Well-paid jobs for women: these 10 jobs pay you big bucks

Women earn the most money in these 10 professions

Well-paid jobs for women: these 10 jobs pay you big bucks

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Women still earn less money than men on average. Find out which professions pay women really well here.

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On average, women still earn less than men. However, these professions are very well paid. Credit: imago images/Addictive Stock

Even in 2022, gender equality has still not been achieved everywhere. Even if they work in the same profession and have the same work experience, women usually earn less than their male colleagues.

But you can also Find professions that pay women well become. The statistics portal statista has created a top 10 for this. Bet that there is something for you too?!

All about "well-paid professions for women":

Top 10: Well-paid professions for women

Why it’s important for women to seek out a well-paying career. Only in 8 years one wants to have lowered the earnings gap to 10%.

Editorial Tip: You can find out more about Equal Pay Day and salaries in Europe here!

But also for the same performance and qualifications, women in sales, distribution and banking continue to earn significantly less than their male colleagues. If we compare only the salaries in comparable positions and in comparable professions, the result was 2014 a value of 6.

If you want to be financially secure, you should. you can choose from the following professions:

Rank 10: Market researcher

Salary: 70.000- 80.000 € per year

If you pursue this profession, you can look forward to a tidy cushion in your bank account. Depending on the industry you get as a woman a salary of up to 80.000 € in the year. As a market researcher LEAD Target group analysis through and check the market. With the evaluation of surveys and statistics you advise and support companies, for example, who introduce new products and want to know how their innovation is received by the target audience.

There are a few market research studies, but most market researchers are career changers and have previously z.B. studied business administration, psychology or marketing.

9th place: PR consultant

Salary: 60.000- 90.000 € per year

As a public relations consultant, you work in the Press and public relations. You work out communication strategies and develop concepts for the Image of company or organizations. With that you come in the year as Top earner at 90.000€.

Jobs with a future according to LinkedIn

You can earn good money as a PR consultant. Photo: Pexels /

In most cases, PR consultants have a completed studies, preferably in the field of communication science, journalism media management or marketing. But humanities graduates and social scientists also work in PR.

Rank 8: Buyer

Salary: 70.000- 90.000 € per year

ÄYou earn a similar amount as a buyer. No, not the classical shopping is meant with it. As a buyer, you determine the demand, compare offers and vhe trades with suppliers. If everything fits, you conclude contracts with the service providers. You also procure goods, food, materials and services, but on a completely different scale.

Buyers:inside find themselves in almost all sectors of the economy. In most cases, buyers have studied economics or industrial engineering.

Rank 7: Personnel Officer

Salary: 70.000- 90.000 € per year

Also up to 90.000 € annually you can look forward to as a personnel officer. In this job are you looking for employees for open positions. You also have a lot to do in your day-to-day work Responsibility for the staff. The future of many employees is decided together with the personnel manager and superiors. In addition, you will be in charge of payroll accounting and will be responsible for Development of employees:inside to keep an eye on your employees and to take care of further education for them.

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As a personnel officer you earn a really good salary.(Photo: jewelry jeweler rings fashion woman hands)

Personnel consultants can be found in almost all areas of work. There is no classic path to becoming a personnel officer. There is both the option of an apprenticeship and a dual study program. Degree programs with a focus on human resource management are also a good fit.

6th place: Real estate agent

salary: 70.000- 90.000 € per year

Well, as lucrative as the Netflix hit Selling Sunset in Germany it is perhaps not nevertheless, as a real estate agent in this country you can earn earn good money. Up to 90.000 € per year is possible in this well-paid profession for women. In this job you are the mediator between the providers of real estate and the interested parties. You you advise and take care of the customers and help you in all questions of buying and renting as well as buying and selling.

To become a real estate agent, you need neither a classical education nor a study, only a license. Alternatively you can Training as a real estate agent make.

Well-paid professions for women

Place 5: Pharmaceutical sales representative

salary: 80.000- 90.000 € per year

Also as You can’t complain about your salary if you’re a pharmaceutical sales representative. Up to 90.000 € a year you earn if you work in the pharmaceutical industry and Ärzt:innen or pharmacists:innen about products informs. Documenting side effects is also one of your tasks.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives earn mostly a science degree graduated and can be then train to become a pharmaceutical sales representative. This is generally carried out in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Rank 4: Investment consultant

salary: 80.000- 110.000 € per year
As an investment advisor there is a lot in it financially. And not just for the private and corporate clients you’ll be working with Investments advises. For you, too, there is a big piece of the cake left over. Up to 110.000€ earns woman per year as investment consultant. You work for it u.a. in credit institutions and investment companies.

investment advisors are always in demand.(Photo: undrey istock)

Many investment consultants have previously studied economics or business administration. They often work as freelancers on a commission basis.

3rd place: Management consultant

salary: 110.000- 180.000 € per year

The cash register rings even more if you work as a management consultant. Here you look as an external service provider exactly the processes and structures in the respective company at. You can make recommendations that secure or even increase economic success.

Most management consultants have a business studies graduated, including Business studies, economics, business informatics or business law. Here are not only very good grades Prerequisite for employment, but an extensive know-how. Often remains with one äYou have an extremely high workload The work-life balance on the line.

As a management consultant, you don’t have much free time and often work without a break.

Place 2: Headhunter

Salary: 130.000- 180.000 € per year

You can reach similar high financial spheres as a headhunter. In this job, you search for specialists and managers on behalf of a company. Since they often get a decent salary, a headhunter can be happy about a generous placement commission.

The term "headhunter" is not protected, even a headhunter can There is no mandatory training or further education. Headhunters are often career changers who have worked in human resources for a long time or in an industry-specific field highly qualified are.

1st place: Fund manager

salary: 150.000- 300.000 € per year

You can earn the most money in the well-paid profession of fund manager. Unbelievable 300.000€ a year are possible here. But if you work in this job, you need to be good at deal with high pressure can. Fund managers:inside take Investments so that their customers as much profit as possible achieve with their securities. To get an overview of this, you need to know the keep an eye on the market and take into account current developments in the world economy or politics.

Fund managers have a degree in mathematics or statistics Studies in the field of economics or finance or mathematics or statistics. But also Bankers with years of stock market experience can work as fund managers.

Bottom line: there are well-paying professions for women, but…

Yes, at first glance these salaries seem promising, and yes, there are now well-paid professions for women as well. However, the earnings here are also behind those of their male colleagues. Because: In there is no single economic sector where women earn more than men.

The difference is particularly clear in the area of Information and communication (25 %) and at Ban-ken and Ver-si-che-run-gen (28 %). The gender pay gap is the largest in the world, according to the Federal Statistical Office in scientific and technical services, as well as in the field of Arts, entertainment and recreation. 31% less women earn here than men.

If you want to work as a woman in a well-paid profession, you have as a management consultant, headhunter or fund manager high Earnings. But be aware that there is still room for improvement.

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