based on the fact that the attitude of employees and managers working on the Return activities are involved, plays the decisive role.

Instead of acting with the attitude of having to steer the disloyal and lost customer away from the competitor, salespeople and consultants assume that the merely "loaned" the customer to the competitor has been – and must now be led back there with the help of suitable measures, where he belongs: with your company!

Work on the attitude

Of course – the attitude alone does not lead to success. But language determines reality. In applying the concept to an energy supplier, the Wuppertaler Stadtwerke, the customer leasing attitude to very good return rates led. WSW employees were able to build up the attitude that it is their task to bring a "borrowed" customer, who has already been convinced and enthused by the municipal utility in the past, back into the "WSW family" again.

The second customer leasing rule is therefore:

"Think about how you want your employees and managers – as well as yourself – to use these Anchor attitude sustainably Can, so that it leads to concrete behavioral changes."

Familiarize your people with the customer leasing approach in a meeting, take advantage of training and education opportunities to turn stakeholders into stakeholders who are willing to accept with passion and commitment to bring back borrowed customers.

Work on the language

Of course, it’s better not to lose customers in the first place:

  • Work in parallel on optimizing your termination prevention measures,
  • improve your services,
  • Take care of customer loyalty tools to positively influence customer loyalty.

Nevertheless: There will always be cancellations, and also "deadbeats", i.e. customers in your file whom you used to serve and who are now being served by your competitor.

But stop: The word "Karteileichen" alone is not target-oriented and an absolute Don’t. Your customers are not "corpses", but people who once wanted to inspire them with enthusiasm for your company and your products and services could. They are borrowed customers – make this clear to your employees, in accordance with the third customer leasing rule:

"Customer leasing sets linguistic sensitivity and virtuosity ahead."

Address the respective customer type with a top introduction

Think together with your employees, which initial formulations are appropriate to motivate the leased customer to return. Introductory sentences such as "I could hardly wait until these long years had finally expired to call you again …" have proven successful

But beware: this humorous variant does not inspire every leased customer. Others are more likely to be motivated by a more matter-of-fact speech: "Today I take the occasion of years of radio silence to …" This brings us to the Fourth rule arrived:

"When approaching customers, take into account the customer personality."

Your employees probably know the customer from their first contact with your company – a Assessment of the customer personality should therefore be possible.

Analyze reasons for termination

Another absolute don’t when it comes to customer leasing is to not let the loaned Approach customers without naming the reason, that caused him to end the relationship with your company. Is this not a matter of course? Of course, but it is often such self-evident facts whose non-observance leads to problems. Therefore applies as fifth rule:

"From now on No callback meeting without a clear understanding of the reasons for the cancellation instead of!"

This requires a thorough analysis of the previous customer relationship. The Analyze the reasons for customer flight and customer termination also provides the starting point for strict and consistent customer acquisition Structure of the retrieval discussion on the basis the customer use. As I said, you’re not a cheapster, but – according to the sixth rule of customer leasing:

"You are a problem-solving oriented benefit provider."

Offer the right benefits

Customer leasing has thus to the condition, borrowed customers not over the price and discount rail, but alone and exclusively with customer type specific benefit and advantage arguments to win. That’s why your employees need to build up and develop the competence that impulses for action and to identify motivational factors that are of particular importance for each customer.

Who action-guiding buying signals correctly recognizes and interprets, can be Coordinate the procedure in the callback meeting. There are customers who can be persuaded to return primarily by safety arguments and advantages in the area of comfort, while with others your employees must appeal to the desire for freedom or the desire for prestige or for a good relationship with the salesperson.

The Winning motive probably plays a role as good as always, and again in varying degrees; here, too, the customer type must be taken into account. Therefore the seventh and last customer leasing rule:

"Develop with your employees on the basis of the customer types individual and benefit-oriented discussion guidelines."

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